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The Walking Dead Icon
Good as movie, simple as game
by Kid Iota, Spain - Nov 26th 2014

The art and cinematics of this game are superb, but it remains at that. It is an interactive movie (or TV series) that stops at certain points and you have to do something to continue. Anyone remember Dragon's Lair (I am old enough to remember)?. It looks similar at times, except that this is easier (because you get clues on what to grab, where to go, etc.)! Theoretically, your decisions affect the development of the story, but that's not true: they only affect a tiny part of the story, which once passed, returns to you to the same point. And what about the story in itself? Well, it's just to excessively over-dramatic: you have to kill children, relatives, watch suicides (all for the supreme benefit of survival, of course!). Playing this game I remebered when I was young and went to see some horror movie: people in the theater (specially girls) shouted at the characters: "Grab the hammer!", "Smash the window!", "Run!. This game is at points something like that. And it offers no challenge: I can't imagine anyone not finishing this game in a few hours. So that's my verdict: an uninteresting game that's a tecnicallly good movie, perhaps suitable for movie making students and so. But we're talking about games, no?

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Zuma's Revenge Icon
Better than the original "Zuma"
by KARON, USA - Nov 25th 2014

You may have to "un-install" and "re-install" this fantastic game in an iMac Snow Leopard in order to get it to play, that is what I had to do after purchasing. Once that glitch is overcome, this is a very fun game, one of the Best Zuma games ever, BETTER than the "original" ZUMA (in my opinion). This game has fun bonus matches and "Boss Battle" is interesting and challenging. Highly recommend. I purchased this game years ago and still play it from time to time.

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Waterscape Solitaire: American Falls Icon
Not one of my favourites, gets boring quickly
by KARON, USA - Nov 25th 2014

At first I thought I would like this game, but after playing it only a few times, I quickly got bored with it. Game boards and graphics are rather dull. Each level increases difficulty until what seems like insurmountable ~ overwhelming. 3 stars is all I give this game and wish I could get a refund as I never ever play it anymore and have "hidden" this game in my games list!

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This War of Mine Icon
Not what I was expecting - it's better!
by Smee, Australia - Nov 25th 2014

I was expecting another run of the mill war/zombie first person shooter when I saw this game, but was surprised to find a much more cerebral strategy game, with minimal violence, and great graphics. Another indie gem.

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Jane's Hotel Icon
Annoying overall
by Moo, France - Nov 25th 2014

A few things make this very annoying…the scrolling screen that you have from the 3rd hotel onwards..they've done it for one of the hotels in the other games and really it's just an annoying way they've settled for of making level more complicated without having to think about different elements they could have included. It's very basic compared to the other two jane's hotel games but it is from 2008 so should have expected that…wouldn't waste the money on this one..out of the 3 games jane's family hotel is overally the best.

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Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition Icon
Fun Game
by Jimzami, USA - Nov 25th 2014

This game has an interesting story line and cast of characters , has many hours of playtime, and has a wide variety of weapons to experiment with. No complaints here.

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Iesabel Icon
Better than it appeared
by mikker, United Kingdom - Nov 25th 2014

After being killed as a witch and barbarian I had just about managers to get a handle on the controls and spell keys. Managed a late night to level 11 without being killed. very enjoyable and engrossing game different from the norm. screen resolution was good and played without stuttering or slowing down. becomes a tactical FPS with the later more difficult NPC's

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Warlock 2: The Exiled Icon
by PACKATK, USA - Nov 24th 2014

Warlock 2 has it's pluses and minuses. Where the game fails there are user mods availible to handle it. Did I expect more… kinda. The magic system is pretty interesting, but that's about it. I also like that pretty much every aspect of the game is modifiable.

Best I can say about this game is it'll kill 2 or 3 hours of your time if you don't have anything else to do.

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Journey of a Roach Icon
Not bad...
by PACKATK, USA - Nov 24th 2014

Game isn't all that bad. I might have been a bit let down if I had to pay for it, but it was free and you can't beat that.

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Journey of a Roach Icon
Great a little buggy
by wings, USA - Nov 24th 2014

I havent played this to much yet but I have enjoyed it so far. Its had 1 or 2 bugs that caused the game to crash on me though. Other then that its been great.

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Mount & Blade: Warband Icon
Addictive and immersive gameplay
by Sargiel, United Kingdom - Nov 24th 2014

I am very impressed with the depth of this game. There are so many skills/stats to choose from when building your character and all of them appear to be well thought out and have a noticeable impact on the game. Annoyed with some bandits being just fast enough to escape your wrath as you try and run them down? A few points in path-finding will help. Love battles but wish your followers would recover quicker? Some points in the First Aid and Surjery will do you nicely.

Depending on which nation your peasants come from will determine what they evolve into when they level up and building up/preserving your troops is great fun.

Combat is tough to start with and I confess to falling back to the bow while I get more used to melee. It is more definitely not mindless hack and slash and there is a real sense of accomplishment in gradually getting better. In addition to tournaments (you can bet on yourself if you are brave/good enough ;) ) there are arena fights to hone your skills as well as training grounds so you can try out different weapons and ways of fighting.

On the negative side I can say on my Mac Pro 4,1 (2.93Ghz, 16GB. Radeon 4870) I have had a few graphical glitches (occassional colour corruption) but a quick click on Save & Exit got me through those. Performance has been perfect on all max settings. The graphics themselves are a bit old now but more than good enough and I am still pleasantly surprised by the lighting in some of the halls, sky etc.

I've been playing now or about 15 hours and can see I have only scratched the surface.. you really can work your way up to running your own kingdom, help a warmongering noble start a war by burning down a few villages and leaving a few tokens to point the finger etc. It is great fun and I'm off to play some more! I'm still a long way from being king material :)

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King's Bounty: Darkside Premium Edition Icon
Sadly unplayable
by green_knight, United Kingdom - Nov 24th 2014

I wanted to love this game. KB: The Legend is one of my favourite games; I play it a lot, and I had been looking forward to this. What little I've seen of the game was far too linear and very boring; but due to bugs I lack the patience to play any longer.

- the arrow keys were disabled, so I could only use the mouse to play which makes gameplay tedious and many places on the map inaccessible
- the mini-map and main map have different orientations, which is confusing
- battlefields overlap the content at the bottom of the window so you cannot click on all cells of a battlefield
- there is no tutorial, it's sink or swim. Even as someone familiar with the franchise, I felt I was sinking
- the text is written in a near-unreadable font: far too small and so badly rendered it keeps dropping certain letters, so that every piece of text becomes a chore. When you spend as much time figuring out text as you do playing, something needs to be fixed.
- the game crashes every time I switch to another application. (Much of my gaming time is while waiting for other things to happen: I need to check apps and respond to e-mail. This is not negotiable.)

Other than that, the ability to explore which the other three games had to varying degrees is missing from this game: until you reach the island of the Light you can go along corridors only in a fixed order and the interactions and battles you have are strictly scripted; the opportunity to experiment with different armies and equipment has been mostly eliminated in the first part of the game. I started games as all three races and had very similar experiences, which destroyed the conceit of the game.
And then I got to the Island of the Light, which felt as if it was phoned in: you can sail around the outside, or you can stay where you are dumped and fight three very overpowered enemies. There was nothing to explore, no-one to interact with, no side quests or quirky details or minor enemies guarding small treasures: all the things that made the first three parts of the game fun to play.

Add to that the requirement to run Steam, which is a resource hog and causes problems of its own, and I can only throughly recommend that people stay away from this.

Play King's Bounty: The Legend. It's a great game.

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Omerta: City of Gangsters Gold Edition Icon
by Michael Gagnon, USA - Nov 24th 2014

Bad game. Rarely works, boring when it does. Complete disappointment.

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Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition Icon
Tries hard
by rosemary jean dyer, United Kingdom - Nov 24th 2014

I read other reviews and, having played Mystery tracker before, gave it a go. Good puzzles and graphics - main game great but I got bored with the bonus game - only the silly hint hand made me smile.

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Hoyle Puzzle & Board Games 2012 Icon
Formatting not 100 percent
by NanC44, USA - Nov 24th 2014

Some of the games, such as the Wordox Double Cross, are not formatted properly. The scores are literally placed on top of the player names, and other annoyances such as the timer placed right in the middle of the playing board. Didn't expect to see this from a Mac game. Disappointed.

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7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat Icon
Board game on steroids
by Smee, Australia - Nov 24th 2014

7 Grand Steps combines all the excitement of a strategy game, a board game, and an arcade game into one. The interface is simple but ever-evolving based on your inputs.

Like all good games, it evokes that 'just one more level' feeling, where all of sudden it's midnight and you have to work the next day but you don't want to stop playing.

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Journey of a Roach Icon
Very Fun!
by Froggie, USA - Nov 24th 2014

This is a unique side scrolling adventure game. Very fun and challenging. The characters are fun, no actual dialog. Instead there's pictures/animations to tell what they're saying. Sound effects are cute. Try it, you might like it. :)

At first I wasn't sure about this one; but after trying it, I was pleasantly surprised. A thumbs up to the developers for something unique! :)

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Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold Collector's Edition Icon
Gratifying Puzzle Game
by Maris DS, - Nov 23rd 2014

I used the most difficult level and found myself sufficiently challenged. I like games that make me think, and I found that even the hidden object components, which I usually don't do, had nuances that made them more interesting. A warning, even at the most difficult level which usually doesn't allow skipping puzzles, one puzzle had a "skip" show up that I mistook for part of the puzzle (as none others had it). Also, there are some objects that I may never have found if I didn't use the help function. The last "puzzle" was more of a speed game, and since my mouse use isn't that fast I changed to the novice level to get it done. I would have liked a puzzle that was hard for mental reasons and not mouse speed reasons. Those minor issues aside it was a good game!

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Mount & Blade: Warband Icon
Dated visuals, leagues-deep gameplay.
by .::Nox::., USA - Nov 23rd 2014

It's a bit tough at first to get past the rather dated look of the game (although it's nice enough to convey atmosphere and immersion), but the complexity and depth it offers soon make you forget that. In many ways, "Mount and Blade: Warband" offers more freedom of action that many MMOs promise these days: you can be a wandering adventurer taking on quests here and there, a mercenary in some king or queen's war to regain a throne, or you can focus on trading goods. Whatever you do, the world in which you travel is filled with roving warbands, bandits, plunderers and deserters, many of whom are itching to kill and/or rob you, so you'll never be able to avoid fighting for long, and that's what this game is all about, of course. Combat is no easy affair. You need to actually pay attention to your opponents moves, and block accordingly—fighting in M&B is no simple matter of hitting tab and bludgeoning merrily away. The same goes for ranged combat. Expect a lot of humiliation as you learn your way around the game. The rewards are a more realistic medieval combat experience than most other titles offer these days.

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This War of Mine Icon
Very interesting style of game
by mikker, United Kingdom - Nov 23rd 2014

Could do with the ability to save before a mission so that you can try different styles of aggression/non aggression without restarting from scratch.

Dead is dead for real.

I liked the presentation and interface. could do with more interaction when need to fight.
good game. I hope to see more of this style!

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