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Erster Teil war besser
by Tintifax, Austria - Oct 28th 2014

Der Erste Teil - The Witcher: Enhanced Edt. war eindeutig besser - die Handlung ist hier etwas zu verworren. Neuen Fähigkeiten sind auch nicht "das Gelbe vom Ei".
Ansonsten Sound und Grafik OK

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Love it BUT
by Keziah Kelsey, USA - Oct 28th 2014

When i purchased it, it erased all my previous game data and made me start at the beginning!! No way do I want to replay an HOUR of the game again!!!

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Lots of fun!
by Dark Bishop 76, Germany - Oct 27th 2014

This game is telling an awesome story about a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Even though the decisions and freedom of movement one can take or has with his character are very(!) limited it is a ton of fun to experience the zombie apocalypse with the eyes of one of the characters. Greatly enjoyed the game and recomend it to others!

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Excellent match 3
by Kare Hunol, USA - Oct 27th 2014

Thoroughly enjoying this game - can't stay away! I love the spooky sounds. You can really get a rhythm going that has you hitting play for the next round. Excellent.

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A lot of unrealised potential here
by Adam Burford, Australia - Oct 27th 2014

This game feels like the very early stages of something that could be pretty great.

It's trying to do a lot and the net result so far is that none of it is done amazingly well, but with some refinement and updating Enforcer could set a nice bar for police simming.

The cases, actions and procedures could do with some more fleshing out and there's not much by way of living world ambience. There are about 6 skins that all the citizens use and all anyone does is walk around with or without an umbrella as rain dictates. The world, while big, does start to feel very empty very quickly. Case in point; any house you have to go to; be it for a kidnapping call, possible burglary etc. is always empty of objects and any pertinent NPCs, crim or victim, is always standing in exactly the same position. Enforcer gets very 'paint by numbers' very quickly.

There are a few bugs, glitches and the car physics leaves a little to be desired but nothing here that kills the game. Sound is OK. Could definitely do with more 'ambient' noise. Street noise, cafe chatter around towns and just general 'life!'.

I've played a few hours and progressed up a few ranks (despite an increase in pay there's not really any difference in gameplay that I've noticed) … i enjoy the missions and there is some variation among them but once you've done each one once, there's not a lot of pull to keep repeating them.

I guess in short, this game just needs an injection of 'life'.

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Fun game
by Robert Krampf, USA - Oct 27th 2014

While it does have a few bugs, this is a very enjoyable, turn based RPG. It has enough flexibilty to make replays fun.

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Fun, fun, fun
by Robert Krampf, USA - Oct 27th 2014

The replayability of this game is awesome. A single decision can change everything, giving you entirely new challenges. If you liked Fallout, you will really like this one.

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Great Game
by Johnnyq89, USA - Oct 27th 2014

Confusing at first but once you get into it and learn all the cool pieces of the game its really addicting!

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