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Great Variety
by Larry McDonald, USA - Jan 21st 2010

The variety of challenges is excellent and the increasing levels of difficulty are welcome and worth the work... and let me just say: thank god for online cheats!

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Good for Beginner Players
by Kate, USA - Jan 21st 2010

I was a little disappointed in this game mostly because it was just extremely repetitive. Not too much going on to hold my interest for more than about the 4th level. The game play itself is rather tedious. Basically the "chief" has to go around the island again and again and again to collect herbs and shells which he then transforms into potions. You have to build the right combination of woodcutters,stonebuilders and farmers to get the end result before time runs out BUT there's no countdown timer and no way of knowing how well you're doing (except of there's a storm approaching and then there's a countdown timer).

Another thing is there is no way of knowing how many villagers you have and how many are needed for each chore.

The fonts they used are difficult to read with the "ones" looking like "twos" and that slowed me down a bit at times.

Bottom line? This is a good game for parents to play with their kids. The graphics are decent and the story line, although predictable, is cute for kids. It's a thinking game, but not for adults.

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by Millner, USA - Jan 20th 2010

Can't believe I spend 10 mins of my life on this game. Really poor graphics, the game speed was super slow, and the music made my ears bleed. It was like if I played the board game Mall myself.

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Loved it but HATED it
by Kate Finney, USA - Jan 20th 2010

I was going to just buy this one outright because this would have been my 2nd "Kate" game, but I decided to give it a try first. Boy oh boy am I glad I did! Saved me ten bucks! I absolutely WILL NOT buy this one! The concept is the same as the first Kate game and its a good one. It's challenging and has an interesting story line. BUT ... UGH!!! the "ambient" sounds are, to put it mildly, HORRIBLE! Every 3 seconds you hear a kid whining "can we go for ice cream?" or a lady asking "ready to work?" or a man screaming "ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!!" or a dog barking or a couple laughing or well, you get the idea. It's the most annoying, distracting (and ultimately "game ending") flaw I've ever encountered in a game (and I've downloaded and own over 40 games including all of the "Diner" and Dash games). You can only adjust the music or sounds not the ambient noise itself. Of the 60 minute free trial I was tempted to quit after about 20 minutes but I really like the game play itself so I grit my teeth and finished it. What a shame. Great game if you can play it with the sound off (which is an option but not one Im willing to pay ten dollars for).

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Good and somewhat educational
by Amber Gouldthorpe, USA - Jan 20th 2010

I was extremely impressed with this game. I expected a normal hidden picture game, but when I discovered the extra missions, I could really see the point of the game. Following the story of a father seperated from his family by an earthquake, the game is family oriented saving dogs, kids, and a lost teddy bear. The activities that have you put together the bridge and work to put mechanics together can actually teach the player those basics. The main problem with the game is that it is extremely hard to find the parts of the bridge, but the hints do not help you find them.

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by Kate Walsh, USA - Jan 20th 2010

This game was great when I first started playing it, the dialogue was interesting and the premise was cute. The game did end rather quickly and I felt like I had missed half the game. I don't feel this game is worth 10 dollars, just play the hour free trial. You don't miss much if you purchase the rest.

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Escaping isn't easy
by Pam Field, USA - Jan 18th 2010

There are no instructions that come with this game and it takes a while to figure it out. Each level is timed so if you don't get the correct action in the first few minutes, it takes up to 15 minutes to get additional clues. I found it very frustrating. Also, the activities are geared to mechanical processes like how an engine works. Not my area of expertise. Otherwise, the graphics are nicely done.

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by thomas grosen, Denmark - Jan 18th 2010

this is a ff (fear factor) game very scary game but if you dont now what is best of penumbra black plague or penumbra overture i would thinl that its best to play penumbra overture because overture is the first and the story is good and overture is not scary as much as black plague but awful game it is very scary but a very very VERY COOL game

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I want more like this one
by Sandrine Maugy, England - Jan 18th 2010

This is a great game: pretty, uncomplicated yet interesting, cute story (there is a knight and a princess) and challenging enough to be played many times.

I love the principle: each step along the way is a scene seen from the top where the player has to figure out the way while building facilities and clearing the path. It seems like a recipe that could apply to any theme yet I haven't found another game with this set up.

3D games makes me sea-sick and HO games bore me so I will have to keep on replaying this one.

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Machinarium Icon
by karen carmack, USA - Jan 16th 2010

What a great game.. I was delighted to finally find a game that reminded me of Fool's Errand. I played this game during our winter cold snap doen in " My GIRL CAVE" I renamed it since my husband was working long hr. We palyed together over the phone and at home..He did the arcade style puzzles while I guided us through the rest.. It was so sad to see the end. But Happy I was able to asset Mr Machinarium and friend to safe ground.. I plastered this game all over my FaceBook...Make more please!

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Fun game
by jennifer Chadwell, USA - Jan 14th 2010

I downloaded this game and recently completed the missions. If you like games like Pharaoh, Ceasar, Sim City, etc, then you'll like this. On a scale of difficulty I would rank it a 5 or 6. Once you play the first few scenarios it is easy to figure out how to win each campaign, but still fun enough to keep playing. Just wish the campaign option was a little longer. Well worth 10 bucks.

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too short, too simple, and not age-appropriate
by Heather Macpherson, Canada - Jan 14th 2010

The puzzles were very simple, but the dialogue was interesting. But everything wrapped up very quickly and abruptly! I still had about 10 minutes to go on my demo hour and I'd finished the game - mystery solved, credits rolling.

Given the ease of the puzzles, I would have thought the game was intended for younger players, but the overall theme is actually pretty mature (FBI, fraud, sexual harassment, etc.). So I'm not really sure who the intended demographic is - I think the developers missed the mark on this one. Certainly I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

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Amazing Music - Great Game
by KeeKatz, USA - Jan 14th 2010

I really enjoyed playing this game. It's fun to come back to every now and then. The music makes it even more special.

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cool game
by thomas grosen, Denmark - Jan 14th 2010

This is a very cool game it is a hard game i think and a must have the details is so good i love this game it also has a good story you get so much more than you give for this game

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wild tribe
by danylb, Australia - Jan 14th 2010

A cute little game but so not worth the price got only one days game play out off it. Once all is completed and they get off the island the game is over, it should only be worth a quarter the price they are asking so wish i never purchased it.

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