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Stellaris: Plantoids Species Pack Icon
Purely cosmetic, and not much to look at
by Kaiser-e-rum, USA - Sep 23rd 2017

Stay away from this one at any price, it really adds nothing. the portraits are tracky, and it is overpriced, on sale or not. Paradox should really just make this free for the anniversary of the Stellaris launch or as a bonus for signing up for their newsletter. far better stuff available as mods.

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Racer 8 Icon
Pipe Mania with a Rally theme
by Psyringe, Germany - Sep 23rd 2017

Racer 8 plays similar to the 8-bit and arcade legend PipeMania, but with a Rally theme. A car drives (automatically) along a track, and you have to rotate pieces of that track to make the car reach checkpoints and ultimately the finish line. It's a fun and engaging puzzle game with cute graphics, many different environments, and a progression system that provides an incentive for coming back to it. However, it lacks convenience features like map rotation, rebindable controls, or volume settings. Looks like a port of a mobile game. While the port certainly could have used some more features, the gameplay remains enjoyable as-is.

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Zarya - 1: Mystery on the Moon Icon
Well written, but barely any gameplay
by Psyringe, Germany - Sep 23rd 2017

Zarya-1 plays like reading the script of am audio dra,a in "Choose your own adventure" style. You are guiding a team of four astronauts who have been sent to the moon to investigate strange radio signal. The game is presented through dialog between the astronauts and about a dozen still images. Occasionally you get to make a choice between 2-3 different things to say.

The writing is really good, the characters are distinct, and there is well-designed sense of mystery that keeps the player going. The physical conditions of an airless low-gravity environment are described in an interesting and illuminating way. Occasional scary or humorous moments provide suspense and comical relief in well-paced alternation. The game really makes you feel like a mission commander whose decisions will determine the fate of your team. It could have benefited a lot from voice acting, but at this price point, that can hardly be expected.

On the flip side, there is barely any gameplay. Most of your decisions are just fluff and don't affect the story at all. The game tries to create a sense of urgency by giving you the impression that time and air are limited, but it cannot actually keep track of these resources, and your decisions do not really affect them. Also, paradoxically, the "perfect ending" is hidden in a side track behind pretty arbitrary decisions.

I enjoyed the story and atmosphere, but wouldn't recommend approaching it like a puzzle or simulation, it simply doesn't have the mechanics for that.

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Sid Meier's Starships Icon
Enjoyable casual tactics game
by Psyringe, Germany - Sep 23rd 2017

Starships is a casual turn-based tactics game in space. You build and equip your ships and control them in short turn-based battles. It also features a similarly casual strategic layer with different factions fighting for control over star systems, but it's far from the full-fledged empire management of a 4X game - rather, it's just a framework for getting the technologies and resources that you need to build and maintain your fleet.

The game provides the experience of a strategic space conquest campaign, while keeping the overall complexity fairly low - but still high enough to keep it interesting. As such, I found it pretty enjoyable, though definitely more relaxing than challenging. Balancing seems to be off though (my fighters appeared to be much more powerful than any other type of weapon), and the AI is terrible. Replayability is limited due to the lack of more complex mechanics.

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Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven Icon
More global the The Third Rome, but a little pricey
by Kaiser-e-rum, USA - Sep 23rd 2017

So this DLC features a few more useful features for all nations, namely the golden era mechanics and a few minor ones not worth mentioning in a short review. For players who want to play in Chinas traditional sphere of influence(Far bigger than you probably know) its worth it at a discounted price, if you are a sinophile its a must have, and conquering the decaying Ming Empire after rallying the jurchen tribes into the Manchu confederation. Solid effort by Paradox for a event in history that doesnt factor much in the minds of most westerners.

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Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense Content Pack Icon
Good flavor, get on sale
by Kaiser-e-rum, USA - Sep 23rd 2017

Adds a ton of nicely detail and stylish units for a wide variety of states.

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Europa Universalis IV: Mare Nostrum Content Pack Icon
Great for those who like to play in north africa
by Kaiser-e-rum, USA - Sep 23rd 2017

Plenty of new units for north Africa, east Africa, and even some for Italy. If you like this area, pick this one up on sale. the models are well done.

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Europa Universalis IV: Evangelical Union Unit Pack Icon
Neat flavor to 30 years war
by Kaiser-e-rum, USA - Sep 23rd 2017

This is a neat addition for the religious wars that happen during the reformation in game, get on sale, preferably for a dollar.

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Europa Universalis IV: Catholic League Unit Pack Icon
The Holy Catholic Church will prevail!
by Kaiser-e-rum, USA - Sep 23rd 2017

I will mirror what I said about the protestant DLC, nice addition, but get it on sale.

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Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado Content Pack Icon
Good for americas players
by Kaiser-e-rum, USA - Sep 23rd 2017

Nice for anyone who plays natives, also good for the colonial powers as it adds a little variety to EU4s sometimes bland soundtrack.

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Clutter Infinity: Joe's Ultimate Quest Icon
Love it!
by Judy Boylan, Canada - Sep 23rd 2017

I've enjoyed playing Clutter games, but I frequently found them frustrating when I couldn't continue to another level without successfully completing the current level. This version allows casual players to complete the game without pressure.

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Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams Icon
Longevo e ordinato!
by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - Sep 23rd 2017

Un buon gioco, longevo e ordinato. La storia si sviluppa in ben quattro mondi diversi secondo il classico meccanismo della ricerca della persona amata (in questo caso il fratello del protagonista) e lungo il cammino si incontrano diversi personaggi da aiutare per liberarli dalla loro "condanna". Quindi, nulla di originale ma la forza di questa storia sta nel fatto che procede in modo ordinato, con il supporto di una mappa precisa che indica dove e quando compiere ogni azione necessaria per andare avanti. Anche le scene con oggetti nascosti, sebbene siano fin troppo piene, ci invitano a compiere azioni "logiche" (tenetele d'occhio perché le "incrocerete" più volte). I mini-giochi sono accessibili e con un moderato livello di difficoltà. Spicca piacevolmente su tutto la presenza del piccolo drago che ci aiuterà nei passaggi cruciali ed è realizzato con una particolare cura tecnica e grafica. Il gioco non offre sequenze cinematiche di grande qualità e l'impostazione grafica complessiva è un po' troppo "fumettosa" per chi è ormai abituato a games molto realistici, ma complessivamente merita di essere giocato. Scaricate la demo, provatelo e... andate avanti! Peccato che sia solo in inglese... per lo sviluppatore anche in questo caso un'occasione persa per ampliare il numero degli acquirenti.

[A good game, long and tidy. The story unfolds in four different worlds according to the classic search mechanism of the loved one (in this case, the brother of the protagonist) and along the way there are several characters to help to free them from their "condemnation." So nothing original but the strength of this story is that it proceeds neatly, with the support of a precise map showing where and when to take every action you need to move forward. Even scenes with hidden objects, though they are too full, invite us to perform "logical" actions (keep an eye out for "crossing" them several times). Mini-games are accessible and with a moderate level of difficulty. It stands out pleasantly on the presence of the little dragon that will help us in the crucial steps and is realized with a particular technical and graphic care. The game does not offer high-quality kinematic sequences, and the overall graphic layout is a little too "comic" for those who are now accustomed to very realistic games but overall deserves to be played. Download the demo, try it and ... go ahead! It's a shame that it's just in English ... for the developer also in this case missed an opportunity to expand the number of buyers.]

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King's Bounty: Armored Princess Icon
Slightly Fragmented
by green_knight, United Kingdom - Sep 22nd 2017

This is a nice follow-up to the original King's Bounty: the difficulty is a little more uneven (leading to much running around in the hope of finding an enemy I *could* beat), some of the changes in gameplay were annoying rather than enhancing gameplay, but there's a great selection of new troops that offer new gameplay.

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King's Bounty: Warriors of the North Icon
Downhill trend
by green_knight, United Kingdom - Sep 22nd 2017

This is a game I never finished because it simply went on too long and I lost interest - there are a lot of interesting troops and quests, but I was also running into a fair few bugs (I struggle with the miniature text, I can play around the invisible troops, though they make fights... interesting, but not getting rewards for completed quests sucks.)

I also hated being railroaded by the story: You have to fulfil quests that I really did not want to do in order to proceed, and then you get told 'you should not have done this'. Well, duh.

Overall, you're better off replaying the first two instalments in this series.

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Torchlight II Icon
Fun Dungeon (and elsewhere) Crawl
by green_knight, United Kingdom - Sep 22nd 2017

I liked this better than the original - you get to go out into the landscape a bit more, it's not quite as linear, which means you have more terrain to use strategically.

I got 40+ hours of enjoyment out of this; wholly recommended.

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Ballad of Solar Icon
Keeps its promises
by green_knight, United Kingdom - Sep 22nd 2017

This is the kind of game you play when you have no brain and need something that's quick and amusing: the graphics are a bit twee, but in a good way, and the gameplay is straightforward. This game makes a real effort to create an ongoing narrative, which I appreciated.

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The Cave Icon
Nice title from Ron Gilbert
by Prah, Sweden - Sep 22nd 2017

Perhaps not his best game, but it was still fun and enjoyable. I do however recommend his latest game Thimbleweed Park more!

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The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Icon
Better than expected
by Fanatiko 2.0, Germany - Sep 22nd 2017

Although in easy mode it can be too short. it is a great story with nice graphics and cinematics. It would be great to have an expansion or another sequel.

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Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Icon
Solid DLC at a fair price
by Kaiser-e-rum, USA - Sep 21st 2017

Paradox DLC model has been getting more unpopular for some, but here I think they are finally returning to a more fair model, as many of the 1.8 patch features are free, and you have a nice bonus here for machine races along with many overhauls and tweaks to key game mechanics, mostly for the better.

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Dragon Age 2 Icon
Nicht wie Dragon Age 1 - aber trotzdem gut!
by Schulle, Germany - Sep 21st 2017

Meine Rechnerkonfiguration: iMac late 2013 27", i5, 16GB RAM, GTX780M 4GB, macOS 10.12.6.
Das Spiel lief in höchster Auflösung bei mittleren Grafikeinstellungen absolut flüssig. Ich hatte während der gesamten Spielzeit (75 Stunden) insgesamt fünf Abstürze: Zweimal hat der Programmabsturz eine Kernelpanik verursacht. Zweimal hat sich das Programm so aufgehangen, dass ich dieses nicht mehr verlassen konnte und den Rechner neu starten musste. Der fünfte Absturz war ein ganz „normaler" Programmabsturz.

Nun zum Spiel. Wer Dragon Age 1 gespielt hat wird möglicherweise enttäuscht sein. Die Spielewelt ist nicht offen. Man bewegt sich außerhalb der Stadt in vorgegebenen Schlauchwegen. Es sind verschiedene Orte besuchbar, diese sehen von ihrer Gestaltung her aber alle gleich aus. Das gleiche gitl für alle Höhlen sowie für die Örtlichkeiten innerhalb der Stadt oder innerhalb der Gebäude. Die Wohnhäuser haben sogar alle den gleichen Grundriss.
Auch die Charaktererstellung ist weniger komplex als in Dragon Age 1.
Ob sich das Spiel beim Kampfsystem an das Dungeon and Dragons Regelwerk hält weiß ich nicht. Ich hatte eher nicht den Eindruck. Trotzdem bieten die Kämmpfe mehr als ausreichend Optionen, um verschiedene Taktiken anwenden zu können.
Den Fähigkeitenbaum fand ich sehr übersichtlich und gut verständlich. Die Attributvergabe ist im Vergleich zu anderen Rollenspielen vereinfacht.

Die Synchronstimmen passen sehr gut zu den Charakteren. Die Charaktergestaltung ist wie bei Bioware-Rollenspielen üblich sehr komplex und tiefgründig. Das gilt insbesondere auch für die Geschichte. Wenn man nicht in 25 Stunden durch das Spiel hetzt sondern sich die Zeit nimmt, die Welt zu erkunden und Gespräche zu führen, Notizen und Bücher zu lesen, sowie allle sich bietenden Aufgaben erfüllt, entfaltet sich eine umfangreiche, mitreißende Geschichte die einen immer weiter vorwärtstreibt. Ich kam so auf 75 unterhaltsame Spielstunden.
Wer Rollenspiele mag kann das Spiel bedenkenlos kaufen.

[My computer configuration: iMac late 2013 27 ", i5, 16GB RAM, GTX780M 4GB, macOS 10.12.6.

The game ran in the highest resolution with medium graphics settings absolutely liquid. I had a total of five crashes during the entire game time (75 hours): Twice the program crash caused a kernel cannon. Twice the program has hung up so that I could not leave this and the computer had to restart. The fifth crash was a quite "normal" program crash.

Now to the game. Who played Dragon Age 1 may be disappointed. The game world is not open. One moves outside the city in predetermined hose paths. There are different places to visit, but they look the same from their design. The same gitl for all caves as well as for the localities within the city or within the buildings. The houses all have the same floor plan.
Character creation is less complex than in Dragon Age 1.
I do not know whether the game in the combat system to the Dungeon and Dragons rules. I had not the impression. Nevertheless, the crimps offer more than enough options to be able to apply different tactics.
The skills tree I found very clear and easy to understand. The attribute assignment is simplified in comparison to other roll games.

The sync voices match very well with the characters. The character design is, as with Bioware-Rollenspielen usual very complex and profound. This applies in particular to history. If you do not run through the game in 25 hours but take the time to explore the world and to talk, to read notes and books, and to fulfill all the tasks you have to offer, an extensive, stirring story unfolds , I came so on 75 entertaining games.

If you like roll games, you can buy the game without hesitation.]

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