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not the best ......not the worst
by KATHY KEELER, Canada - Apr 3rd 2008

It is not a very interesting story and you backtrack to the same 9 houses over and over. You get a weird email between each level and it doesn't make much sense or help the game at all. To get the clues you have to keep going back to a room and clicking on clovers (they are unlimited), A total waste of time. The mini games are quite easy, a jigsaw like puzzle and a lock combination puzzle. If you are just interested in finding objects then you might like it. It does not hold a canldle to MYSTERYCASE FILES or ESCAPE TO THE MUSEUM

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by Colleen-Sue Davis, Canada - Mar 28th 2008

I missed Tomb Raider and this one is a tribute to the old game. I like this so much more that Angel of Darkness. Laura is the best graphically so far. The scenery is fantastic and the game play is excellent. You can literally walk back through the levels which is amazing. The adrenaline dodge is difficult to master but not impossible. I have not run into any glitches and would recommend this.

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Space Trader
by Seth Foreman, USA - Mar 28th 2008

This is a fun little game that mixes the first person sim genre with the first person shooter. As far as the trader part of the game goes, figuring out what items to buy and sell based on what's going up in value can be a bit tricky. However, you can usually make up for a lack of market savvy if you're willing to turn bounty hunter and take down a few criminals. My only knock on the game is that it has only three levels. Do yourself a favor and try the demo, if you like that then more than likely you'll enjoy the full version of the game.

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Only okay!
by Teresa Dunn, USA - Mar 22nd 2008

Very much like other search games where you look to find certain items, then solve a puzzle to escape an area. I am enjoying the game to a small degree but am frustrated with the inability to clearly see the items you need to find. Many of the ojbects are fuzzy and it is difficult to tell what they are. Some are hidden behind other objects with only a small portion sticking out which isn't usually a problem but in this game many of the screens are very hard to see the smaller details. Many items look alot like the one you need, but after you click on them it isn't the one you need. You have a renewable hint button, which has saved me getting out of an area because I can't make out the objects. I would probably buy the game again, but only because I have exhausted alot of the other choices of the puzzle finding games I like. I would get Hidden Relics or Nightshift Code before I bought this one.

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Not Your Average Hide & Seek Game
by KEVIN BRIAN, Canada - Mar 22nd 2008

I was impressed by everything in this game except the mother's voice..ugghh! The h/s could be quite difficult and one wrong click lowers your average. Getting out of each room require 3 processes: Using the correct tools to escape, hide and seek (2 different forms) and a jigsaw type puzzle. The last 3 escapes at the end are the most challenging..finding the correct tools to escape. That part of the game does become difficult towards the end. I liked the idea of being judged on accuracy as well as time ( a bit of a change) I would play another like it most definitely...just please change the mother and daugher voices lol.

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Fun Game!
by Andrew Harris, Canada - Mar 21st 2008

I enjoyed this game.....yes it has your H&Seek in it but it comes with some different twists. There are 2 versions of seeking, one the typical find different objects and the other find a 10 of one object. You also must escape from each room by using clues and tools to get out of the room. That was a nice twist. However the hardest part was the hideandseek.....instead of time being the main concern, ACCURACY is and you are judged on an average that can down very quickly. Hints cost you average as does even the slightest wrong click. THOUROUGHLY ENJOYED THE GAME and I will actually play a 2nd time to up my percentage. The biggest con is the voice overs (not the best acting) and the very odd time you may click on the right object and it will not accept it and your average goes down. Those are few and far between though. If you like the seek games I highly recommend this, It has that and much more to keep you entertained.

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Fun Game, This One...
by Liz Winfrey, USA - Mar 21st 2008

I have to say, I was pretty hooked on this game for several weeks. At first I had no idea what I was doing, but once I got the hang of it, I beat the story mode pretty quickly. Now that I've discovered all the secret ingredients, though, unfortunately I don't feel as inclined to play the game because it just doesn't seem like there's any kind of surprise waiting for me now. I suppose I could go back and see how quickly I can make tons of money, but for some reason it just doesn't seem to "hook" me as much as the story mode did. It's definitely an enjoyable game, but once you find all the ingredients, it's continuous playability may go a little down hill for you.

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Has potential, but full of bugs...
by Liz Winfrey, USA - Mar 21st 2008

I have enjoyed playing this game a lot the last two weeks. Unfortunately, as the featured shopper said in their review, it's pretty much full of bugs. The game itself is an interesting concept, I just wish I could play it without having technical issues. I was doing ok having learned the weird quirky behavior of the game, but tonight the final straw... I can't get to the next day anymore. At the end of the day, you have to click the alarm clock to sleep and now the alarm clock won't become available and I might as well give up now because time is at a stand still and there's nothing I can do about it. Fun stuff. I hope there are more patches available because the game is actually enjoyable when it's playable.

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Escape the Museum
by Snooka, England - Mar 19th 2008

Wow, this is one of the best solving puzzles/hidden objects games I've played in ages. You can take as long as you want to find the objects, but beware of clicking on the wrong items, your score goes down very quickly. Well done to all, lets have more like this.

Jersey, Channel Islands U.K.

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This Game Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Bob Haze, USA - Mar 19th 2008

This game rocks. always go to the dark side. its way better

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Waste of time and money
by Melanie Stone, USA - Mar 19th 2008

This is the typical find the hidden item, solve the puzzle game. It might have been kind of fun if you could see what you are looking for! The graphics are low resolution and so pathetic that you can't see what you are supposed to find. This isn't 1990! For $20 the developers can do better than this!

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Greatly improved multiplayer
by Kevin Lamkins, USA - Mar 19th 2008

I read some of the reviews for this, and wasn't sure it would help my Halo problems. I recently purchased Halo from Ebay. It had some glitches so I proceeded to add the most recent updates I could find (v. 1.5.2, I believe is the latest), but I was still experiencing problematic lag, and more significantly, the game would crash completely at random. This was especially bad when I was hosting online games which I do regularly. I decided to give the Universal Binary a shot. It has worked wonders for reducing lag and I have not had a crash since.

Keep in mind that I play online multiplayer almost exclusively, but given the quality of the upgrade, I see no reason why the UB wouldn't help all aspects of the game. I've got a late '06 model mac mini, with Tiger, 1.83 Ghz Intel Duo Core, 512MB RAM.

UB seems to me like an excellent upgrade!

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by KATHY KEELER, Canada - Mar 19th 2008

I am about 1/2 way through the game and I love it. It has the hideandseek features, some are quite hard but you must also collect clues and escape from each room. You get rated on time and percentage of correct finds. Your score drops signifcantly when you click on the wrong object or use hints the first time and a little less every time after. So time is not as much of an issue as in most games of this type. Story is a wee bit corny but aren't they all. It is probably one of the bet HIDE/SEEK games I have played due to having to escape each room. Highly recommended if you like this type of game. ps.IIf you get stuck thare is always for walkthrough.

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Peggle Deluxe Icon
by Patti Penrod, USA - Mar 17th 2008

I have become addicted to this game! It's great for any age, including older gamers like me. It isn't frantic and you don't need super sharp skills, but boy, is it entertaining. Some of the graphics are a bit cartoonish, but the gameplay graphics are great, especially the slow motion when you get that last hit! I highly recommend this game to everyone who likes a bit of arcade action without all the frenzy that only adds stress after a long day at work. Well worth the price!!!

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Love it!
by Patti Penrod, USA - Mar 17th 2008

I'm not a seasoned sim gamer, so this is great for people like me. I'm actually addicted to it, as I'm a fish lover at heart. I keep it up when I'm busy and just check it now and then to see what I've produced or sold. I agree that it's a bit frustrating that you can't stock both fungus and ick meds at the same time, but they aren't very expensive once you really get going. (a free upgrade or patch would be nice!) This game is great for all ages. Not everyone wants to play online, or get into really complicated sims, so I highly recommend this game.

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Pretty good
by Tim Coy, USA - Mar 17th 2008


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I won't play it for free
by RN, Canada - Mar 14th 2008

One repetitious action. That's it. That the entire game. Its clear that Mystery Studios only put 10-15 minutes into the entire production of this games.

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Most unstable software I've ever seen
by Christopher Mitchell, USA - Mar 14th 2008

Sorry but I just am not going to waste time discussing a poor excuse for software development. I am also convinced that the AI in this game is irrational at best. How is it that computer players are not effected by negative piety and money but once the player dips that way he's screwed.

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G.H.O.S.T. Hunters: The Haunting of Majesty Manor Icon
A little too easy
by Tina Zanella, USA - Mar 14th 2008

A little to easy once you've played it through, second time is pretty boring doesn't change much.

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Icon
This game is Awsome
by Craig Werling, USA - Mar 14th 2008

This game has good mecanics ,great grapics and awsome game play. This game is pretty much the perfect for all starwars lovers and plain RPG and action lovers.

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