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Senet is An amazing Game!
by Jude Blank, USA - Feb 25th 2009

Senet is an amazing game. Quick to learn, addictive to play. each round is short enough to play three or four rounds before your internal alarm clock goes off. but don't let the simplicity deceive you, there is a logic, and a rhythm and a pattern to the moves that must be established to take the win.

I am not only purchasing the download, but as an artist making Senet boards after I graduate as gifts for my friends.

Thanks Jeff Hanson for unearthing such a great find I give it five stars.

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great game
by Hastings C, USA - Feb 23rd 2009

i love this game. it is very very addicting, and its challenging and fun. you do get a little attached to your villagers, and it is just a great game. the only problem with it is that when i downloaded the game, there must have been a bug in the game to where i can't have another tribal chief. i've been through about three chiefs, and it won't let me have another one now. i dont know how to fix it without buying the game again!

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Great game, but...
by Robert Cooper, USA - Feb 22nd 2009

the dancing with governor's daughter takes way too much time. It can take over fifty moves in some instances. And you can't really decline the invitation because the governor's daughter has too many goodies (information, artifacts, maps) that you'll need to succeed. Otherwise a great update of a classic.

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by Nick Anweiler, USA - Feb 22nd 2009

Bottom line. This would be an 10/10 game... IF !!!! they spent the money to fix the bugs on the mac version. There are no patches for the mac version. ONLY PC. So save your money until the company wises up and makes the required patches to keep the game from shutting down every 3 mins.

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by Karen Castillo, USA - Feb 20th 2009

I had an old version. I don't care to play on line, I don't like the bouncing cards and they won't drop on the board where and when you play. I only tried Canasta, but I had to put a card down four or more times before it would play on a pile. Irritating graphics. I don't like everything moving around. I just want to play cards. Don't need sound or animations of any kind.

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Best Old School RPG in many years
by Rob Ehlers, USA - Feb 20th 2009

This game has a surprising level of polish for an indie developer. The graphics and interface were quite good and aided in the imersiveness of the game. The story line itself was fairly interesting. If you enjoyed ultima or any other isometric view RPG game, I would recommend this one highly.

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A Vampyre Story
by Seth Foreman, USA - Feb 18th 2009

Love the whole environment! Gameplay is simple enough, you go around the castle and pick up useful items and figure out ways to use them that will help you escape.

My biggest problem is that the game crashes from time to time. Hopefully this will be fixed. In the mean time, remember to save your game.

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Short and Sweet!
by Janet Brien, USA - Feb 18th 2009

I finished this game in just a couple of days and to me, it was the right length because, as someone said previously, hidden object games can grow tiresome fairly quickly. I enjoyed the interesting information about the Buckingham Palace and the royalty that lived there, enough that I will visit Wikipedia after this review so that I can learn more about this palace, the Queen and her family. Negatively, some of the objects were ridiculous and impossible to find, and a couple of the puzzles were just lame. But on the whole, lots of fun in a compact package.

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Way too much dialogue
by Jennie Morgan, USA - Feb 17th 2009

The story is simple and so are the puzzles.The conversations between brother and sister are irritating and waste time. Not worth the money.

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Finally it has arrived for the Mac
by Paul Shannon, England - Feb 17th 2009

This game is a must for any comic book fan!! I used to play this game way back in '04 when it was first realeased on PC and I am so glad that it has finally migrated to the Mac. It it is a fun game on your own but with a couple of mates the fun just multiplies. COH and COV are those type of games that you will play for a couple of months and then leave for a month or so and then come back to it. This way it just stops the game getting a little repetative. This is a game i can't recommend enough!!

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Jewel Match 2
by Miriam Salimans, Netherlands - Feb 17th 2009

There may be 150 levels, however after a while I find it quite boring.

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Good but could be better
by Deborah Millais, USA - Feb 17th 2009

Overall a good and tough game but some improvements needed. the slowly refilling clue function is counterproductive since it encourages the player to use the clues early. A fixed number of clues per scene or sequence is better. Also, the games/puzzles are great fun, we should be able to go back and play them without having to plow through the find the missing clues parts.

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good game but crashes are all too common
by Elisabeth M. Gray, USA - Feb 17th 2009

It's a great game. An MMORPG where you don't always have to have 100 friends online to level. The choices of costume/character are plentiful and so far, the game seems well balanced. The drawback is, the game crashes and freezes all too often. When it freezes in a mission instance, you never know if you will just have to start from the beginning, with your progress saved, or if you will have to do it ALL over again. This is particularly frustrating on the timed missions. The tech support folks say they are working on it, but an update is needed now, not later.

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Excellent if complicated
by michael price, USA - Feb 17th 2009

Entirely for the strategy buff. Large learning curve but infinitely interesting. Does tend to crash at times when first start up (I use an IMAC 2 gig dual processor) but for the most part it is stable. Very time consuming game and yet well worth exploring. I cannot imagine the effort that went into the design of all the factors and their!

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