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The way 4 should of worked
by Chris L.41, USA - Mar 28th 2019

It works! unlike Tropico's 4 with its bugs. It has a new color scheme that I am not fond of nor the UI. The UI isn't bad or problematic... just a bit different from Tropico 4 (4 was where I was introduced to the game series) and a personal issue of my own opinion. Tropico 5 is fun and does not suffer the bugs that were never fixed in 4. if you liked 4 you will most likely like 5 as well.

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Hoping for better content in the Future (updated)
by Chris L.41, USA - Mar 28th 2019

What Flashpoint does add it adds after the campaign. It does help to keep interest in continuing playing after finishing the base game. Tho It is not as engaging as the Campaign. The campaign was great! Flashpoint is not everything I had hoped for but its a snack, filler I am enjoying. At first, I was disappointed, with the first DLC installment Flashpoint. It appeared, to add VERY little and I thought it was a sorry excuse for a DLC. To cut to the chase, it just took longer than expected for the Flash points to start popping up in quantity. Maybe it was an RNG thing. Idk. But It did pick up in pace and quantity. The rewards are better, contracts of Flashpoints may have consecutive deployments, which is nice for immersion and expanding the story line of Flashpoint events. Unfortunately I would of preferred a continuation to the main story and not filler. This is what it feels like to me. Filler. A bone tossed as a snack for what I was hungry for during the campaign: different/longer deployments (a little) but mainly rare/better weapon upgrades AKA loot!. To me they held it back just to add it in here. But I will take it as I simply can't stop playing it. Originally I thought It should only be a few dollars max, and should of been part of the base game. Well tho the value has increased, I have not seen anything that justifies a Fifty bucks as of yet.
*It is important to note that I have not finished the with the DLC, but my review had to be updated.
I am hoping for more congruous content in the future.

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Niche itch Scratched
by Chris L.41, USA - Mar 8th 2019

I have been wanting to play and loadout mechs ever since Mech Warrior (the original). This is a turn based game much like Xcom2 (which I also loved). I really like how they did this game. Not overly complex, fun and cannot wait to play more... then play again on the other 2 modes (Campaign, Career, Skirmish). I am playing Campaign right now I like it so much that I am here to purchase the season pass. Thank You WinGameStore!

I would reccomend to everyone to install it on an SSD. For some reason the load screens take more time than other games. But from other reviews on other sites, I think the Devs have improved on this as it is really not that bad on SSD (but it is noticable). I have only run into one crash but I did have the game running for a few days and left the game on while in this particular map. So idk if that was the cause or if I placed my mech in a certain spot that did this (on one map) as I'm sure 90+% of the players never would have gone to this location at the far bottom of the screen. What can I say itches a massive scratch I have had for a very long time, and it does it oh soo nicely. The niche gene of mechs is hugely overlooked imo. I would really like to find a modern game just like this that is FPS 1st or 3rd person view perspective thats not PVP. But I have found a love for turn based games. Not all turn based! Only a few have ever cut the mustard for me. I didn't ever think I would still like them much, till XCOM 2 and this opened my eyes to just how much fun they can be for me. I do not own XCOM2 DLC and am Happily jumping at this one's. Breaking all my rules of wait for Deep sales, Waiting for a version with everything included and the main one wait for the content to come out. But that would be more $ in the long run and I don't think i could resist no matter the reviews. I would like to get Xcom2 dlc but not at current prices or even historical low. If i miss it, so be it. But I am not going to miss BattlesTech's as its just what the doctor ordered. Was Xcom2 better? Well, in some ways, but it is all subjective. As well as very different as BattleTech give you alot more customization over loadout (as its mechs) while keeping it basic, It would be cool if they added a tad more like explosive bullets, AP rounds, thermite rounds etc. But no game hits every mark for everyone. I think this is a fantastic game you can take slowly or fast. I am taking it very slowly. It fits my needs, play-style and I enjoy it immensely.
I'd give the vanilla version 4/5 to 4.5/5 as I am enjoying the "basic-ness" (for lack of better word atm) but now knowing Flashpoint adds more of the things I do enjoy... I'm taking the leap.

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