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Cities: Skylines Icon
Great Visuals and Gameplay
by Sean K.5, USA - May 27th 2017

This is a really great looking game that can be very cinematic and the strategy and the difficulty of the game are engaging and fun.

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Dungeon of the Endless - Crystal Pack Icon
by wishmaster301, Slovakia - May 26th 2017

No problem with payment, fast response and delivery.
Good game ;)

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Tropico 5 – Complete Collection Icon
Nice, like it much!
by Tommy H.1, Finland - May 26th 2017

Not your regular city controlling game and this is why i love it. Something different from your basic cities skylines is great!

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Circles Icon
Flawed Game or just me?
by kevin farrell, USA - May 26th 2017

Can't seem to get beyond first step of one large circle with two horizontal lines of circles

to it's right on the top and bottom.The only thing that happen's is to fill the circles
with red color, and the mouse can do nothing beyond that.

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Brickshooter Egypt Icon
Can't be used on Macbook Air with Sierra
by Rh V., USA - May 24th 2017

Overheats the computer which runs fan at high speed after a few minutes. Paid for it, but will not distroy a $1000 computer

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XCOM 2 Icon
by Scott Henderson, USA - May 24th 2017

Having just finished XCOM:EW and Shadow Tactics:BOTS just before starting this sequel, I was excited about starting a new turn based adventure. Excitement however, quickly turned into frustration and ultimately disappointment. This turned based play is eventually enjoyable and reminiscent of the early XCOM games. Getting there though is quite challenging and some might say annoyingly so. I can state a list of my issues: long load times, short frame rates, overly difficult levels at the Normal setting, poor tutorial, exceptionally long soldier recovery time so building a cohesive team is cumbersome, unresponsive UI in some circumstances, enemy tactics that defy the law of physics, plot that is not well thought out in relation to game play, inability for soldiers to provide a coordinated attack... in short, it didn't deliver the experience I was expecting. This may be different for others, but as for me I'd advise passing on this one.

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Airport Madness: World Edition Icon
Not my type of game, but...
by holder, Canada - May 24th 2017

I did end up trying it briefly. Mostly because I noticed I could manage my hometown airport. It's not visually impressive, but it did get the map right. You might like it as a casual game if you have time to kill, and don't want to care about of story or continuity.

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Amazing Adventures The Caribbean Secret Icon
Pure Hidden Object Fun
by Marcel Dufresne, Canada - May 23rd 2017

Well camouflaged items to find as well as clues to unravell in order to find all the hidden objects in the list. Hours of fun for the Hidden Object enthusiast.

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Tense, atmospheric, science fiction horror adventure
by holder, Canada - May 23rd 2017

I tend to avoid horror games, unlike the film genre, but occasionally a science-fiction theme, and visuals will draw me in to break the comfort zone. Shortly put I was not disappointed by the game. The fear generated is more cerebral, and not created by the typical jump scares that try to elicit a primal urge to flee (or maybe that's just me). Everything from the visuals (lighting, animation), the sound effects, music, and voice acting were well done.

The negative part of the game has to do with some of the puzzles. It is an old problem of adventure games where objects you pick up or interact with are needed to solve certain objectives. However, the logic of solving a problem is often made into a singular narrow decision as decided by the developers. Like you have to open a door, but instead of using the crowbar in your inventory you have to go around searching for some other objects to combine to hack the door's computer.

If you're a fan of some more popular sci-fi horrors; Aliens, Dead Space, Event Horizon. And you want to experience some of that for yourself, but without having to crawl into a corner and hide, or shoot your way out of every situation, then I recommend this game (I also recommend the free on Steam side-quel Cayne - it can act as a demo as well).

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Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition Icon
by rosemary jean dyer, United Kingdom - May 23rd 2017

I rarely enthuse about a game but as HO puzzles go, this one is a top game. Ok, so the story is a bit unsurprising in parts (no spoilers) it doesn't ruin the game. The puzzles are not hard but the story is long enough for you to feel you are getting your money's worth! Graphics are good too.

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Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series Icon
Good Game For Game Of Thrones Fans
by jputting, Australia - May 22nd 2017

This is a good game that most fans of the show "Game Of Thrones" will enjoy.

As previous reviewers have mentioned the game is not an action based style of game, There is a lot of character interaction via dialogue and decision making which ultimately do not significantly alter the end of the game. This game would have been a lot more enjoyable with many more action scenes included.

However the storyline is still interesting and engaging with good graphics, More effort could have been made to make the characters more realistic in appearance but the game overall is true to the television series and can be regarded as an untold tale.

I am dismayed that MacgameStore still have NOT updated their version of this game to include the patch you are asked to install when you begin playing this game as that patch requires another 2GB download which could be avoided if MacGameStore updated their version of this game to include that patch.

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Civilization V: The Complete Edition Icon
Love History & Thought Provoking Strategy? Buy Now!!!
by Joseph R.8, USA - May 22nd 2017

Picked up the complete edition on sale; I am really impressed with all of the DLC and what it has to offer. Highly addiciting and fun. I am new to the series and have heard great things so I wanted to give it a shot. If this sounds like you, go for it, the game has a tutorial set up plus a skill level that plays like a tutorial on all the scenarios, so it should not feel overwhelming at all. There is a lot of content here so I enjoy the history education and insight it provides as well. If you are looking for an experience and are not in a rush when having time to play, I would highly recommned Civ 5 Complete Edition.

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Grim Tales: Threads of Destiny Collector's Edition Icon
Another good tale
by rosemary jean dyer, United Kingdom - May 22nd 2017

In all honesty I thought these had run their course only for the creators to find a new adversary and a fresh twist which will go on...

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FlatOut 2 Icon
Premium rush
by eaglesnak, Canada - May 22nd 2017

Fast-paced, frenetic speeds with the ever-looming threat of defenestration — what more could you ask for in a racing game? A clearly-mid-2000s-alt.rock soundtrack? SOLD.

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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Icon
Enternainment for the whole family
by SJLorenzo, Panama - May 21st 2017

A fun game that everyone can play, no violence just fun

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Icon
Have been playing for a couple of years
by SJLorenzo, Panama - May 21st 2017

Fun game after finishing i have kept on playing it.

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BioShock Infinite - Season Pass Icon
Best Dlc for BS series
by FeFe, Republic of Korea - May 21st 2017

Thumb Up! If u ever played bio shock series or not this dlc is awesome exp for u

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Total War™: ATTILA - The Last Roman Campaign Pack Icon
Good DLC
by Bebeto, Romania - May 21st 2017

Whether I think you should actually buy this depends mostly on how you felt about the base game. If you hated Attila, this probably won't make you love it, and if, like me you loved Attila, you'll probably love this DLC.

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New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia Collector's Edition Icon
Complesso e bello
by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - May 21st 2017

Il valore dei giochi di Fibe-Bn sta principalmente nella loro longevità e complessità: la storia ha un percorso lineare ma l'azione si sviluppa a lungo ed in modo ricercato, imponendoci così una cura ed un'attenzione costante nello svolgimento del game. In questo caso oltre a immagini e scene cimematiche di grande valore, traduzioni molto buone e musiche accettabili, ci troviamo davanti a un gioco particolarmente complesso, caratterizzato da molte scene con oggetti nascosti "interattive" e di buona qualità, e da mini-giochi con un alto livello di difficoltà (per alcuni dei tanti presenti nel game ho dovuto ricorrere alla guida strategica). Non mancano la ricerca di oggetti mutevoli e collezionabili (molti davvero ben mimetizzati!), un buon capitolo bonus e tantissimi extra interessanti. Di certo non è un gioco dal rapido "usa e getta", e anche questo giustifica la spesa. Quattro stelle perchè manca la lingua italiana (ma si può trovarla in altri store). A voi la scelta finale, io lo consiglio con convinzione.

[The value of Fibe-Bn's games is mainly in their longevity and complexity: history has a linear path, but the action develops long and sophisticated, thus giving us a constant care and attention in the game. In this case, in addition to impressive cymbal images and scenes, very good translations and acceptable music, we are faced with a particularly complex game featuring many scenes with "interactive" and good quality hidden objects, and mini-games with A high level of difficulty (for some of the players in the game I had to resort to strategic guidance). There is a lot of changeable and memorable objects (many really well camouflaged!), A good bonus chapter and lots of interesting extras. Of course it is not a fast-paced "throw-and-play" game, and this also justifies spending. Four stars because you do not have the Italian language (but you can find it in other stores). To you the ultimate choice, I recommend it with conviction.]

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Cities: Skylines Snowfall Icon
Amplia las posibilidades
by lezotarra, Spain - May 21st 2017

Añade entre otras carreteras nevadas y sus respectivas maquinas quitanieves, sistema de calefacción para que tus ciudadanos no caigan enfermos, los nuevos tranvias... entre otras.

[Add among other snowy roads and their respective snowplows, heating system so that your citizens do not fall sick, new trams ... among others.]

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