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Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories Premium Edition Icon
Hmmm what happened to the extra levels?
by Moo, France - Oct 22nd 2014

It's a bit buggy but then I'm running yosemite now, when you quit I have to go into options and select windowed mode so it quits in this otherwise when I relaunch it's frozen and won't do anything. Crashed quite a few times, annoyingly after getting to the end of the restaurants, so had to do over.

As far as I can tell having played this all the way through there are no extra restaurants or '10 levels' as compared to the standard edition. It seems the only bonus content is 6 extra upgrades for the shop, screensavers and a strategy guide which you won't need if you've played these games before.. I wasn't interested in screensavers/concept art or trophies which don't add to the gameplay in any way, I was thinking there'd be bonus levels to play or an extra restaurant. Very misleading wording macgamestore! So feeling a bit cheated…save your money and go for the standard edition for $9.95.

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Jane's Hotel Mania Icon
So many bad points
by Moo, France - Oct 21st 2014

First for 2.99 it's not bad…but..annoying points…

1. the music, even though there's an option in menu for turning music off or down it doesn't affect the music that plays during all the long cut-scenes and while waiting to start the level..also it seems to have a mind of its own and turn itself on while you're playing levels..

2. It could have been a really good game if someone somewhere had paid attention to their programming…all levels apart from 2 or 3 per hotel at the end are impossible to get expert level on whilst nearly all the levels in the last hotel from the 'chain' are possible to do this…

3. the upgrades, learning and shop interfaces are confusing and well thought out..the choice for what you can buy learn seems arbitrary at best and mostly bears no relation to what can actually help you achieve the goal or expert goal for a level…at the end of the day getting your goal is the purpose and if you can't do that because you can't choose the upgrades that will enable you to get enough customers do to so is just frustrating

All in all, it's a bit of a slog, messy, confusing, poorly thought out and the graphics are pretty naff but for under $3 you can't complain too much

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Unexpected Journey Icon
Problems with the game
by kasioper, Canada - Oct 21st 2014

The game's cool but I'm unable to load my saved game… Very bad! And no way to get support… Money wasted!

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Creeper World 3 Icon
Absoulutly wonderful.
by barkman708, USA - Oct 21st 2014

This game is possibly the best Indie game on the Mac Game Store. I have played this over 100 hours in my first week after buying it. I have no complaints over than really small little issues that don't effect gameplay. I would recommend this game to anybody who enjoys Stratagy as well. Very wonderful game from a solo developer.

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Family Farm Icon
Family Farm
by KARON, USA - Oct 20th 2014

Great game, I play it all the time. Important to assign workers with the greatest skills for assigned tasks in order to ensure best results, improve quality of production and continue to improve individual family member's skills. Fun to play and create new farm layouts and garden designs.

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Rochard Icon
Good Old Platforming… with some shooting
by JMan1213, USA - Oct 19th 2014

This game does not seem that outstanding at first but the more you play it is pretty fun.

I can't say the story is amazing but hey it gets the job done. If you got a controller to connect it is fun to play that way.

It has some unique things such as the way gravity works. I like the graphics and the fact that it has voice acting. THough one annoying thing was I could not adjust the resolution for some reason.

Overall it is pretty fun. I would recommend it if you want a quick fun platformer and you got some spare cash. Otherwise it is not really a must own.

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Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love Icon
Not for yosemite users
by Moo, France - Oct 19th 2014

Can confirm this does not display correctly for osx yosemite..bottom part of screen doesn't show which mean trying to complete hidden object scenes or see the contents of inventory is pretty much impossible..shame as it looks like a good game, graphics are good, puzzles are interesting

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Scrabble Icon
by Mary Jane Winans, USA - Oct 19th 2014

This version is Okay, however, the old version is better

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Might & Magic X - Legacy Deluxe Edition Icon
As expected a great game :)
by magic.traveler, Spain - Oct 18th 2014

100% guaranteed i'm having a great time with both of them,

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Rainforest Adventure Icon
Rainforest Adventure
by KARON, USA - Oct 17th 2014

This game requires very little skill, but it does require strategy. A fun enjoyable game very much like "match three" that doesn't take too much time in-between levels and is really fun, easily paused if you need to go and come back later.

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Awesome TD/RPG Hybrid Game!
by SUMA1959, USA - Oct 17th 2014

First Impressions…

OTTTD is a fun, well thought out Tower Defense (TD) RPG hybrid, single player game. It has a lot of really cool enemies to fight and so far, some awesome heroes to play and level up. At this point, I am very happy with my purchase and I feel the game is well worth the asking price. IMO

Beware, the game is a little hard if you try to advance too fast and requires a lot of grinding to level up multiple characters! Just when you level up your first three characters and get them weapons & armor, you get another character to level up & gear up! Then another one! It's great, but it takes a lot of time and dedication!

If you are not into playing the same maps over & over & over again to level up your characters, and buy better weapons & armor, then this game is NOT for you.


+ 25 maps with a few separate endless mode maps
+12 tower types to build with various cool upgrades
+ 7 different hero classes
+ RPG elements and character leveling system
+ Different skill trees for each character with active abilities & passive skills
+ Over 30 different weapons with 6 different firearm classes
+ Many different armors to purchase with a few stats
+ Long game due to the grind-fest nature of the game
+ Zombies!!! AND Flying sharks & eyeballs! Now how cool is that! :-)


- The game requires you to play the same maps over & over again
- Can only take a squad of 3 characters into battle
- View is way too zoomed in
- Maps are very small
- Limited predesignated tower placement areas
- Single player game only. No multiplayer
- Small number of endless mode maps which you must grind for
- Could have more stats. It makes the RPG features feel limited
- Did I mention the game is a major GRIND-FEST!!! lol

So far the game runs great in all resolutions and all graphic settings. Once in a while I need to restart the game in windowed mode if I can't get it to launch correctly. This only happens once in a while.

The game is pretty solid and polished. It's fun and a different TD/RPG hybrid experience. Not only will you be placing towers, but you will be strategically moving your 3 squad members around the maps killing massive amounts of enemies! Some enemies are really cool! KUDOS to the devs!

I highly recommend this game to anyone that can see past the major grind-fest and loves TD games with RPG elements! It is one of the better TD games out there IMO. I give it 5 out of 5 stars just for the sheer fun factor!!!!

Here are my system specifications: Apple iMac, i5 Quad-Core Intel processor 3.1GHZ, AMD Radeon HD 6970M with 1GB dedicated video RAM, 4GB system RAM, 1TB hard drive running OS X version 10.6.8, Journaled HFS+ Extended file system.

Edit: I have been playing this game all weekend and I can say without a doubt that it is super fun, finely polished and a very strategic game! I am addicted! It is well worth the asking price IMO!

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Victoria 2 Icon
Totally Absorbing
by muttonnoir, United Kingdom - Oct 17th 2014

I love this game! Once you grasp the basics you quickly become immersed in the range of options open to you as leader of your chosen nation. The complex web of alliances woven between so many nations can really quickly undo so much of your nation and empire building if you don't keep a close eye on these diplomatic machinations! The possibilities are endless and I've spent many hours deep in the game, totally absorbed.

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Delicious - Emily's Holiday Season Icon
Emily, romance, and snow!
by crystal reynolds, USA - Oct 17th 2014

Challenging. Nice story. Fun challenges. Another great Delicious game.

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Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings Collector's Edition Icon
I love this game
by Cupoftea3, Canada - Oct 17th 2014

Good game. Lots of GREAT graphics and backgrounds. The story line is fun. Just think about if we could travel through pictures.Each world that you go through is full of adventure and lots of hidden objects to find.Again the graphics are top of the line,as well as the concept art,and wallpapers. I Give this game 5 (five) stars, and I DO recommend this game to all lovers of hidden objects.

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Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters Icon
Two thumbs up!
by Cupoftea3, Canada - Oct 17th 2014

The company that made this game and many others like it have the right formula. I get the story line,a good twist on Little Red Riding Hood. Instead of being a helpless little girl, she (LRRH) turns out to be a super strong woman.A protector of the forest, helping people who are lost or that need to be helped. But the best part is the fact that it is not just one woman protecting us but a whole troupe.They train and learn how to protect the right way. Great story line easy to follow, a very little bit of going back and fourth, but otherwise A damn GOOD HIDDEN OBJECT GAME. When I finnished the game I felt good. I give it 5 stars. Try it you will like it

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Virtual Villagers 5 - New Believers Icon
Virtual Villagers with a new twist.
by crystal reynolds, USA - Oct 17th 2014

Tribal villagers? What a great way to add to a game we know and love.

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Escape From Paradise 2 Icon
Great sequel!
by crystal reynolds, USA - Oct 17th 2014

If you liked the first, you'll love the sequel. Nice sim action along with great puzzles.

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Cake Mania 3 Icon
Cute and challenging.
by crystal reynolds, USA - Oct 17th 2014

The customers are fun with great animations. The levels are challenging. Great addition to the Cake Mania line.

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F1™ 2013: Classic Edition Icon
Good game; if you're michael schumacher
by Adam Burford, Australia - Oct 17th 2014

I'm probably just an R-tard, but after a few hours i still couldn't compete on amateur difficulty in career mode. I'm not particularly un-coordinated and am quite versed in gaming but this was beyond me. My interest in F1 is kinda vague but i thought this might be a fun game. I was quite wrong. I was last, getting lapped by second last in career mode, without any monumental stuff ups … this just did my head in. good graphics / sound / interface though.

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Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween Icon
Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween
by Candace Capraro, USA - Oct 16th 2014

This game was very challenging even in the easiest mode. This game took a long time to finish as it was captivating and hard to figure out where to go next. I really enjoyed the game but did get frustrated at times. The hint button made it hard sometimes as it didn't seem to always work.

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