Reviews by Sheila Greenberg

Brave Dwarves: Back for Treasures

They picked Dopey to get the treasure?

The other dwarves are too smart to waste their time in this "adventure" because they realize that the they'll die of boredom long before they can get out of the mine with the treasures. So, Dopey must be the poor sap stuck in this game. Dopey and, of course, us. The keyboard interaction is clumsy and awkward, causing you to die (a lot!) from fumbled fingers. The monster movement is jerky, which only adds to your character's death rate because your weapon is equally erratic. And, of course, when you die, you appear at the start of the level, very frustrating as the levels get longer. So, when you finally realize that you don't care if Dopey is stuck in the mine forever, give yourself a break and quit out of the game.

It's too late for me but save yourselves from this torture. It's not worth wasting your bandwidth on.

by Sheila Greenberg, USA - Sep 13th 2008
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Archibald's Adventures

Archibold's Adventures is Above Average for Adolescents

Archie is is gutsy little guy who, with the help of his trusty skateboard, has to solve numerous puzzles in order to escape Dr. Klumpfus's laboratory. Each puzzle has brief explanations and tips to help you get Archie through the levels. And, while the problem solving skills needed to play this game are well within an adults abilities, younger players should find this game challenging. But everyone will find it fun.

by Sheila Greenberg, USA - Sep 10th 2008
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StoneLoops of Jurassica

Sweet game - Viciously addictive

StoneLoops of Jurassica seems, at first, to be a nice little puzzle/arcade game. The graphics are crisp, colorful, and clear, and the background music is . . . well . . . pleasant, just like it's supposed to be. When you first start to play, it will probably remind you of the classic game, Zuma,. They both have little round balls snaking along a path that leads to a dragon who's just waiting to eat them. If you let even one of the balls fall into his mouth, you lose that round. And, of course, the levels get harder and harder to finish. Fortunately you can retry each round since there are no "lives" to be lost in this game. And that's what makes it addictive. Every time I failed to clear a board, I automatically hit the "retry" button because I knew I'd figure out the best strategy the next time (or maybe the time after, whatever ) and before I knew it, an hour had flown by. So, like I said, this is a sweet little game and will be fun for all ages. But I suggest you make sure the kids have finished their homework before starting a game. Oh, and don't play it at work or you'll never get that report done. Don't say I didn't warn you.

by Sheila Greenberg, USA - Aug 19th 2008
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Bio Film?

Ebert would give this film a thumbs down. Figuring out how to play is a trial and error process at best. There is no tutorial, the "How to Play" info takes you out of the game and onto Biofilm's website (how convenient for them!), and, without a mouse, the controls using the keyboard only are virtually (pun intended) impossible - so laptop users beware. As for the graphics, simple line drawings of circles are all you get, although I'll give them a half point for using a heavy dark line, so yeay? And the background music? Well, a New Age chorus singing "Ahhhh-ahhhhh-ahhhh" is really just background noise. All in all, someone MUST like this game, or it wouldn't still be here, but it's certainly not me.

by Sheila Greenberg, USA - Aug 12th 2008
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Super Tile Sudoku

It's just bad Sudoku

I am a good Sudoku player. I easily solve Expert puzzles in books and magazines and I love the game. So when I report that this version of Sudoku is very badly implemented, I just want to assure you about the quality of my review and the lack of quality of this game. The tiles are essentially multi-colored in an attempt to make them look 3-D. They also have rounded corners and edges which, when they are close to the game borders and the inner grid lines, makes them look like clumps of colors and shapes The font of the numbers themselves give them a rounded "blobby" look which them difficult to read as the board is filled in. And then, to make the visual aspect of the game just a little more challenging, the background color matches the starting game numbers. But the most important complaint of all is the lack of unique solutions. My first game in the free demo download was in the Easy mode and last four numbers were playable in several combinations, ALL of which were correct, but the computer program would only accept one of the versions and marked the others, erroneously I might add, as wrong. Not only does this annoy the regular level player, but a starting level player would easily think that they were at fault, making the game much less fun.

by Sheila Greenberg, USA - Aug 10th 2008
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The Scruffs

Was I playing the same game?

I have the new iMac. It has a 24' screen, the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors, the most powerful graphics ever available in an iMac. "With the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS and 512MB of dedicated video memory, this 24-inch iMac configuration reaches a whole new, blow-you-away level of detail and realism in games, three-dimensional graphics, high-resolution photos, and high-definition video." (as per the apple web site). I ONLY mention this because I found the Scruffs game to be the worst "hidden object" game I've ever played. While I absolutely love these types of games, this particular one was AWFUL. The images were poorly rendered, the games within the story were badly done and, after playing the demo version, I would never buy "The Scruffs" for myself, let alone for my kids. Thanks for letting me vent.

by Sheila Greenberg, USA - Jun 22nd 2008
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