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Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 7

Great if...

If you haven't played this series yet, you'll really enjoy the game.

But if you have, it's just more of the same as the previous editions. The same (kind of) objects, the same sequence of mini-games and puzzles, which by the way are also identical to the previous editions, with slight variations. Just different scenarios all around.

We need more commitment from the devs! Cheers.

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Jul 22nd 2018
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Mystery P.I. - The London Caper

One of the best out there!

Spintop games are usually great for hidden object enthusiasts like me.

This one takes it a little bit further, because some objects are harder to find, making it really challenging. You start by collecting objects at two different locations and as the games develops, it takes you to an increasing number of levels to explore, to a maximum of 10 different levels, which it's a great challenge if you're not playing in relaxed mode.

Every level has 3 extra objects to find, find them all to unlock two special features.

The mini-puzzles are nice, although it would be great to have something different from previous games. It get's kind of boring to play the same puzzles and 3-in-a-row across Spintop games.

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Nov 24th 2017
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Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4

Entertaining and relaxing

Ideal game for hidden object enthusiasts. Lot's of different scenarios and puzzles, makes it worth the price. Nice artwork, but it can be improved.

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Nov 6th 2017
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Vacation Quest - The Hawaiian Islands

Find, find, find!

This game gives you the rare opportunity to find ALL the objects in ALL the scenes, as soon as you unlock the "Seek & Find" bonus mode. Great graphics, no glitches. A must have, except if you already have another game from the series, then you might find it a little repetitive.

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Feb 16th 2017
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PopCap Greatest Hits Bundle

Best bundle ever!

Couldn't ask for more. This bundle includes great games and some of my all time favourites hidden object games, as well as arcade must have Peggle.

It's amazing how the hidden objects games stay up to date, even if they were first released almost 7 years ago.

The adition of Monopoly and Risk makes it an absolute bargain. Best bundle ever!

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Feb 8th 2017
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Amazing Adventures The Caribbean Secret

Now that's an hidden object game!

Great graphics and atmosphere give to this game a nice taste of the Caribbean and provide long hours of relaxed gaming.

The objects are well placed, not randomly added to the scenario. Good little puzzles in between HO scenarios to keep you interested. This is how I like a HO game to be.

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Feb 8th 2017
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Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 5

Nice hidden object franchise

Vacation Adventures Park Ranger 5 it's the best one in the series. While from edition 3 to 4 there were similar levels, edition 5 brings all new places to search for objects, animal species and clean up the environment in the process.

Puzzle games are all brand new too, although there are no original ideas compared to previous editions. Mini puzzle games should be an option feature, because the Park Ranger series are good to replay, but waiting 3 minutes to skip mini puzzles it's a little annoying.

Overall it's a great game for Hidden Object lovers and edition 5 it's one of the best in the series.

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Dec 5th 2016
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Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 4

Great replay value

This is a trully hidden object game with high replay value. If you are playing for the third time you may want to activate the hard mode, that will increase hint recharge time and mini-games skipping time.

Overall a great collection with a nice atmosphere, emerged in Nature and leisure park ambience.

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Oct 2nd 2016
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Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2

Great but has a screen problem

This is a great series of Hidden Object game, pretty straight forward just as I like it.

Not a bunch of obstacles to progress in the game or having to search for keys to open boxes or doors, or any mysteries to solve.

Just a lot of scenes with objects to find, with small puzzle games between each HO scene.

Unfortunately, this particular version (Park Ranger 2) has a problem working in fullscreen on my computer, so you might want to test the demo befor buying the game.

All other versions worked fine. Hats up!

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Aug 21st 2016
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Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 2

Perfect Hidden Objects game

Played the demo, this is a simple, straight forward HO game, and that's perfect!

Just the way I like it, without the fuss of so called HO games that are puzzle/adventure games with just a few HO boards and a lot of guessing, endless story lines to read and keys to find.

This one is a must have, if you like to search for hidden objects.

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Aug 19th 2016
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Tropico 5 – Complete Collection

Fun for a year!

With Tropico 5 Complete Edition, it's garanteed you'll have enough fun for months - even years, considering it now has a mission/island editor.

All included DLC's will add all the buildings available to improve your island economy, as well as the necessary tools to strengthen your army and control the influence of other nations over your caribbean paradise.

The graphics are awesome and you can even progress further than the programmers state of game development, using a vast number of user-made mods.

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Aug 16th 2016
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Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol Collector's Edition

No hidden game whatsoever

I've played this enternaining game, but after an hour of play, I was still waiting to get into hidden objects mode. All I found was a few objects to grab - not find - so this is a puzzle game, not an hidden objects game.
Sound doesn't play in stereo on my iMac (only left channel) and the fullscreen mode doesn't cover the entire screen (my menu bar shoes up during game).
Great graphics!

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Dec 27th 2015
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Miriel's Enchanted Mystery

This game always makes me hungry

I love the Miriel series and this one came just in time to reopen my appetite for Miriel's wonderful and tasty recipes and restart cooking after having played the first version of this great game for a long while. The addition of some little hidden objects adds little to none to the story, but it's a good way to take a breath between the frantic opening hours of Miriel's shop.

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Oct 26th 2015
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Tropico 5

On my top 5 favourites

This is one of the greatest games of all time! It has a very unique environment, mostly because of the caribbean ambient brilliantly developed by errr... the devs. This series first throwed me a chord with it's version 1 slogan "The Sims meet Fidel Castro". It's a city building but if you really want to take the most of it, forget about urban development and concentrate on society and politic.

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Oct 17th 2015
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100% Hidden Objects

Real hidden objects game

The positive side about this game it's the fact that it really is a hidden objects game - like the name says. It's not an annoying puzzle game with a few HO challenges. I hate when HO games are classified as such but all I get is a lot of enigmas that kill the relaxing ambient of HO games. The graphics could be better, though.

by Prince_Bryant, Portugal - Oct 17th 2015
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