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New York Mysteries: The Lantern of Souls Collector's Edition

Pretty good

I didn't like this one as much as New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia. The gameplay is almost identical, only the story differs. Probably it is because I got frustrated a couple of times, for instance when I tried to figure out some of the mini games. Normally I know when I give up because I'm not smart enough to solve a puzzle or lack of patience. This time it felt like something was wrong with those two mini games, like they didn't work.

The graphics are clear, but the cut scenes look washed out. The sound and most of the voice overs are good. The jumpable map shows available tasks, morphing objects and collectibles. The hint is directional.

The HOS are interactive silhouettes and can be difficult. Some mini games are easy, some not. This game isn't on the easy side, but not that hard either. Most of the time you know where to go and what to do and there is a good flow.

I don't want to take away the surprise. All I can say is that there are supernatural stuff and some kind of monsters. If you like that, you might enjoy this game.

by Siluette, Sweden - Jan 4th 2017

League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector's Edition

Not scary, but still good

This game contains death, sadness, abductions, spells, a witch, a talking cat, scarecrows... Although it's a dark game with witchcraft it doesn't creep me out for one second. Maybe the very sensitive can sometimes feel a bit chilly? Anyway, the story is in my opinion sad, but not in the bad way.
The other League of Light I've played reminds me of this one and beside from some glitches, I love them both. (The glitch in this is that the game shut down. Happened once. And I had a hard time picking up an item in a hidden object scene)

The graphics are clear, colourful and there are beautiful sceneries. Good sound and voiceovers.
The map is jumpable and shows available tasks. The hint is directional and in this one it works just fine. You get a little helper, who doesn't annoy.

The HOS are interactive silhouettes, lists, fragments. And the mini games are mostly easy. There are owls and figurines to collect.
Bonus game starts exactly where the main ends.

I really enjoyed this game and will play it again. I recommend it to those who like sad movies with grieving parents, abductions along with witchcraft and to those who collect League of Light. This is a pretty easy game with good flow, so I don't know if hardcore gamers will like it.

by Siluette, Sweden - Jan 2nd 2017

Grim Tales: Color of Fright

Not scary enough, but amazing sceneries.

This is my second Grim Tales game and I'm not disappointed, although it wasn't especially scary. It reminded me of the House of 1000 doors games. You enter rooms and end up in different places and when you're done you return home and the doors disappear. Here you have to save your family members... again. Just as in previous games.

Mostly clear and colourful graphics. Fantastic sceneries, I loved the blood red moon. The voiceovers are ok. It has a beautiful jumpable map that shows available tasks and a directional hint.

There is a big variety of HOS.. lists, fragments, pairs and so on. The mini games aren't too difficult. Same with the rest of the game, you don't have to be a genius to finish.

I recommend it to Grim Tales lovers. Also to those who love beautiful games and like scary children singing scary songs,

by Siluette, Sweden - Dec 31st 2016

Sable Maze: Sullivan River

3 stars or 2 stars due to technical issues.

Sadly I couldn't fully enjoy this game because a part of the screen wasn't visible. I could barely see the the lowest row of the HOS list. Beside from that, the game had other problems, like the hint. Twice I didn't know what to do and I got impossible hints. I just quit smoking so it is a miracle that my computer is in one piece and I'm still a nonsmoker.

Moving on. This is a creepy game with some creepy voices. Personally I think that children are scary in horror movies and games, so this was fun. The graphics are ok, but sometimes grainy. Some nice sceneries with waterfalls etc. Great sound and voice overs, but no lip movements.
The HOS are interactive lists and the mini games are mostly not difficult. There is a jumpable map that shows your current location, nothing else. The hint is directional and should be used when you are calm down to your feet.
I can recommend this game to those who like creepy games. It must mean something that I finished it with all the flaws. But try it first so you know that it fits your screen.

by Siluette, Sweden - May 11th 2016

Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope

I wonder what happened after the abrupt ending

This is a very sad story with love and revenge. There are some creepiness here and there too, but the graphic style covers it up a bit. Mostly I couldn't notice the fear, despair and disaster in the environment. I felt like I could've be in any normal village, with normal people.
Anyway, the graphics are good and colourful. The sound and voice actings are also very good. There are no lip movements though.

You visit the HOS twice. First it is an interactive list and second time you have to return the items you've taken earlier to where they actually belong. The mini games vary in difficulty. There is a jumpable map that shows available tasks and the hint is directional.

I didn't find this game hard, but not too easy either. It has a good flow with no confusions, everything seems to be well thought out.

When I bought this game I hoped for creepiness, but no fear for me this time, instead I got filled with lots of other emotions. It's very, very rare that a story grabs me this much.
If the description seems interesting try it out.

by Siluette, Sweden - Apr 6th 2016

True Fear: Forsaken Souls

I really wanted to enjoy this game

I read reviews about this game and many described it as very scary, others thought that it was boring and not scary at all. My favourites are horror games and the mix of reviews made me unsure whether I should buy it or not. Finally I bought it and became rather disappointed. True Fear: Forsaken Souls is not much fear. The gameplay feels slow and empty somehow, although you do stuff all the time. Occasionally something happens, but it's rare. The idea is probably that the gamers should sit on needles, while they are waiting for the next scary moment, but it's hard when the atmosphere is lame and you hear an almost joyful piano loop in the background. Blood, graves and abandoned houses with cobwebs aren't enough to bring at least me in the right mood. There are a few creepy moments, but I can count them on one hand.

The graphics are good, but I didn't like the computer animated(?) main character. She looks weird and sometimes she walks like she's got problems with her joints, muscles or something. Sound and voice overs are also good, but the music doesn't fit in my opinion.
The HOS are interactive lists and the mini games are not that hard. There is a jumpable map that shows available tasks and the hint is directional.

Despite from the lack of creepiness it is a well done game with a good flow.
I enjoyed the story, but I got a bit confused with the Who, When and Where. Then the ending wasn't that fun: "To be continued"...

If you are easily frightened and want to play a scary game, this might be the one.

by Siluette, Sweden - Apr 5th 2016

Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret

Not good, not bad

I had a problem right away in the beginning, maybe not the biggest one, but I got so distracted so I couldn't concentrate on the game the first 30 minutes. I chose the animated cursor with the eye, but after a few seconds in the game it got replaced by my system cursor. Maybe 10 times I tried to change it without success. It was really annoying.

This is a game where you don't need a map. You can't leave a room until you've completed your tasks there, then you'll never go back. One room at a time. For me it felt like everything went rather quickly. The graphics aren't the best, but not the worst I've seen either. A bit grainy. The sound and most of the voice overs are good.
The HOS are interactive lists and the mini games aren't so hard. No map as I said earlier and the hint is directional. There are achievements and collectables in this game, although it isn't a CE.

To people with spider phobia! There are spiders in this game.

I can't come up with anything spectacular about this game at the moment. It contains ghosts, an evil man, a frustrated Italian chef and no running back and forth. It is far from the worst game I've played, but I'm not sure if I'll play it again. I can't recommend it, try it first.

by Siluette, Sweden - Apr 5th 2016

Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart

4,5 stars

This is a game with pirates, kidnapping, supernatural stuff, love, ghosts, dark colours and beautiful glowing colours. Just like the other Nightmares From The Deep games and just as good.
The graphics are mostly crisp and clear, it got sometimes blurry in the cut scenes. Good sound and voice acting, but the lip syncing could have been a lot better.
The HOS are slightly interactive lists and fragments. The mini games aren't difficult at all.
The map shows available tasks, but it doesn't teleport. There are a lot of running back and forth. The hint is directional.

I had trouble with this game which made my head spin. It was when I had to prepare a green colour. I accidentally grabbed the paint brush and couldn't let go of it. While I was clicking, I happened to open the recipe and couldn't close it with the brush in my hand. I couldn't even open the menu or go back. I was stuck. Somehow I managed to click on the microscopic right spot, so I could move on. The exact same thing happened later when I was preparing something else. A tip is to not pick up things in the wrong order.

This game is very easy, the easiest I've played. Therefore I don't recommend it to challenge seekers, but others should try it. I will play this again when I want to relax and hopefully I won't pick up things in the wrong order.

by Siluette, Sweden - Mar 31st 2016

Witches' Legacy: Lair of the Witch Queen Collector's Edition

Fun with witches

In this game you'll find talking trees, ghosts, a lot of magic of course and a sad girl who is out for revenge. I found most of the game quite fun, although it wasn't scary (for me at least). You'll get an imp as a helper. One of the achievements is to interact with him.

The graphics are a bit grainy, especially in the HOS. The sound and voice overs on the other hand, are ok. I thought that the mayor sounded so funny so I couldn't stop laughing.

The HOS are interactive lists and the mini games vary in difficulty. The jumpable map shows available tasks and the hint is directional. There are many collectables, 42 morphing objects and 45 puzzle pieces. The bonus game could just as well been a part of the main game. If I'm not totally wrong, it's the same locations and same HOS there too.
Anyway, this isn't an easy game, but not a hardcore game either.

There's not much wrong with this game so those who like magic, witches etc. can try it.

by Siluette, Sweden - Mar 4th 2016

Portal of Evil - Stolen Runes Collector's Edition

Good flow

I found this game very easy, but interesting and enjoyable. The portals gave variations in time and space, which I appreciated. What I didn't like was the graphic style, but it's just me, and I thought that most of the game was brown and grey. Beside from that, the graphics looked good. The sound and most of the voice overs were good too. The main character talked so weird, so she was a bit annoying.

The HOS are slightly interactive lists and there's a kind where you put items back into the scene, like a picture in a frame. I liked that. The mini games are pretty easy.
The jumpable map shows available task and the hint is directional. There are about 15 messages to collect and the bonus game continues where the main game ends.

When I played this game my thoughts went to Dan Brown and his books. His fans could enjoy this game. And I'll recommend it to those who want a relaxing game.

by Siluette, Sweden - Mar 4th 2016

Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers Collector's Edition

A pretty relaxing game with handsome Ethan popping up now and then...

My reaction wasn't: "OMG, this game seems awesome!" when I read the description a few days ago. I recalled though that I tried the demo long time ago, but my only memory from it was this reaction: "OMG, that man is gorgeous!!" The game was on sale and I consulted a friend if it would be a bad idea to buy a game only because of a handsome guy. "Of course not, if it isn't a terrible game and you'll get a look at him once in a while." Usually the main characters aren't visible, but this gorgeous man was. A few times he even scared the hell out of me when he popped up.

I don't regret my purchase even though this feels like an average game, that doesn't offer anything remarkable (except for handsome Ethan). It was pleasant to play, I enjoyed it and I'm sure that I will play it again.

The graphics, sound and voice overs are good. In some HOS it is a bit fuzzy and there are only voice overs in the big cutscenes (no lip movements though), otherwise it's only text. The HOS are only standard lists and they are revisited. I found a few of them pretty hard in the wrong way. The mini games aren't especially hard, one made me mad though. I was supposed to switch domino tiles, but when I put one on the other they didn't switch, instead jumped back to its usual place. I don't know what I did wrong. Tried other ways too, but without success.

The pretty useless map shows your location, nothing else. I didn't miss the map, the locations were easy to find and I had no hard time remembering for example where I can use the knife I just found. The hint is directional and works well. This is a CE, but there are no achievements or collectables whatsoever, only a bonus game that took me 90 minutes to complete and some wallpapers etc and soundtracks.

The bonus game is a prequel without Ethan. It was fun too. Overall, this is a pretty long and easy adventure with many HOS. A lot of running back and forth, but with beautiful graphics, nice story and in my opinion a very handsome man.

I think every beginners and people who'd like a relaxing game should try it.

by Siluette, Sweden - Mar 2nd 2016

Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt Collector's Edition

Beautiful artwork

This game gives you ghosts, dragons, beasts, evil and a love story. It gives you also beautiful sceneries with wonderful colours and a good storyline. I think that the game is very well done, besides that they skipped the lip movements. The graphics are crisp, good sound and voices overs.

There are a few things though that I disliked. First it is the jumpable map that only shows the objectives, not available tasks. For me it's important. Then there's the hint that tells you exactly what to do. If there's no information of available tasks on the map I'd like to be directed to the place, not get information of what to do. It told me about a tree by the tower and I just: "What tower?" I found the tree pretty fast, because the locations weren't confusing at all. I had the same experience with another game, but in that case my head was spinning around and for the first and only time I didn't finish a game.

Some information. The HOS are interactive lists and the mini games can be a bit hard (mostly not) or require some time and patience. You get a talking bat as a helper. The collectables are statuettes of characters and things linked to the game. When you've collected 3-4 you can open a background story.
The bonus game starts just where the main game ended. Finally there is still some adventure left in the secret room. This isn't a short game.

I would recommend this game to people who doesn't require a big challenge and who enjoys good vs evil with knights, dragons, the apocalypse etc.

by Siluette, Sweden - Mar 1st 2016

Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Collector's Edition

Well done, but not scary

This is a dark game in hellish surroundings filled with dramatic love. The story is pretty original, a demon and the hero wants to save a loved one. I was hoping for a twist, but no. Despite that and despite the technical problem that forced me to close and reopen the game every 45 minutes, I liked it. It felt good helping tortured souls.

The artwork was nice and detailed with clear graphics. Good sound and mostly good voice overs, but they didn't succeed so well with the lip syncing.
The hidden objects are very easy interactive lists, some are revisited. The mini games are mostly not that hard. There is a directional hint and the jumpable map shows available tasks and the morphing objects. The bonus game takes place at the same time by a different character in both same and new locations. It was something new to me and I liked it.

I didn't experience this game as scary although it appears to be. There were no jump scares or such, only a dark environment with skulls etc and a demon lady who threatens you.
Anyway, demons, hell, red colour, tormented souls and love... If you like that, try the game.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 27th 2016

Empress of the Deep 3: Legacy of the Phoenix Collector's Edition

Never again!

So far I've only quit games with technical issues. This game isn't only bad, it's frustrating. It came in a bundle and I played the games in order. When I came to this one I gave up quite quickly and decided to continue later. Now that I've played all 9, I had to give this one another try. It was just as terrible as I remembered. After 15 minutes I decided to stop tormenting myself.

Some characters sounded awful, kind of disgusting. The developers probably wanted them to sound mysterious or something, but in my opinion it failed.
I can't say that the graphics were bad, but the hidden objects scenes were grainy. Sometimes it was hard to see the objects.
The map shows available tasks, at least I think so. It was sparkling in some places, but it was hard to know in which area it sparkled. The hint is annoying, because it told me to do something somewhere. The problem was that I had no idea where that place was. The building and surroundings where so confusing to me. When I finally got to the right place and tried to do the thing it didn't work.
I didn't feel like I was making progress, only walking around trying to understand what I was doing and what I was supposed to do. At the moment, I can't come up with anything positive.

I am very disappointed that I couldn't finish this game.
I know that there are people who like this game, but I don't understand why. After my experience I can't recommend it.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 26th 2016

Living Legends: Frozen Beauty Collector's Edition

Technical issues

Unfortunately I couldn't finish this game due to technical issues. The lower part of the screen is outside my computer, so I can't see the last row of the hidden object list. Anyhow, I think I played enough to be able to review it. (A few months ago I had enough patience to finish the game, so I remember the story).

This is a very icy fairy tale. Cold, clear graphics, good sound and voice overs. At least while I played there were too many cut scenes for my taste. The hidden objects were silhouettes and interactive lists. The jumpable map shows available tasks and the hint is directional. There are lots of coins to collect. You use them to buy furniture and decoration to your pet.

I think this is a cute game with some dark elements in it. I can easily recommend it to fairy tale lovers.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 25th 2016

Haunted Hotel: Eclipse Collector's Edition

Great job!

This is my fourth Haunted Hotel game. The first I bought, "Haunted Hotel: The X" was extraordinary and it became my favourite game of all. When I bought my second one I had big expectations and got a bit disappointed. I didn't give up though, the following two were better but not as perfect as my first.

I still give this one 5 stars because it is a good game, mostly well done. The only things I can complain about are the hint that wasn't directional, instead it told you what you have to do. Some people prefer that, I don't. And the typewriter sound when I was looking at the map. I didn't see any point of that, so it was just annoying. Besides from that, the map shows available tasks and teleports.

Sound, graphics and voice overs are great, but no lip syncing.
The hidden objects are interactive lists and the mini games are mostly of the easy kind.

I really liked the collectable paintings of different people that shift into a vampire, werewolf, witch etc. Then there is the most beautiful helper I've ever come across, the Flutterfly.

The bonus game is just as good as the main game. It took me about 6 hours to finish both.

This game has a good flow and apart from the ghosts and other scary stuff, it's very relaxing. Speaking of scary, it's a scary game, but not enough and it doesn't have the creepy atmosphere and feeling as my favourite.

Instead of telling you who I recommend this game to as I usually do, I will do the opposite. People who really hate even the slightest horror and those who require challenges should avoid this game. Everybody else can give it a try.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 25th 2016

Fear for Sale: Nightmare Cinema Collector's Edition

I give it 3,5

This game have good graphics and sound. Not much background music though, sometimes totally quiet. The voice overs could have been better and the lip syncing was not good at all.
I didn't think that the story line was fantastic, but not horrible either. There isn't much to complain about, everything went smoothly. I found it mostly relaxing.

The hidden objects are interactive lists and the mini games are mostly not very difficult.
The jumpable map shows available tasks and I didn't use the hint so I don't know what it's like.
There are 66 morphing objects, also hidden in the hidden objects scenes and many other different collectables, like origamis, butterflies etc. The bonus game continues where the main game ended.
I finished both games in about 4 hours, so the length isn't something to brag about.

I recommend this game to people who like games that are dark, but not so scary. Also to those who want some relaxing hours with a game that doesn't make your brain overheated.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 24th 2016

Dangerous Games: Prisoners of Destiny Collector's Edition


This game is very colourful with good graphics and sound. Some of the voice overs aren't that good, others are quite good and the lip syncing is sometimes terrible.
The game play is ok, I had no problems making progress.
You get a helper, I don't know what it is, but he's very happy and clumsy. My heart stopped for a second when I thought that he'd fallen from a cliff.
The hidden objects are interactive lists and the mini games vary in difficulty. The map teleports and shows available tasks and the hint is directional. There are 30 jigsaw puzzle pieces to collect, sometimes hard to spot. It took me approximately 5 hours to finish the main and bonus games.

I usually finish my reviews by recomending the games to some certain kind of people. I don't know to whom I can recommend this game. In my opinion, there is nothing special with this one. It was kind of dull, but not bad. I'm certain though that there are a lot of people who would enjoy it, but I don't know who.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 24th 2016

Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition

To horror gamers

I have so far only found two games, including this one, with this kind of creepy style. I have many horror games with darkness and some jump scares, but not with the most important. These two have the atmosphere, the something special that is hard to explain.
Horror games are my favourites and sadly, this one won''t be on my top list although the fantastic creepiness. The main reasons are the hint and the map, they can destroy the game flow for me. The map is jumpable and shows objectives, but not the important available tasks. And the hint isn't directional, instead it tells you what to do. I really don't like that.

The hidden objects are interactive lists. A few of the scenes were a bit hard due to the mess, packed with stuff. The mini games vary in difficulty.
Graphics, sound and voice overs are great. I thought that the boy's singing was so creepy and disturbing that I loved it. There are demon figurines to collect and the bonus game is kind of a prequel. I almost forgot to mention the chipmunk helper, but you don't have to dress him or buy him a hammock.

Finally I'd like to say that this is an amazing game, especially considering that this kind of a game seems to be rare. If you are like me, love horror games and have hint and map issues, I still think you should try this one. And of course, other horror fans too.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 22nd 2016

Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector's Edition

A very evil father

In this game you play both as Emily and Enron and switch between them when you want. I had some bad feelings about it at first, but then I found it fun instead.

Enron's father, count Dracula is furious and I can't understand why. It's not his concern that his son wants to marry a human. If I were him I'd be happy that he finally met someone to love and asked if I could participate while he confesses that he's a vampire. "By the way honey, I sleep in a coffin at daytime." At least in my point of view, it would be hilarious. It's much better than his behaviour in this game. That is what went through my mind while I was playing and also that Enron reminded me of Robert Pattinson in Twilight.

The graphics are mostly good, but cartoonish and the background music can sometimes be a bit dramatic, but it fits. Sound quality and voice overs are a good, though there is no lip syncing (what I can recall).
This game has a jumpable map that shows available tasks and a well working hint.
The many hidden objects scenes are interactive lists and the mini games are very easy to pretty hard. There are three different collectables, garlic, bats and items that are linked to vampires. In the bonus game you play only as Emily. The length is descent.

My opinion of this game is that it is ok, no problem at all with the gameplay, good flow and so on. The story was maybe too cute for me. That's why I'll recommend this game to those who love romance and of course vampires.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 21st 2016

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