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Rooms: The Main Building

Try the demo first before buying.

I found this one to be rather unusual and quite different than most puzzle games.

Overall, it's primarily a sliding puzzle, moving from one room to another to get to the door. The teleport is eeriely similar to the Matrix concept.

However, it became boring fairly quickly and I went through it at a fast pace.

The graphics and animation were stunning and the music was an excellent fit. It was very well produced but unfortunately, didn't hold my attention for very long.

Definitely try it before purchasing as it may not suitable for everyone.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 27th 2009

Bookworm Deluxe

Lot of fun

This is one of my favourite word games that really keeps you on your toes.

Appearances can be deceiving, don't be fooled by the simple graphics and concept, thinking that it is for children. It requires quick responses to form words before the tiles reach the top line. You really have to use your noggin to come up with long words to get bonus points.

Keep an eye open for the flaming letters, if they hit the bottom, the whole thing goes up in flames - literally.

This is an excellent game for those that want to exercise the mind and improve their spelling skills. Gotta warn you though, it's addictive and a lot of fun

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 26th 2009

Diamond Detective

Incredibly addictive

This is a great game for the family, it's very upbeat with fun graphics and jazzy music, suitable for all ages.

It is almost like an old fashioned Clue game with a hint of Noir added where you have to figure out the weapons and suspects. The artwork is easy on the eyes and reminiscent of The Shadow.
Overall it is a Match 3 game that gets more challenging as you progress through each case. I found it to be incredibly addictive and went through the game fairly quickly.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 26th 2009

Escape The Museum

Could be better

This is an okay game for the family especially the younger crowd.

I was not impressed with the graphics, it felt like I was following a comic book.

It's not very challenging and seems to be a bit slow at times in terms of pace.

Try the demo first before buying.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 26th 2009

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos

Have a go at this one

This was an outstanding game to play and I wanted more! It featured amazing graphics and interesting objects in all sorts of locations.

I loved the globetrotting adventure theme and it reminded me of Mission Impossible. It was fun to figure out where to search next.

You can't get bored with this one!

Teens and adults will enjoy this game.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 26th 2009

Jewel Quest III


This is a new and improved version of Jewel Quest with gorgeous illustrations, animated museum and icons, and a wonderful diary to flip through as you seek the answers on your quest.

You can't but feel like an archaeologist as you traverse the globe to various destinations searching for new clues.

You simply solve each challenge by matching three or more of the same sparkling jewels until all of the tiles turn gold. Plus, you will need to match 3 coins to unlock it. Keep an eye on the dragon at the bottom of the page, his disappearing tongue is keeping track of the time.

Listen closely to the ambient sounds, you will marvel at the jungle noise including twittering birds. The music is rather lively with the sounds of the rhythmic drums.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 26th 2009

Scrabble Journey


I was eager to try this one since it sounded more interesting based on the choices available (Quest) as opposed to simply playing it like the actual Scrabble board game. Boy, was I wrong.
The most obvious issue was the viewing screen which was set proportionally wrong. The bottom aspect with the links and a portion of the Scrabble board was missing, it was completely off my computer. I could not see the tiles and struggled to access the menu.

Even after I went into the Options page and selected windowed mode, it shrank the viewing screen to such a small size that I had to lean in close to the monitor to see what I was doing. It was impossible to play the game in either size (full vs windowed).

Overall, the graphics were rather simplistic, very 80's style (ie: Gameboy). In terms of animation, it was not all that exciting, it was fairly basic - the river sparkled, the little sheep roamed around as you played, the trees and flags swayed in the wind.
This game has serious problems with spelling and recognizing words. The hints often provided words that do not exist in the dictionary.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 26th 2009

The Nightshift Code

Good family game

I found this game to be quite interesting. Even though it is yet another Hidden Object search puzzle (there are tons out there...), it was a bit addictive.

The quality of the graphics was okay although I found it to be tiresome after awhile and certainly not enough levels. I went through this game fairly quickly.

I was not impressed with the comic book/marker renderings for the dialogue scenes between the characters (it plays a segment at each level). It was too different from the search pages (glossy vs rough) and it really downplayed the overall feeling of the game. I kept getting the impression that it was geared for children when it's actually more suitable for teens and up.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 26th 2009

Jewel Quest Mysteries


This is a snazzy version of the Jewel Quest series, it has much improved graphics/game play and offers a more complete package with Match 3 and Hidden Object.

However, there were several issues such as being unable to find the menu (you have to pause the game to get to the main menu in order to exit the game). I found some of the scenes in the Hidden Object mini games a bit muddy.

There is lots of wonderful animation including flickering torches and sparkling jewels. Click on the gems and golden coins in the Hidden Object games to gain hints and more points (the more gems you get, the more options you can purchase in the store).
I found this one to be extremely easy and went through the levels fairly quickly.

If you are a big Jewel Quest fan and looking for more adventure, definitely consider this one to extend your travels.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 25th 2009

The Clumsys

Family game

This is very much a kid friendly game. The graphics are cartoony and fun to gaze at. It's fairly simple and straightforward, easy enough for young kids.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 25th 2009

Big Kahuna Reef 2

Too similar to original

This is a match 3 game, the difference is that at the end of each scenario, you activate a new fish. The more rounds you complete, the more fish you will have swimming around while you play. Plus the faster you click on the objects, the higher your totem will grow.

It does get a bit more challenging the further you go and you have the option of trying out some of the other versions that were contributed by fans of this game.

The only disadvantage was that it too similar to the first release, I really didn't see much improvement nor changes to the game.
Loved the music though.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 25th 2009

Blood Ties

Try the demo first before buying.

This is based on the TV show Blood Ties and features shots of the actors. Fans of the series would appreciate this game.

Overall it was a bit dark in terms of mood/theme.

I found the fonts in the search list hard to read, they were quite pixelly.

This was a fast paced game, I was able to finish it in a few hours.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 25th 2009

Little Shop - Road Trip

Exploding squirrels!

This is one of the top Hidden Object Games I have seen so far. I love it! I highly recommend it!

It's filled with upbeat music, a cool traveling map, as well as blitz mode.

There were numerous scenarios that had interesting live objects such as tall grass swaying in the breeze.

It felt like I was on a summer trip, visiting historical sites without stepping out of my house.

I loved the exploding squirrels - when you clicked on them, nuts went flying everywhere.

It's a great game for all ages.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 25th 2009

Clue Classic


I'm a big fan of Clue and grew up playing the board game with my family. It brings back fond memories of the holidays we spent together trying to figure who did it.

Don't have anybody around to play with the board game? Not a problem!

The graphics of this game are amazing and appear slightly retro (Art Deco). It maintained the aspects of the original game including the characters, the rooms, and of course the weapons. The check list is also available with the choice of being able to keep track of which person is holding a particular card.

I liked the extensive options that offer different levels of play as well as the choice of the number of opponents.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 25th 2009

Little Shop - Memories


I absolutely adored this game right from the start. It has become one of my favourite Hidden Object Games.

The overall theme is very retro and brought back some great memories growing up in the 70's and 80's.

I loved the graphics and neat storyline. There were lots of choices such as the Lemonade Stand, Summer Camp, High School, College Dormitory, Y2K Party, etc...

I enjoyed seeing the occasional "live" object in the scene including floating paper airplanes and exploding fireworks. It's impressive!

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 25th 2009

Call of Atlantis


I was hooked the minute I tried this neat little game. It's actually more of a package which includes Match 3 as well as Hidden Object. Lots of mini puzzles.

The quality of the graphics and animation was superb, I loved the old world feel and historical aspect of it. The scrolls offer neat bits of trivia as choose your next move on the map.

There is a lot of realistic motion in this one which is wonderful including blossoms floating to the ground, water fountains in the courtyard, rain, and lots of gorgeous fish and reeds in underwater scenes.

This game offers a fantastic screen saver with stunning scenery and live motion such as rain, swaying trees, moonlight with the occasional cloud cover.

The music is quite interesting and reminiscent of Yanni which suits the spirit of the Call of Atlantis. It works.

The only issue I had was that it was too easy, I went through it fairly quickly.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 25th 2009

Neptune's Secret


Even though this is yet another Hidden Object game, it stands out since it takes place underwater. It is quite a different adventure as you search for hidden treasures in the deep sea.
Keep your eyes open in the murky waters, you'll discover lively fish and floating bubbles throughout the game. The music wasn't bad - occasionally spooky.

If you ever get stuck and need a hint, find the colourful jewels hidden (they sparkle), they will guide you.

One of the most unique aspects of this game was the list, it's depicted entirely in silhouettes. There are no written words which is great for those who are not a fan of lists or have trouble reading.

Although there are no visible timers, it does keep track how fast you go through each scenario.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 25th 2009

Annie's Millions


You can't help but feel like a million bucks as you play this game. What a great way to spend loads of money without feeling the effects in real life.

Keep your eyes open for interesting objects that come alive in each scenario such as swaying balloons or trees moving in the wind. In some scenes, there will be cars racing by or clouds drifting in the background.

The music was okay but it often became irritating after awhile.
I wasn't all that thrilled with the comic book effect as they played the dialogue between Annie and her relatives. It essentially cheapened the overall game.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 25th 2009

Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child


This is a beautiful game with wonderful graphics. The interior of the tree house is stunning, I loved the hanging bed and step down nook by the window. It makes me want to curl up in the sunshine with a good book.

It can be a bit repetitive at times and there are moments when it is too easy.

Overall it is a visually impressive game.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 25th 2009


Full of giggles

This is a fun and unique game to play, even young children will get a giggle out of it.

Even though it's a match 3 game, they appear live and their fur sways as they breathe.

A hint: the Chuzzles are ticklish, if you keep clicking on one of them, it giggles and sneezes. On the larger ones, it will belch. Also, if you leave your cursor sitting on top of a Chuzzle, it will blow it out of its face.

The music is a lot of fun, quite upbeat and very retro (think Disco).

If you ever need a break, this is the one to choose.

by jennifer gibson, Canada - Jul 25th 2009

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