Reviews by Dan L.13

MTB Downhill Simulator

Love the concept...

Love the concept & the graphics hold up over-all, but the UI + Controls need to be worked out better.

Only worth it - If you can get it on the cheap

by Dan L.13, USA - Oct 21st 2018

Satellite Repairman

Exactly what you expect

Nothing fancy or special - It's exactly what you imagine it's going to be.

by Dan L.13, USA - Aug 17th 2018


Slow and Boring

Way too slow and boring - Weak graphics & game play...

by Dan L.13, USA - Jul 14th 2018

Car Mechanic Simulator 2014

Time Passer

Is what it says it is - It will help pass time when bored

by Dan L.13, USA - Jul 14th 2018


HuH ?

I just don't get why games like these are even made...

by Dan L.13, USA - May 19th 2018

1954 Alcatraz

Better than expected

I went in with low expectations, bur turned out to be better then I thought.

by Dan L.13, USA - Apr 21st 2018

Battlestations: Midway

Is what It says it is...

Game is what It says it is...

PROS: Good graphics and engaging.

CONS: Controls are a touch wanky

by Dan L.13, USA - Apr 11th 2018

Project Highrise

Pleasant Surprise

Honestly I had low expectations about what this game would be.
So I was pleasantly surprised to discover it's actually a good game.

Nothing fancy, but engaging and oddly fun.

by Dan L.13, USA - Apr 11th 2018

Plant Firefighter Simulator 2014

Good & Bad

I like the game, but feel it could be better in some way.

by Dan L.13, USA - Mar 12th 2018

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition

Good as always

After all these years - A classic that continues to deliver

by Dan L.13, USA - Mar 9th 2018

Kerbal Space Program

Pleasant Surprise

I find it hard to find a quality Space/Rocket game worth the time/money.

That said - I figured this would just end up being another failed attempt on my journey to find a good Space/Rocket game.

What a pleasant surprise to discover Kerbal is on the right path towards getting it right.
Easy UI, Good Graphics, and fun scenarios.

Hopefully down the line they offer real world version (more realistic graphics)


by Dan L.13, USA - Dec 30th 2017

Task Force 1942: Surface Naval Action in the South Pacific

Why even bother making this game

Can't even figure out why they bothered making this game

by Dan L.13, USA - Dec 29th 2017

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization


So DISAPPOINTED in this one. Terrible UI & Game play.

by Dan L.13, USA - Dec 29th 2017

World Ship Simulator


I gotta say this game ended up not delivering on UI + graphics.
I just can't recommend this one.

by Dan L.13, USA - Dec 3rd 2017

Recovery Search and Rescue Simulation

Just OK

Just OK - So far it just seems like a lot of running around looking for objects & not much else.

by Dan L.13, USA - Nov 29th 2017

Earth Space Colonies

Good for what it is...

It's good for what it is...

If you like city building simulation games - then you'll probably like it.

by Dan L.13, USA - Nov 29th 2017

Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition

Has Potential

Game has potential to be great once they make the UI and controls more user friendly.

by Dan L.13, USA - Nov 29th 2017

Home Design 3D

Could be better

Basic 3D design program - controls + UI need improved.

Otherwise it does what it says it does.

by Dan L.13, USA - Nov 29th 2017

Battle Group 2

Basic, but fun

Straight up basic old school game.
Fun when you have time to kill or bored at work.

by Dan L.13, USA - Nov 29th 2017

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