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Mysteriumâ„¢: Lake Bliss Collector's Edition

A lot of pink fog.

What I enjoyed most about this game are the beautiful landscape scenes and some of the background music. The story wasn't bad either, nor the graphics, sound or voice-over (no lip syncing though).
The hidden object scenes are slightly interactive lists and fragments and the mini games are the usual. There is a dragonfly in every scene to collect, which are pretty easy to spot if you don't forget to look. The length was ok.

Now to the negative things. The map is jumpable and shows objectives, but not available tasks so I, with bad memory, had to use the hint and walk instead. Then it was in the bonus game. The cursor wouldn't pick up a certain item in a hidden object scene. I even tried closing and reopening the game and realised that there's no way I can finish this game now. The next day I decided to try again and changed to system cursor. I clicked like a madman for 5 seconds. When I was about to give up, it worked.

I can recommend this game to those who love "Not even death do us part" - love stories and ghosts, who can take the risk to get stuck in the bonus game.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 19th 2016
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Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition

I give 4,5 stars.

The developers have done a really good job with this game, especially with the hidden objects scenes. I can't come up with any other game with such a big variety. Interactive lists, silhouettes, drawings, fragments, stories, riddles... Beside from that, there are tons of flowers, portals, rage, love, a pet robot owl and two of the characters burst into song. The graphics, sound quality and voice-overs are great. There is a jumpable map that shows available tasks and the hint works fine. If I remember correctly, there are 45 roses to collect and the morphing objects are in the hidden object scenes. It took me approximately 7 hours to complete the main and bonus games and the very short bonus chapters.

My main reason that I don't give 5 stars is because of the locations, especially one doesn't fit this game. I won't spoil, just saying that, having a portal doesn't mean that it doesn't have to be realistic. Maybe it's just me who didn't get the connection. Another reason is that I didn't understand some of the mini games. Normally I'm not that stupid.
Apart from that, this is a fantastic game and I really recommend this game, especially to the hidden object lovers.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 18th 2016
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Dark Canvas: Blood and Stone Collector's Edition

It was ok

This is the second game in the bundle I bought and I had no idea what to expect, but was hoping for a bit scary. I wasn't lucky.
The first scene had good and normal graphics, but when I arrived to the town the graphics suddenly changed to a cartoon. While I was playing I noticed several different graphic styles. From cartoon to "normal", to watercolour, to almost like photographs in the hidden objects scenes. It was confusing and that changes the quality up and down. Some parts were clear, while others appeared kind of grainy. Sound and voice-overs were ok, but the characters didn't move their lips.
The story got a bit boring rather quickly when it felt like I was chasing wrong people. You know, when you're sure that John is the killer, but first you must find Greg, Sam and so on to confirm that they aren't.
Most of the hidden objects are interactive lists, but there are a few interactive silhouettes too. The mini games vary in difficulty, but not too hard. There is a jumpable map that shows available tasks, a hint that works as it should and a journal that sparkles frenetically every time something is added. 20 morphing objects and 60 coins can be collected. With the coins you can buy statues and open 3 puzzles. If you buy all the statues and finish the puzzles, you can unlock a book. Unfortunately, I don't know what it contains because I missed 4 coins. The bonus game takes place in the same museum as in the main game, but with new artefacts.
My final thought is that this isn't a bad game, but neither an "I'm looking forward to play it again"-game.
I can maybe recommend this game to museum-lovers.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 16th 2016
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Dark Parables: The Final Cinderella Collector's Edition

Better than I expected

I got this game in a bundle. Fairytale games aren't my favourites, but I usually finish a game how boring, bad or even frustrating they might be. When I read the description I was prepared to get disappointed. Now that I've played both the main and bonus game, I realised that I enjoyed it. The storyline, graphics, sound, voice-over were all good. Mostly it looked and felt like good quality. There are some things though that I didn't like. The animation is too cartoonish, but there are surely people who like that. And of course the map issue. There is actually one, but it's pretty useless when all you get to know is your own location and an "important" place that doesn't really matter. It doesn't teleport either, but although I'm lazy I strangely didn't miss it. The hint charges fast and shows directions, but it gives also impossible hints.

Here are some information about the game.
All the hidden objects are fragments, often easy to find. The mini games are mostly not that difficult, need a bit thinking though. There are morphing objects that makes the hint charge faster and also collectables that unlocks stories. There is no notebook, but it didn't feel necessary. The bonus game is a prequel to the main game, kinda. It's about an oriental Cinderella. And I wan't to give a warning to those with spider phobias. There is a big spider in the bonus game. The length is ok, not long, but not too short.

My final thought is that most of the time this is a good game with nice artwork and an interesting story. I liked the cut-scenes with the Godmother and 95% of the time I felt satisfied playing, kind of relaxed.
I really recommend this game to fairytale lovers, especially to those who'd like a different version of Cinderella. Other people who want a game that isn't too hard and don't mind the cartoonish style, a big spider and the lack of a jump map, should try it out.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 15th 2016
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League of Light: Dark Omens Collector's Edition

I loved the banshee

This game would have been fantastic if it weren't for some things that made me frustrated.
First I'll start with the good things. The graphics and the artwork were great, as well as the sound and voice-overs. I really loved the snowy landscape and there was a character that scared the hell out of me, which I enjoy in games.
There are a lot of cutscenes where you get told about the backstory and information about every creature you meet in the game.
The HOS are silhouettes and lists, both interactive and the mini games are mostly of the easy kind.
There's a jumpable map that shows the available tasks. The collectables are owls and scrolls. Together with the bonus chapter, it took me about 6 hours to finish.

My issues with this game:
I was playing a mini game where I had to hit bad guys with a hammer when they popped up and suddenly my cursor became invisible. When I finally managed to close the game and try again, I had to skip the mini game because most of the time the hammer didn't work.
The next thing is the hint. There weren't any tasks on the map and the hint said: "There's nothing to do here right now", so I had to wander around at random. I could have done that for hours if it weren't for some luck. Another thing with the hint is that it shows things that aren't possible to do yet. Maybe these things aren't the end of the world, but it can make me tear my hair out, kinda.
Despite from that, this is a wonderful game and I will defenitely play it again.
I recommend this game to those who love the medieval, gargoyles, banshees, griffins, hydras...

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 5th 2016
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Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones Collector's Edition

Lots of fun with Davy Jones and his pirates

This is a well done game with beautiful artwork, clear graphics and great sound and voice-over. I especially enjoyed the glowing colours and some of the characters with their dialects and personalities.

The HOS are both fragments and interactive lists and the mini games are the usual and they vary in difficulty. The jumpable map shows where the tasks are.

There are many collectables to be found: seahorses, puzzle pieces and pirate cards, some are well hidden.

It's hard to describe the game without revealing the story, so all I can say is that there's a lot of different feelings, like sadness, joy and some of the characters mad me laugh. Unfortunately, in my opinion, there's not much real horror. Even so I really enjoyed both the main game and the bonus.

To pirate lovers, to those who enjoy crying at the end of a drama movie and to those who love colourful games that aren't too hard, I recommend this game.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 5th 2016
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Weird Park Trilogy

The whole story about the clown and the jester and some kidnappings.

It was a bit hard to rate this trilogy.

The first, Broken Tune, is the creepiest. Not really scary for most people, but it was different from the other. In this game the HOS are both fragments and standard lists and if I remember correctly they are interactive. The bad thing about this one is that there is no map and it felt like an eternity for the hint to recharge. Thankfully the hint doesn't discharge when it shows the direction, which I really needed help with. I've never used a strategy guide before, but at one point I had to look to be able to solve a puzzle. (It wasn't a mini game that could be skipped.) Reading the guide, I realised that I had done a lot of things in the wrong order. There is a bonus game.

The second, Scary Tales, I think had the best story. because it wasn't just an ordinary kidnapping like in the other two. The kidnappers had done something to the children. I don't want to spoil. The HOS are interactive lists. Like in the first, there is no map and the hint charges slowly. About an hour into the game I took a break and when I returned the day after I was totally lost. The inventory was full of stuff and I had no idea what to do or where to go. I used the hint for directions like never before. I think that the real world in this game is pretty dull and it took forever to reach the much more attractive and exciting parallel world. It felt easier to keep track on things over there, even though there was a lot more scenes to visit. This one has no bonus game.

The third, The Final Show, was the easiest, probably because it has a jump map that shows the activity. The HOS are interactive lists. This one has a bonus game and also around 70 candy canes to collect.

All of the games are well done. Beside from the map and hint issues and that the inventory bar could get a bit annoying when it jumped up when I didn't want it to. Otherwise, the graphics, sound and voice-over were great and mostly it was fun to play. For me the length is important, still I always forget to keep track on my time. Though I can say that these games didn't feel short at all.

I've noticed that some people appreciate to be informed about games that contain certain animals. The second game has both snakes and a spider that you have to pick up and move to a different location. None of them are there to attack or seem to be dangerous. The first game has an attacking robot snake (I think it's a snake). I can't recall anything else, but I could be wrong.

If you are good at keeping track on things, are patient with the hints and don't mind running around, I can recommend this trilogy.

by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 1st 2016
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New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia Collector's Edition

Great game

I recommend this game to people who like the mafia, revenge and some supernatural stuff. The graphics are mostly crisp and clear, sometimes in the cut scenes it could get a bit fuzzy though. Good sound and voice-over too.
The map is jumpable and shows where the tasks are and also the collectibles and morphing objects.
If I remember correctly, all the hidden objects are interactive silhouettes. At least for me, some of the mini games were challenging.
This game isn't annoyingly short and the bonus chapter was fun. I felt like: "Omg! I must hurry!"
I think this is a well done game, so in this case it's more the story and genre that should matter. Some people prefer fairytales, other ordinary detective games and some really scary games etc. If you like the description, I think you should at least try it out.

by Siluette, Sweden - Jan 27th 2016
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Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Collector's Edition

Great game

What I loved most about this game was the artwork. Very beautiful and good graphics. There was nothing wrong with the story or the gameplay. I never got stuck or got frustrated. I read some reviews where people complain about the mini games where you have to connect numbered dots. There are a lot of those (around 10 ) and after 1 or 2 of those, it's not strange that it gets boring. Personally, I finished as fast as I could and moved on. I recommend this game to people who don't hate connecting dots.

by Siluette, Sweden - Jan 7th 2016
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House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets Collector's Edition

I recommend this game.

A nice story with beautiful graphics. The game wasn't that hard, but still fun and interesting. Compared to some other adventure/hidden object games I've played, this was well made and thought out. I didn't have any problems whatsoever. It has a helpful map and the hint gives normal hints. (I have bad experience with weird hints.) I will definitely play this game again.

by Siluette, Sweden - Jan 3rd 2016
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House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster Collector's Edition

Just as good as the first one!

When I finished the first House of 1000 doors I couldn't wait to start this one.. I didn't get disappointed. Beautiful graphics, lovely story, helpful map and exciting. I really recommend the collector's edition because in the bonus game you will get to know Gabriel and learn about his secret.

by Siluette, Sweden - Jan 3rd 2016
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