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by Fred F.8, USA - Dec 11th 2018

The game is ok but whenever I keep it in the dock I get a message it can't be opened and have to download again. I finally created an alias and left it on my desktop. So far so good.

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Not upwardly compatible
by Faye Flynn, USA - Dec 11th 2018

I've spent a lot of money on Emily games and I love them but Apple has moved on and these games have not. Guess they are putting all their efforts into the tablet (iPad) arena. yes, I am irritated ... I wanted to play the Christmas game bah, humbug

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Living Legends: Uninvited Guests Collector's Edition Icon
This War of Mine: Stories - Father's Promise Icon
by smokimusprime, USA - Dec 10th 2018

A great bit of extra content for the original game. Adds some extra characters and scenarios that put a different spin on how you might play.

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Stellaris: Humanoids Species Pack Icon
Must-have of the species packs
by smokimusprime, USA - Dec 10th 2018

I prefer to play humanoid-type creatures in any game, so this is the one species pack that is really necessary for me. It's nice to have something other than humans without getting TOO far away from humanoid looks.

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by Thye P., Netherlands - Dec 9th 2018

Love purging alien scum, Utopia makes this much easier.

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by Dot T.1, Australia - Dec 9th 2018

Another Game Purchased with major glitch -love the Incredible Dracula games and the Rescue Team games but as with Rescue Team 8 -this new Incredible dracula Game cannot be finished as cannot get past a level that has a major glitch. These games don;t come cheap and even when you point out the issues no-one updates them.

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Plain & Simple
by Isaac L.6, USA - Dec 8th 2018

Just a fun simple game you develop as you go, its a fun way to distract yourself. Sad is it gets a little reapeted but you can keep going but it is fun to start again from 0. It should get more challenging.

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That's what an expansion should be
by Andres Sanchez, Spain - Dec 8th 2018

Sometimes expansions are recommended because the game is no longer "playable" without them. Sometimes it is because they enhace what the base game offers itselft. MegaCorp is one of the latter. You'll have the chance to play Stellaris in a (very) different way -like giant corporations capable of controlling interstellar trade- and interact with other empires and subjects as no one could do.

The finest expansion so far for one of the most interesting strategy/4X games out there.

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Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood Icon
Interessante, con qualche difetto
by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - Dec 8th 2018

In termini di puro racconto, di atmosfere, di ritmo della narrativa, Enigmatis anche con questo episodio si conferma tra le saghe più interessanti tra i titoli di Artifex. Manca la lingua italiana, ma il game è comunque sufficientemente giocabile. Ci troviamo davanti a vicende al limite tra l'esoterico e il religioso e, dal punto della giocabilità, è da apprezzare l'ottima cura nei dettagli a partire dalle scene con oggetti nascosti, mentre purtroppo la varietà dei mini-giochi non è altissima: molti si basano sul movimento contemporaneo di più elementi. Altro elemento negativo è la presenza di una mappa non molto dettagliata, che costringe a ricorrere spesso all'aiuto per capire dove occorre andare. Quattro stelle perché è davvero un peccato che non sia anche in lingua italiana... per lo sviluppatore un'occasione persa per ampliare il numero degli acquirenti!

[In terms of pure narration, atmospheres, of the rhythm of the narrative, Enigmatis also with this episode is confirmed as one of the most interesting sagas among the titles of Artifex. The Italian language is missing, but the game is still sufficiently playable. We are faced with events at the limit between the esoteric and the religious and, from the point of playability, it is to appreciate the excellent attention to detail from the scenes with hidden objects, while unfortunately the variety of mini-games is not very high: many are based on the simultaneous movement of multiple elements. Another negative element is the presence of a map that is not very detailed, which forces us to resort often to help to understand where it is needed to go. Four stars because it is really a pity that it is not even in Italian ... for the developer a lost opportunity to increase the number of buyers!]

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Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren's Call Collector's Edition Icon
Assolutamente, 4 stelle
by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - Dec 8th 2018

Purtroppo qui è solo in inglese, ma si tratta di un gioco notevole, degna prosecuzione di "Il cuore maledetto" (consigliassimo!). Le musiche, le scene cinematiche e le immagini sono di ottima qualità, e la storia è davvero tutta da apprezzare, capitolo bonus compreso. Le scene con oggetti nascosti sono ricche e ben congegnate, mentre i mini-giochi sono difficili al punto giusto (almeno per me). C'è da prestare attenzione per trovare tutti gli oggetti degli obiettivi... ma fa parte del gioco. Voto: assolutamente 4 stelle (ci sono alcuni difetti tecnici secondari), io lo consiglio. A voi la decisione finale.

[Unfortunately, here it is only in English, but it is a remarkable game, worthy continuation of "The cursed heart" (we recommend!). The music, cinematic scenes and images are of excellent quality, and the story is really to be appreciated, including bonus chapter. The scenes with hidden objects are rich and well thought out, while the mini-games are difficult at the right point (at least for me). Care must be taken to find all the objectives objects ... but it's part of the game. Vote: absolutely 4 stars (there are some minor technical defects), I recommend it. The final decision is yours.]

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Airport Madness 3D: Volume 2 Icon
Great fun and a challenge at the same time
by Zsolt K.1, Hungary - Dec 8th 2018

The concept of the game is pretty simple, but the different levels of traffic, and the eight airports you can pick from allow you to choose your experience. You can have some fun with a small airport, or clutch at your head as plane after plane crashes during rush hour on your six runways... Graphics are decent, but not the main attraction, which is okay for this game. My only gripe is that the UI to control the planes is a little bit clunky and slow with the mouse, so it pays to memorize the keyboard shortcuts.

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