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Hmmm what happened to the extra levels?
by Moo, France - Oct 22nd 2014

It's a bit buggy but then I'm running yosemite now, when you quit I have to go into options and select windowed mode so it quits in this otherwise when I relaunch it's frozen and won't do anything. Crashed quite a few times, annoyingly after getting to the end of the restaurants, so had to do over.

As far as I can tell having played this all the way through there are no extra restaurants or '10 levels' as compared to the standard edition. It seems the only bonus content is 6 extra upgrades for the shop, screensavers and a strategy guide which you won't need if you've played these games before.. I wasn't interested in screensavers/concept art or trophies which don't add to the gameplay in any way, I was thinking there'd be bonus levels to play or an extra restaurant. Very misleading wording macgamestore! So feeling a bit cheated…save your money and go for the standard edition for $9.95.

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So many bad points
by Moo, France - Oct 21st 2014

First for 2.99 it's not bad…but..annoying points…

1. the music, even though there's an option in menu for turning music off or down it doesn't affect the music that plays during all the long cut-scenes and while waiting to start the level..also it seems to have a mind of its own and turn itself on while you're playing levels..

2. It could have been a really good game if someone somewhere had paid attention to their programming…all levels apart from 2 or 3 per hotel at the end are impossible to get expert level on whilst nearly all the levels in the last hotel from the 'chain' are possible to do this…

3. the upgrades, learning and shop interfaces are confusing and well thought out..the choice for what you can buy learn seems arbitrary at best and mostly bears no relation to what can actually help you achieve the goal or expert goal for a level…at the end of the day getting your goal is the purpose and if you can't do that because you can't choose the upgrades that will enable you to get enough customers do to so is just frustrating

All in all, it's a bit of a slog, messy, confusing, poorly thought out and the graphics are pretty naff but for under $3 you can't complain too much

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Problems with the game
by kasioper, Canada - Oct 21st 2014

The game's cool but I'm unable to load my saved game… Very bad! And no way to get support… Money wasted!

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