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Animated Breakout
by BU2B, USA - May 15th 2009

The best animated breakout game to date for the Mac. Nice Fluid graphics. Extensive replayability. Great sound. You can't go wrong with this one. The most entertaining breakout game I have ever played, Mac or otherwise. Simple, but addictive... FANTASTIC value!

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I live vicariously
by Andrea MacIntyre, Australia - May 15th 2009

We really enjoyed this one. Interesting story lines and suspects. Bonus' a bit of a waste of time though. A few clunky bits of game play but overall, well worth the effort. Good value for money and enjoyable experience. I agree that 10 cases would have been more like it

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FATE Fills a Niche
by Aaron Dyck, USA - May 13th 2009

Fate does exactly what it intends to do - fills the niche between exhausting, life and relationship-ending RPG's, and those lesser casual games that one can take or leave.

Its pretty, everything works, theres thousands of weapons, armours, potions, spells, you name it. You can't get board with the inventory.

You CAN get bored with the scenery: every level looks basically the same, and there is a tremendous amount of running around IF you don't figure out how to move with efficiency. There are ways to cut down on the running, and you can generally guess the layout of the dungeon after a time, and learn how to fight your way in a circuit that ends near the stairwell (exit).

Its complicated enough to make you excited you got your level 40, gem-encrusted, flaming sword, but simple enough that you can play for hours, forget about it for a month, come back, and pick up where you left off and be glad of this niche-filling little gem of a game.

It is what it is, and its pretty fun to kill an hour with once a week.

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luxor 3
by Pedro Neves Ribeiro, Brazil - May 13th 2009


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For a Retired Old Mac Coot, it is fantastic
by Kenneth Kump, USA - May 13th 2009

Love the game. For once a good rpg type game that I, a 65 year old coot with poor eye and coordination can play successfully.

thanks for the game. Keep more like this coming for us old folks .

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by Jane Heath, Wales - May 13th 2009

Ok, so being a fan of lemmings I jumped at this game. Four levels in and I'm already stuck! The trouble with this game is there are far more workers than the original Lemmings and a couple of them are hard to control. Having said that the graphics are gorgeous and if you loved the original Lemmings and your co-ordination is better than mine then then you should love it! Hard to give it a rating cos I can't get far enough!

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Great game but gets boring...
by Randall Mikulas, USA - May 10th 2009

I've been looking for a 3D MMO for the mac for awhile that I like after playing Warcraft and Eve for 4 years. This game was really awesome to start with but then after a 7 levels it got too boring doing the same type of things over and over. The game was also slower paced than I had hoped for.

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Expectations too high?
by Mary Claire Amann, USA - May 10th 2009

Maybe I just didn't get it - I'll admit that.

But the play seemed wooden, the waiting for minutes to be able to move a character a few paces, the inability to equip items (until later?) ~ I quit the demo after 10 minutes. Maybe it becomes thrilling after that and I'm missing out. Or I just saved $19.95.

Also, the grammar bothered me. "You got 199 gold" just irks me. The verb is "have" or even "earned". I think there were some "your" instead of "you're" mistakes as well. It just points to carelessness - it makes me think that if you don't have time (or staff, or an intern, or a friend, or a friend's cousin, &c. ...) to proof-read such things, were you really careful with all the coding?

It seems a nice enough little game though. I wouldn't automatically discourage people from buying it, but I think it definitely warrants the free demo.

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Overdone; or, less is more
by Ed Stoudenmire, USA - May 10th 2009

Luxor 2 was a vast improvement over its predecessor, with better graphics, improved game flow, and a good mix of music and sound fx.

Now, it makes sense to me they could not simply regurgitate L2 and call it a new game.

Luxor 3, though, is a bit of a letdown. The colored balls are too busy, the backgrounds are "enhanced" with too much visual clutter, and the music and sound fx are just overwhelming, a cacophony I found truly distasteful.

Add to these problems the fact that every other screen or so presents a "puzzle" to be solved (and with precious little explanation), and I just couldn't work up any traction playing this game.

I'm gonna pass. Some gamers may enjoy this one; I have too little positive to say about it to recommend it.

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Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier Icon
by jacob galbraith, New Zealand - May 10th 2009

that game was awsome

if i were a critic i would give it 9/10

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Bit Disappointing
by Sara Clegg, New Zealand - May 9th 2009

This game is very linear. Quite boring and far too easy. Mini games are repetitive and for the main part it's just a glorified hidden object game. Graphically very basic and the objects are way to easy to find. I'm sorry I paid so much for this game - it's certainly not even close CSI: Hard Evidence - now that's a game worth every penny. Sorry guys but this isn't what I'd expect from a sequel.

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Agatha Christie: Peril at End House Icon
Fun, Interesting, and a Good Buy
by Nina F. Klaiman, Canada - May 9th 2009

I admit, reading reviews helps me make up my mind to buy or not buy a game.

I am a mystery and suspense buff so this game interested me. This is the first Agatha Christie Hidden Objects Game I have played. I did try the demo on the others, but they were not as good as this one. The graphics are very nice, clear and interesting. I especially enjoyed finding rocks-in-a-line at the Seacliff steps scene, putting eggs in a bowl, toys into a basket, papers in a drawer, letters on the gate post, etc. - very nice touch. A little "game" within a game.

I had difficulties finding objects at the Seacliff steps and Challenger's Yacht, which gave me a bit of a challenge (sic). The lighting in the Lawn screen at End house was also interesting, one was a night scene and the other a daylight scene. It was a test to find objects during the night scene and a relief to find them during the daylight scene; a very good mix.

The mini-puzzles between rounds were fun; finding pieces of newspaper articles in the hidden objects search and then having to put them together in the next mini-puzzle. Finding the parts of a dismantled radio in a search and then putting it back together. I could go on, but suffice to say, I enjoyed them as a little extra in the game.

My only complaint was that it was too short. I have played it twice and will leave it for awhile before playing it again. I am the type of person who likes to have my games for a long time. I hope there is another Agatha Christie coming soon!

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Emerald City Confidential Icon
by Delia Gardner-Price, USA - May 7th 2009

can't wait for the sequel

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Europa Universalis: Rome Icon
Only for fans
by Elias Chapelle, USA - May 5th 2009

This is not a review but an observation of selling policy by VP. The game itself is difficult to play, but is by far the easiest of the EU series, and not to everyone's taste.

I have purchased other VP programs and have always found them difficult but fascinating. I guess I continue to buy them because I crave strategy games and they are sorely lacking on the Mac platform...I will correct myself... They are non-existent on the Mac platform. Therefore anything is better than nothing at all. However EU: Rome presents a problem like others in the VP series: The cost is too high for what you get.

The Windows versions are significantly cheaper, and by significantly, I mean $19.95 per game. Though I am willing to pay the Mac premium, the difference in price is far too great. I recently bought the EU: Rome boxed version for Windows. Like other VP Games, VP products quickly enter the game remainder market at discount prices and I bought at at a remainder house. My EU: Rome game contained a printed manual, a CD disk, a large map of the Roman empire, and a hard shell plastic case. When I compare this purchase to a digital download, I cannot justify the higher expense of $40.00 for a digital download. If EU: Rome was a more reasonable $20, I might buy it, burn a disk, and add it to my already purchased windows version package. At least I would also have a readable manual and map from my windows package. By the way, the remainder price for my windows version of EU: Rome was $6.00.

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Jade Empire: Special Edition Icon
Runs well, some problems though
by Hoby Van Hoose, USA - May 4th 2009

-Nicer graphics than xbox with hi rez and anti-aliasing
-Minor "Special edition" features
-Overall, runs nicely.. so nice to not have to restart into Windows

-Not very much new.. and nothing new specifically for the Mac version to justify the cost
-Some features missing from prefs (you have to edit the prefs file manually)
-Manually enabled Mouse Look can do some funky things
-Also FSAA can cause stability problems
-Game controller buttons need to be manually edited, and not all buttons work
-Some features missing entirely (like the rotation during pause)
-The hoops one must go through to use the Windows-based saved game editor on this cider version are many
-The "Master" mode (once you complete the game) is exceedingly difficult

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Could use work
by tyler worman, USA - May 4th 2009

Good game, but I think it would have been way better if it had online play, statistics built in, and other goodies to make the game not get stale after a while.

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Fairies Icon
by Nikki Wynn, USA - May 4th 2009

I played this game when I had a windows computer and really enjoyed it. I was excited when I found it was available for mac. However when I download the game it never comes up all you can hear is the music to the game and that is all and in order to stop the music I have to shut down my computer. I have no idea why I was able to use the windows version but can't play the mac version.

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Luxor 3
by Anne Ugartechea, USA - May 3rd 2009

The programmers have done a great job on this and it is quite challenging. Shooting colored balls off the ceilings and walls...if I thought this game was challenging before, ha! I've yet to get a Mac Intel, and this shows how well my old beastie still runs! Thank you!

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County Fair Icon
by Stephane C., Canada - May 3rd 2009

Nice and easy game. Not much of a challenge, even at the last level.

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence Icon
OK.. but game was way too short and too easy..
by Steve Cool, Canada - May 2nd 2009

This game had great graphics and a good story line to it, but I found the game to by way to short. It takes a few case to get the hang of moving around, and but the time you do, the game is done.. I was able to finish this game in one sitting, from start to finish in one night.. and I found it to be way to easy to solve the crimes. After finishing the game, I was able to unlock the "hidden" stuff cause I did so well..

Yep.. I'm a master CSI. :P ..but really great graphics and story line.

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