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Gratifying Puzzle Game
by Maris DS, - Nov 23rd 2014

I used the most difficult level and found myself sufficiently challenged. I like games that make me think, and I found that even the hidden object components, which I usually don't do, had nuances that made them more interesting. A warning, even at the most difficult level which usually doesn't allow skipping puzzles, one puzzle had a "skip" show up that I mistook for part of the puzzle (as none others had it). Also, there are some objects that I may never have found if I didn't use the help function. The last "puzzle" was more of a speed game, and since my mouse use isn't that fast I changed to the novice level to get it done. I would have liked a puzzle that was hard for mental reasons and not mouse speed reasons. Those minor issues aside it was a good game!

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Dated visuals, leagues-deep gameplay.
by .::Nox::., USA - Nov 23rd 2014

It's a bit tough at first to get past the rather dated look of the game (although it's nice enough to convey atmosphere and immersion), but the complexity and depth it offers soon make you forget that. In many ways, "Mount and Blade: Warband" offers more freedom of action that many MMOs promise these days: you can be a wandering adventurer taking on quests here and there, a mercenary in some king or queen's war to regain a throne, or you can focus on trading goods. Whatever you do, the world in which you travel is filled with roving warbands, bandits, plunderers and deserters, many of whom are itching to kill and/or rob you, so you'll never be able to avoid fighting for long, and that's what this game is all about, of course. Combat is no easy affair. You need to actually pay attention to your opponents moves, and block accordingly—fighting in M&B is no simple matter of hitting tab and bludgeoning merrily away. The same goes for ranged combat. Expect a lot of humiliation as you learn your way around the game. The rewards are a more realistic medieval combat experience than most other titles offer these days.

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Very interesting style of game
by mikker, United Kingdom - Nov 23rd 2014

Could do with the ability to save before a mission so that you can try different styles of aggression/non aggression without restarting from scratch.

Dead is dead for real.

I liked the presentation and interface. could do with more interaction when need to fight.
good game. I hope to see more of this style!

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Great Stealth Game
by Porthos40, USA - Nov 23rd 2014

This game runs great without any problems. Make sure you get the update to run the game on 10.9.5. One thing that bothered me was sam can't pick up and move bodies out of sight. He now just leave them in place, so the enemies can see them. The storyline was great to the game. I ran this on a Mac Pro 2.8, 4gigs Ram, Radeon 5770 and MacBook Pro 2.8 C2D 4gigs Geforce 9600GT (somewhat sluggish)

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Great Game, But VERY Buggy
by mickisue, USA - Nov 21st 2014

The game itself is an extremely fun to play combination of a HOG and an adventure story, with humor thrown in, liberally.

But the ongoing crashes, necessitating leaving for the main menu to save, or risking losing 15 minutes of progress, were annoying beyond belief.

So many games seem to be either well written for the game itself, or the code; but not both. This is one of them.

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It a decent game
by ac124, USA - Nov 21st 2014

It a preatty good game wich adds some new concepts to the franchise. it is a little short but it feels like a choice rather than laziness on the developers part.

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Good DLC
by applewangzi, China - Nov 20th 2014

It is funny DLC,but,I think too many DLC in this game.

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Very good game add
by applewangzi, China - Nov 20th 2014

Good Season pass,have 4 great DLC,better to pay for it.

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