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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Icon
Great Game Play-when it works.
by vargavision, USA - Dec 21st 2010

Game starts to crash after the latest Snow Leopard update. I searched through the forums and people across the board have had similar problems. Contacted Customer service with no solution and no updates have been announced. Do not purchase until an update has been issued to resolve the matter. It's a shame. It has great graphics and great gameplay. Because of these existing problems, I give it one star.

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Lost All Progress When Activated
by HKG, USA - Dec 20th 2010

I played the demo and liked this game enough to buy it, but when I activated it after purchase all progress was lost. I do not like it enough to start over and solve all those levels again (one of my pet peeves about games). This game is patchy anyway-looks like different people drew the different parts-and not in a good way. I would have finished it-but I am *not* going to start over.

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My Kingdom for the Princess II Icon
by Kare Hunol, USA - Dec 20th 2010

I really enjoyed this game. Some of the levels were quite challenging. The tasks had to be performed in a particular sequence or you would not expand your castle! It was fun figuring out the tough ones. I eventually earned my rainbow. I thought the castle on the first version was prettier. This one was too angular for my taste, but that aesthetic did not affect my pleasure in expanding it with each level.

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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Icon
by Raden Agung, Indonesia - Dec 19th 2010

This is just a strategy game.But the greatest of the game is graphic and movie cut scene in this game really really awesome. you can play as a single and multi player fighting all player around the world.

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More like "Crash"-light
by Tiffini Coveney, USA - Dec 19th 2010

Playing the game, lovin' the combat and WHAM- crash for no reason. Playing the game, walkin' through low-particle density, no-activity, no rendering screen and WHAM- another crash. The only way to ensure progress is to CONSTANTLY warp back and forth from town. Costs a lot of gold to keep buyin' those town portal scrolls!

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Million Dollar Quest Icon
by shaynixx, Australia - Dec 19th 2010

storyline really kept me interested. some mini games went on for too long but all in all, amazing game. i loved the demo so i bought it, it didnt take too long to complete but well worth the price

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Burger Shop 2 Icon
Better than the first
by Millner, USA - Dec 18th 2010

First off, if you haven't played the first game, it's definitely worth starting there. The sequel is more challenging so it's good to build skills on the original. Love the new dinner and breakfast game levels. New gadgets and menu items keep this fresh and fast paced. A must to have in your game collection.

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Chicken Invaders 3 Christmas Edition Icon
by Millner, USA - Dec 18th 2010

Memories of Astroids came flooding back during the first 2 mins of game play. I immediately quit and deleted it. The technology nowadays is so much better that this game have never happened.

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Youda Survivor Icon
Fantastic game
by Millner, USA - Dec 18th 2010

All around great game. Fast, paced and challenging but still really fun. The levels get progressively harder as they should. Do yourself a favor and download.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Icon
This game is a rip off
by Edward Wilson, USA - Dec 18th 2010

Oh how disappointing. There are so many great things about this game, but then there are the problems. And when it goes south there's no workaround. The designers have put in some stupid simple test, like breaking a chain 20ft in the air that are next to impossible to do and to make it worse, they have no other way to solve the problem so you get stuck and the time you've spent and the money you've spent is wasted. Better to buy a box of toothpicks and spend all day lining them up then waste your time with this game. It is soooooooooo over rated. You pay a lot for this game and don't even get a kiss out of it. It doesn't have Amnesia it is brain death.

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Marooned 2 - Secrets of the Akoni Icon
Campfire Legends - The Babysitter Icon
Great game
by Patricia Norton, USA - Dec 15th 2010

I wanted the game to go on and on!

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Warbirds: Dogfights Icon
Great WWII Combat Fighter Sim
by Benjamin Sloan, USA - Dec 15th 2010

I read these reviews and other before purchasing. I also realized that I was purchasing a World War 2 combat flight simulation game, not just a fighter game.

If you where to creat an account and go online, you can log into one of the arenas and page a trainer. they can help you set your stick up, which will do wonders for you. I was stalling way too often at first. Since contacting a trainer and adjusting the stick settings, this isn't an issue.

the Total Sims forume can be a little sparse at time, but there are other forums out there that can help. Also, most of the players nline will be glad to help you if your having issues.
to Sum it up, it's not just a game, it's a combat flight sim game. Go online for help if it doesn;t seem to work right, you get a free month anyway. Use it!

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Great game with some problems
by Clarke Scherff, USA - Dec 14th 2010

This game has great graphics and a fun story line. For the money it was one of the best games I have played. I did have to use the walk through, no fault of the developers, to get through some parts of the game. My only problem was that the game froze during the later stages of the game which could have been due to my computer only having 2gb of memory. The key was to save often which allowed me to restart the game and not retrace too many steps. The game was a lot of fun.

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