Reviews by Arkandos

Warlock 2: The Good, the Bad, & the Muddy

Get it for the Alliance mod.

Get it for the alliance mod, which improves the game in every way. But don't get this DLC on it's own, it adds barely nothing, and the 3 lords it does add are all mediocre to bad.

by Arkandos, Sweden - Jan 2nd 2020

Warlock 2: The Thrilling Trio

Get it for the Alliance mod

The three lords gained through this DLC are not worth the price, but the mod is, and it requires this DLC.

Poor Nicholas Frost got downgraded from a mage to a lord in the sequel.

by Arkandos, Sweden - Jan 2nd 2020

Warlock 2: Spectacular Spell Pack

Of all the DLC, this is the best.

Get this for the Alliance mod, which improves the game in all respects.
But actually, this contains enough spells that it actually is worth its price.

by Arkandos, Sweden - Jan 2nd 2020

Warlock 2: Three Mighty Mages

Worth it if you want a different playstyle.

The two first mages are not worth anything, but the great dragon Tal Kalessil makes you start out as a dragon instead of having a city.

It is quite a different playstyle, where you start out very weak but become unstoppable as the game closes out.

by Arkandos, Sweden - Jan 2nd 2020


The 4x that never stops changing. And never finds its place.

I jumped in on stellaris quite early in its lifespan. It never really grabbed me, and I bounced off after 'only' 80 or so hours.

It's quite... dull? Repetitive. You never feel connected to anything you do, the combat is nonexistant.
The main selling points, the exploration and dynamic races just feel empty.

All in all, it comes out to an empty game. Fill with DLC to your hearts content, but that is not a business model I want to support.

by Arkandos, Sweden - Jan 1st 2020

Overcooked! 2

One of the best couch-coop games!

Overcooked returns, and its still a hell of a good game. Excellent coop, but less inspired maps than the first game. A better scoring system however, but the hidden levels are frustrating to find.

Play the first game first, then if you can't get enough, continue with this!

by Arkandos, Sweden - Jan 1st 2020

Airport Madness 3D

A decent timewaster

This game is nothing impressive or spectacular. It's a nice little timewaster of a game where you help planes land and takeoff.

Pick it up on sale for an hour or two of fun.

by Arkandos, Sweden - Jan 1st 2020

Tropico 5 – Complete Collection

A great citybuilder that does not quite reach Tropico 4

Tropico 5 is Tropico 4 in a new take. The era system is interesting, but does not quite mesh with how I like to play the game. In the campaign, you switch back and forth between two different permanent islands. If you mess up in an early mission you may be in a rough spot later on. This is a positive to some, and a negative to some.

I didn't like Tropico 5 as much as Tropico 4. But it is still a very good game.

by Arkandos, Sweden - Jan 1st 2020

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