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Disappointing Game
by JT&LB, USA - Apr 19th 2018

This game is short, only took about 6 hours total. It started out to be fun-good story, graphics, voices, puzzles, etc, but about half way through, it went bad. The story became muddled, puzzles became tedious and a weird bug happened-I mistakenly walked down from the tower when I shouldn't have & couldn't get back up! So I looked at a walk-through to see if I could get out of this situation and that's when I realized that the version that I purchased here isn't the same version sold elsewhere. This version doesn't have all the puzzles spoken about in the different walk-throughs I read. Maybe if I had the full game, it would have made more sense. Then I saw that there was a Load Game option, and just reloaded an earlier saved game (the game has a Continue Game option, so I never had to Load a game). The worse part was the ending-it was a big let down-way too abrupt. It's getting harder & harder to find good non-violent Adventure Games!

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by Froggie, USA - Apr 18th 2018

This game is both fun and frustrating. Once leveled up, it's very fun. What's frustrating, is the controls have a weird response time; ie when an enemy with a combo attack hits, you can't block or fight back until the attack is complete. There's also random delays when trying to attack. The story is interesting, fun to play on the dark side. Biggest complaint though is the sound mixing. Dialog is very quiet when in playing, but the cut scenes are insanely loud. Very hard to get a good volume where you can hear the other characters, but not get blasted during cut scenes. Also I'm unable to get either of my controllers to work with it.

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A great start for when you bought the base game
by cleaner, Germany - Apr 18th 2018

Similar to the DLC pack for Crusader Kings II, this is also a great start to expand your game and start your DLC collection after having purchased the base game. Especially if you buy it on sale.

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Reminds me of Abzu
by Shawn O.2, USA - Apr 18th 2018

Very relaxing game and it is fun to fly. Reminds me of Abzu sort of.

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Amaranthine Voyage: Legacy of the Guardians Collector's Edition Icon
by rosemary jean dyer, United Kingdom - Apr 17th 2018

A good game though a bit glitchy. Stick with it and DO read the credits to the crazy one at the end!

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by rosemary jean dyer, United Kingdom - Apr 17th 2018

Never trust the friendly ones....Seriously... actually a good game!

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Eccellente, purtroppo qui è solo in inglese
by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - Apr 17th 2018

Una produzione Cateia Games davvero eccellente, che supera di molto il primo episodio della saga (intitolato semplicemente "Where Angels Cry") sia dal punto di vista della trama sia per quanto riguarda la giocabilità complessiva. In sintesi: effetti visivi di valore, immagini e filmati di alta qualità, audio e musiche di sottofondo incantevoli, voci fuori-campo eccellenti e che si adattano bene a ogni personaggio. Un interfaccia ricco e ben studiato (ottime la guida strategica e la mappa) permette di concentrarci in modo adeguato sulle scene con oggetti nascosti in stile classico ed i mini-giochi. Alcune azioni richiedono l'uso del "combiner": invece di applicare un singolo oggetto dell'inventario a un'attività, a volte è necessario trovare una serie di elementi per poter progredire. Le scene con oggetti nascosti sono abbastanza semplici, mentre enigmi e mini-giochi oscillano tra il facile ed il complicato. Ma ciò che rende questo game decisamente notevole è la trama: molto coinvolgente, ben sviluppata e carica di pathos, ci fa vivere un'avventura nel 13esimo secolo per molti aspetti originale e che merita di essere apprezzata. Di alta qualità gli "extras", mentre il capitolo bonus rappresenta una storia dentro la storia assolutamente da non perdere. Purtroppo su questo store è soltanto in inglese, ma è comunque sufficientemente giocabile in questa lingua. Per sottolineare che ci vorrebbe anche la lingua italiana, vale la pena acquistarlo se è a un prezzo scontato. Giocato con iMac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.

[A truly excellent production Cateia Games, which far exceeds the first episode of the saga (simply titled "Where Angels Cry") both from the point of view of the plot and as regards the overall playability. In short: high-quality visual effects, high-quality images and movies, enchanting background music and sound, excellent off-field voices that fit well with each character. A rich and well-designed interface (excellent strategic guidance and the map) allows you to focus properly on scenes with hidden objects in classic style and mini-games. Some actions require the use of the "combiner": instead of applying a single inventory item to an activity, sometimes it is necessary to find a set of elements in order to progress. The scenes with hidden objects are quite simple, while puzzles and mini-games swing between the easy and the complicated. But what makes this game definitely noteworthy is the plot: very engaging, well developed and full of pathos, it makes us experience an adventure in the 13th century in many aspects original and that deserves to be appreciated. High quality "extras", while the bonus chapter represents a story in the history that is not to be missed. Unfortunately, this store is only in English, but is still sufficiently playable in this language. To underline that it would also take the Italian language, it is worth buying it if it is at a discounted price. Played with iMac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.]

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