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A ver que tal...
by titorri, Spain - Dec 2nd 2016

He o do hablar muy bien de este juego y además lo he probado. Por lo tanto... A JUGAR!!!! Y además con estas rebajas!

[I have or do speak very well of this game and I have tried it. Therefore ... TO PLAY !!!! And also with these sales!]

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The Most Visceral Turn-Based Game Out There
by Daniel Steven Oles, USA - Dec 2nd 2016

The only major issue I take with this game is how difficult it is, but the title makes it clear this game is HARD. And it is: often unfair in randomness, unforgiving in it's tactical necessisity to survive superior odds.

But everything is great: the story, the artstyle, the music, the gameplay...all fantastic!

You cannot save between missions which gives an 'all or nothing' feel to things some might not like, but at least for me I found myself going back to the same missions over and over to use new abilites, take different approaches, try and beat my time or solve optional objectives.

This is the meatiest and grittiest turn-based game I've ever played. Shadowrun and XCom are comparisons, but nothing compares to how brutal this game feels with bullets zipping zig-zags of smoke and punching through walls. Enemies struck stagger and bleed and blood is a big gameplay feature such as stalking retreating wounded enemies or even canibalizing the dead.

If you like the wierd west genre, satisfying as hell battle, and light roleplaying this is your game. It's hard but it's so much fun you'll barely notice!

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Quite good
by Roger Bird, United Kingdom - Nov 30th 2016

A good game but with limited areas to explore. In other games of the same ilk, you have various areas which you progress to, but with this game, like several others, you spend your time going backwards and forwards to limited areas. Otherwise, good graphics and would recommend if you want to while away a few hours.

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Wow and R*nescape good mixing...
by Zoltán Uri, Hungary - Nov 30th 2016

While playing we aren't bound to any typical mmorpg class scheme. We've got 6 different talent class tables - we can spend the talent points any way we want to. Worth noting is that we can't make superhero skilled in every possible way either.

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Really disappointing!
by JT&LB, USA - Nov 30th 2016

We are great fans of the Tex Murphy series & when we saw that this older version was re-released, we had high hopes for it, as we've played all the re-released King's Quest games & enjoyed them. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have been upgraded at all. It seems, all they did was made it play on the new computers. The graphics are crude & pixelated, the words are hard to read, the videos break-up, freeze, & are blurry, the sound breaks up often, and there is no info on how to exit the game. You have to remember that in the old days, Ctrl Q was the way to exit a game. We believe this was a great game in its day, but it is wat too cumbersome to play today. It is not worth the $6 we paid for it. Needless to say, we are not finishing this game.

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Don't bother
by Kare Hunol, USA - Nov 29th 2016

High hopes for this game, but having played a few levels I can tell it's a pale reflection of the slightly more expensive but far better Call of Atlantis (which has a very similar feel - they are clearly related). Super annoying that you can't move until the calculations of your prior move are complete, which seriously impedes the rhythm of an avid M3 player. Sure it's nice to see those points add up but so far I've seen zero way to use them to buy anything. My headline sums it up - even on sale, don't bother with this game.

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