Reviews by Moo

Cathy's Crafts Collector's Edition

1 star off because..

Loved this game...very similar to the emily delicious series but a nice change with different characters and storyline...would highly recommend. My only gripe is what exactly does the Collector's Edition far as I can tell nothing? You can have a different profile to play the game with a different character's picture as the profile pic but that's about it. No extra content and as there was no standard edition released that I can tell I can't compare.

by Moo, France - Oct 2nd 2016

Fearful Tales: Hansel and Gretel Collector's Edition

Very short

The positives: beautifully rendered game, graphics are lush.
The negatives: very very short. Game (plus bonus chapter) can be completed in about 2.5 other extras apart from the usual wallpapers, soundtrack and repeat puzzles/ho's you'll find ingame.

As always with these CE games they're a bit of a misnomer - you get a bonus chapter which is really part of the game but issued as 'bonus' to make you feel that paying $14 is worth it. With this game I would say not. Far too short for the money and the puzzles are super easy. Definitely a children's game and worth it if you get it on special as the story is very engaging.

by Moo, France - Mar 15th 2016

Portal of Evil - Stolen Runes Collector's Edition

A bit lacklustre

It's an okay HO game, but nothing particularly special about it. The 'Bonus' content is a bit lacking to be honest, one 'bonus' chapter (a bit of a cheat to list it as a bonus chapter when it should be part of the game) and the usual music/wallpaper/artwork - which I never find particularly interesting. And the repeat of the 15 puzzles you find during gameplay. The game itself flows nicely and the puzzles vary from easy to reasonable challenging to utterly ridiculous and frankly lazy on the part of the developers - the latter referring to two puzzles where you're meant to find items which are not actually visible on the screen so its pure guesswork where they're hidden and you spend an inordinate amount of time randomly clicking and passing your mouse over the screen hoping to strike it lucky - on the second one of these I didn't even bother but just skipped it. Graphics are good and a fair amount of thought obviously went into the story but have given it a 3star rating as it just felt a bit short and not worth the Collector's Edition title.

by Moo, France - Mar 8th 2016

12 Labours of Hercules 1-5 Bundle

Well priced bundle

This is a brilliant deal for the 5 LOH games. I unfortunately already have 4 of them so not worth it for me. I have to say on the whole I've enjoyed every single one of these games. Great time-fillers when you just want to have a go at a few levels but over time can get a bit samey. They have made the effort with each new game to put in new challenges and the graphics/gameplay is superb. Haven't found a single glitch/bug/problem in any of the 4 I've bought which is pretty astounding really. Can be super challenging if played at expert level and some of the levels will frustrate the hell out of you. Highly recommend.

by Moo, France - Mar 5th 2016

Danse Macabre: The Last Adagio

Way too short

Such a short HO game barely worth the playing...finished in an extra content or chapters and the game itself while very nicely rendered is a bit simplistic...the ho scenes are good and you have the option of either finding items or shooting bubbles but to be honest you'll find yourself wondering where the rest of the game is once you've finished.

by Moo, France - Feb 23rd 2016

Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector's Edition

Truly dreadful

I'm hard put to actually find something good to say about's riddled with bugs, the worst being display and pointer switches between system mouse pointer at whim so you're never sure what you're meant to be doing. The HO scenes are uninspired, the puzzles tedious, the dialogue atrocious, the graphics awful....AVOID...I bought as part of a HO bundle but wouldn't have paid $1 for it let alone $14 which is it's standalone price...

by Moo, France - Feb 21st 2016

Empress of the Deep 3: Legacy of the Phoenix Collector's Edition

Tedious overall

I found all the dialogue and animation sequences (it seems you can't do anything without someone droning on about your action) highly tedious...and sooooooo slow. Unlike other games where you can click to continue a sequence with this one you have to sit through the oh so painfully slow character's diatribe...hmmm I think I've managed to get my point across now. All in all the graphics, gameplay are not enough to make you want to sit through the pain.

by Moo, France - Feb 21st 2016

Campgrounds: The Endorus Expedition

Interesting game

It's a good game as tm goes, rather simplistic in what you have to achieve and not too taxing although enjoyable for all that and rather relaxing to play. But that's not to say that all levels are easily achievable at gold, you have to replay a few times and adjust your strategy, so interesting in that respect. Although there is an option for a strategy guide in the menu (and you'll get frustrated enough a few times to want to look) this in actual fact takes you to the Bigfishgames website game page...there is obviously no strategy guide implemented for the mac version only the pc version and some numpty didn't include it when they wrapped the mac game.

by Moo, France - Jan 5th 2016

Moai III: Trade Mission Collector's Edition

Great improvements over Moai II

First I should say that they've made sufficient changes to the format that means this game is not merely a repeat of the previous two. They've brought in new gold-mines and wood cutters and also the statues now generate mana and can boost your field/wood/gold production depending on which way you choose to upgrade them. Ghosts are repelled/attacked by towers instead of the statues and the bonus wearable items actually make a lot more sense than Moai II in when you acquire them and when to use them. The design/graphics are as expected top-notch, catchy and not too busy on the eyes.

My original review mentioned bugs which rendered the game unplayable beyond level 39. This is no longer the case. The developers sorted out the bugs and provided an update, so all runs well.

They've obviously re-thought a few things over Moai II and made levels more enjoyable though not necessarily easy, they are still a challenge though at least all achieveable at gold (have played one level on Moai II I don't know how many times but a glitch means I never get enough ghosts in time to achieve top marks!). I thoroughly enjoyed Moai I, found Moai II a bit of a chore to be honest but Moai III is the one that takes the biscuit.

My one gripe now the bugs are sorted out is there are a hell of a lot of typos/errors in the script parts which to me just denotes lazyness on the part of the game developers, but hey ho there's worse things to fail on!

by Moo, France - Jan 4th 2016

Burger Bustle: Ellie's Organics

Challenging but repetitive

Although to start with its quite enjoyable it quickly becomes rather repetitive and boring...though it is very hard to get expert scores on all the levels, so you will find yourself replaying it very often...relaxed mode is only unlocked once you have completed the game once through, which in my opinion is a mistake. Some more elements might have made it more fun to play, being able to upgrade the restaurant, buy different food choices etc...and one more thing - healthy food choices...hmmm I didn't notice don't be fooled by the 'organic' part. Worth the $7 price tag...not so sure about that...

by Moo, France - Aug 29th 2015

Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate: Collector's Edition

Not for yosemite users

Not only does this not display properly with half the screen on bottom left and half showing bottom right, it's impossible to select anything..only recourse is to force quit.

by Moo, France - Jul 16th 2015

Pickers: Adventures in Rust

Fun title to while away the hours

Received this game free with another game purchase and I have to say it's a great little game. The basic premise is your trawling different sites for specific items from certain categories. Each day the category changes. So it's basically a HO game with a big twist in that you're not limited to a list of things but you do have to earn a certain amount of money via selling/auctions in order to get ahea.

Like others have said this has enormous replayability and even though I didn't pay for it, I would say it's worth the $6.99.

by Moo, France - Jul 16th 2015

Shiver: Moonlit Grove

Unplayable - Yosemite

The cursor freezes and unfortunately when it doesn't freeze doesn't alter from a system cursor so you're just left randomly clicking around on the screen hoping you'll hit something that you can do something with. 3rd game of the bundle which is a bust for me.

by Moo, France - Jul 3rd 2015

The Big Fish Bundle #2

Bundle minus 3 games

For me this is not such a good deal after all. One of the games as I mentioned in my comment was also in the 1st bundle. Disappointment number 1. But what's worse is that Shiver Moonlit grove and Chinese Healer HO games are completely unplayable. This is super annoying, and to me makes this bundle not really worth the money..Sorry MGS but you can do better than this really for a bundle...putting in a repeat and then 2 games which are not playable for me anyway (yosemite) is a no go.

by Moo, France - Jul 3rd 2015

Dark Dimensions: City of Ash

Annoying display problem

Bought as part of the big fish 2 bundle but annoyingly unless played in window mode (at which point everything is too small to spot) the HO scenes have a lot of items listed at the bottom of the screen that are impossible to read as they are off screen. Although it's supposed to display in full screen mode it actually displays in a windowed box...bad form.

by Moo, France - Jun 27th 2015

Viking Saga

Great game but...

..I absolutely had to knock off 2 stars for the annoying voiceovers with every action carried out. Bearing in mind this is a TM game which means a large amount of gathering and repeating actions you can imagine how teeth-grindingly tedious "..I'm already on the way.." gets when it's repeated over and over (and with overlap) as you send each of your 'vikings' to perform a task. If perhaps there had been an option to turn off this particular voice over but leave the sounds of actions still (like there is to turn-off the always oh so dreadful music game developers feel compelled to add to their games) then I would have perhaps been more inclined to give it a 4 or even 5 star rating... It is a solid little game with good replayability factor due to the difficulty in completing tasks on time and earning your 3 gold stars. A couple of the levels are bugged but can still be completed if you quit them as they seem to get stuck in a loop - bonus level sheep is one of these.

by Moo, France - Jun 11th 2015

The Tiny Bang Story

Deceptively simple and fiendishly clever

Okay, firstly not something I would have probably bought, I got it as a free with purchase game...and so thought I'd give it a go....I've got stuck 4 times so far on puzzles. It's a mixture of HO and puzzles which I really like, the graphics are beautiful in a simple way but it is dastardly...I take off my hat to another reviewer's 7 year old who apparently completed this easily with no help...I've banned myself from looking up solutions to the puzzles and am sweating it out. Will it keep you engaged? Yes. Will you quit in frustration any number of times? Probably. But will you keep going back for more? Absolutely. Warning though - not for the easily annoyed.

by Moo, France - May 8th 2015

Hidden Object: Secrets of Alexandria


Quite possibly the shortest, flimsiest excuse for an HO game I've ever come across...$2.99 yes, but hardly worth even'd be dissappointed if you got it free, having paid for it (as it was listed quite high in the top 100) I'm unable to figure out how it even got there.

by Moo, France - May 1st 2015

Beyond the Invisible: Evening

Truly dreadful

Glad i didn't buy it! Couldn't even bring myself to get halfway through the demo. As usual with these 'atmospheric' HO games they sacrifice visibility in HO scenes (of which there aren't nearly enough) to make it look creepy to fit in with the theme of the game. So even when you did come across an HO scene it did little to relieve the tedium. As for the rest of the game, slog, slog, slog and nothing good to say about it whatsoever. Save your money for something else..this will bore you to tears.

by Moo, France - May 1st 2015

Fashion Dash

Not worth the money

It's badly designed, badly executed and overall quite tedious in the long-run. A lot of the levels are impossible to get expert score on, no matter how many times you replay, you either don't get enough customers or not enough opportunities to create chains to earn the money necessary. Sometimes this happens repeatedly even on passing a level so you can progress. The sound-effects are annoying, especially 'guitargirl'. Is it worth $20? No. Should it have a demo? Yes...and that would be more than enough time to grow bored with it. There's just not enough variety of tasks to keep you engaged.

by Moo, France - May 1st 2015

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