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Professor Fizzwizzle
by Lynn Peterson, USA - Nov 22nd 2006

A very nicely done game. One can jump right in without instruction as instructions are incorporated during intial gameplay. Relaxing and non-stressful, but a good workout for the mind. Background music was not intrusive or distracting, but was nice to listen to while concentrating on the solution. Just a well done, overall game.. graphics, sound and animation were excellent. Game concept very entertaining.

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minor performance issues, but it's still worth it
by Matt Ryburn, USA - Nov 14th 2006

As a game, Age of Mythology is a quality installment to the Age series. While the sounds are somewhat iffy (not bad, but don't really leave you with a feeling of satisfaction that you should have when you destroy something big), the graphics are solid and the gameplay is excellent and variable enough to keep you playing for a long time.

The framerate, except during very large battles between 3 or more players, generally stays high. The framerate drops to a crawl, however, on multiplayer games when watching very large battles. Running this on a Macbook can result in infrequent but predictable crashes, especially when playing with more than 4 players (A.I. or human) at once. The crashes are much less frequent on a Macbook Pro and probably nonexistent on more powerful Macs. Even on a Macbook, the crashing is not frequent enough to keep one from playing, unless you have a lazy saving ethic. :-) Overall, it's worth getting if you like the Age series.

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by Rachel Weinberg, USA - Nov 12th 2006

it's so awsome!

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Fun, EPIC strategy game.
by Thomas E. Herring, USA - Nov 10th 2006

Disclaimer: I enjoy the Paradox titles. I've played several of them: EU2, HOI, Victoria, HOI2, and HOI2: Doomsday. And, of course, CK (Crusader Kings).

Paradox isn't known for friendly UIs, CK is no different. But, you do become acquainted with it soon enough.

CK will not be for everyone. I believe one reason for this is because there are significant amounts of time where the player is just waiting for things to happen, such as changes in another kingdom's inheritance line or inheritance rules. Of course, war is always dynamic. I do like how troop strength is recruited in-game, during times of war - then back to the fields when peace returns. I feel research is handled well, through cultural diffusion. Although you are actively researching advancements, you can randomly receive technology through cultural diffusion. You also have to manage those uppity nobles and pesky peasants, as well as the church.

My problem is I'm too impatient. If you don't play as a king, then mustering the forces to take on other Dukes & Counts can be risky, because their leiges almost always come to their defense. Ouch! Patience is a virtue in this game.

Those new to Paradox titles should know that when loading a save game, you need to choose the save then click on your realm in the selection menu. For instance, if you've been playing as the Duchy of Apulia for several in-game years and save. The next time you load that save, you must choose it, then again click on Duchy of Apulia - again. Just like when you start up a new game. I believe this is not required in a couple of the Paradox titles.

As to manuals, forget it. Only the HOI2 and HOI2: Doomsday manuals are worth their salt. That's because Paradox had a fan create them. But, you can get excellent advice on the Paradox forums and more mac-specific feedback at Virtual Programming's forum.

FPS fans beware! :-) This is a thinking man's game! :D

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Crusader Kings - Kludgy and Unfinished, Bugs and bad I.A.
by Tom Dearie, Canada - Nov 10th 2006

This game is marred by incomplete and poorly organized documentation, a disorganized and unintuitive interface, and serious bugs. The information architecture is atrocious. But most important - it's not ready for release. It should not be on sale at all.

First, the digital download you'll get needs to be immediately updated (you'll go on an adventure to find the update). After you update, you'll find that your game still makes no mention of loading saved games in the documentation. The main menu has a "Save Game" item, but no "Load Game" Item. When you relaunch the game after quitting, there is a list of saved games, but clicking them just brings up the new game prompt.

In-game the messy and unintuitive interface leaves the user perpetually asking "What do I do next? Have I done what I should? Where is the thing I'm looking for?"

There is nothing in the documentation or one-page help file (ridiculously called a "tutorial" by the developer) that outlines what a typical series of actions would be for a new player.

If you go to the developer's site to get help, you'll have to register twice - once to access the site as a user and once to get technical help. The web site is marred by the same bad interface design as the game. Help entries refer to places you should go, or things you should get, but don't tell you where those things are. For example, a help response told me to go get the latest patch from the file library without providing a link or explaining where the file library was. I eventually found the library (after registering again on their web site), only to find that the file I had been referred to was for a different game.

In short - this game has been a chore from the moment I downloaded it. It is not complete and the developer should not be charging money for it.

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Like the game
by Kevin Weaver, USA - Nov 8th 2006

I enjoy this game but once I get to the first step after Dawson Hills the game crashes. I have emailed tech support but don't get any responses.

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by Matteo Scarano, England - Nov 8th 2006

Guys this is so cool!!The geme is very nice apart that you will need a very potent graphic card! But the online game has to be tryed!!!so addictive!!! :)

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Excellent Game
by Aric, USA - Nov 8th 2006

You'll enjoy this twist on a classic bowling game. You're bolwing in a landscape that looks like something out of a 1960's "city of the future"

Think bowling meets mini golf with rocket boosters. :)

This game is one of the best "causual" games I've played in a while.

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!!!A MUST!!!
by Peter Hickson, Australia - Nov 4th 2006

I love Age Of Empires and this is no diffrent. I got the game from over seas and i dident even know if it would work, but as soon as i opened it i was amazed. The Graphics are stunning and the battles you can have are just so beautifully done. We have hooked up the game with some nice speakers, but that did not make a much of a diffrence because the sound is mad, the cannons sound so real.
!!!!! ALL UP ITS A MUST !!!!!

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Atlantis Sky Patrol
by Rod K. Nickas, USA - Nov 4th 2006

Excellent game in all respects. No cavets. My satisfaction was complete on all levels. Just wish sequel was out.

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