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Gnomes Garden Icon
by Yolanda Leaird, USA - May 29th 2016

I think it's fast, full of wonderful drawings, and great situations. You have to decided which way to go that will turn out the fastest, while picking up as much stuff as you need.
I would recommend it, if the like time management games.

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Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden Icon
by Yolanda Leaird, USA - May 29th 2016

I liked it when I originally bought it around ten years ago. But, now it will not play on my new iMac so I was disappointed. Apple did warn before I bought it that it might not work, but since Mac Games hardly has any time management games, I thought I would try. You would think that a company as innovated as Apple could figure out how you play your old favorite games with some sort of App. Oh well, guess I'll just have to play Dracula, true love again.

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