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F1™ 2013: Classic Edition Icon
The F1 Game Mac Racing Fans Have Been Waiting For...
by JaguarGod, USA - Mar 10th 2014

Quick Note: My review is based on the Mac App Store version in which the game includes only split screen and LAN multiplayer racing and not online multiplayer. Thus I did not include an online multiplayer component to my review. I apologize for this. I just thought this review might help people to understand the game itself.

When Feral Interactive released F1 Championship Season 2000 all those years ago, they let us F1 fans know they were here for us. It was a while before we received another F1 installment, but F1 2012 was a great surprise. A modern F1 game on OSX that looked great and played just as well. But there always felt like something was missing…. Well, F1 2013: Classic Edition gives us that little bit more.

Well, what can I say about the graphics? Anyone who knows Codemasters games knows this game looks great. From the beautiful sunlight shining through trees and objects to the gritty and realistic damage model, the game is one of the best on the Mac. The car models, especially those of the classic cars, are painstakingly recreated for our pleasure. The lighting and shading in the game is some of the most realistic you can get in any game as Codemasters has been honing this tech for many years now. The game is quite simply, beautiful to look at. Subtle lighting effects and the not so subtle "marbles" built up outside the racing line add to the aura and realism of the game. Oh yeah, one extra addition I really enjoyed this year, the hand gesture when someone collides with you. Thank you Codemasters as this is what I would probably do in real life.

The sound in any F1 game is normally measured by a couple of things. Number one, engine sounds. Well, make no mistake, F1 2013 has the most realistic F1 engine sounds I have ever heard over my 40 years. Granted, F1 game sounds were not very good in the early days, but these are fantastic. The classic cars boast the most beefy engine whines and the 2013 cars sound like the real thing. If you have a nice audio setup for your Mac, turn it up! You will not be disappointed. Secondly, crash sounds along with the gravel and grass sounds are done very well. Finally and probably the most important sound for the racing sim junkie is the tire squeal to let you know when you are on the edge of control and it this is done very well in F1 2013. If you are using a Logitech wheel that supports Force Feedback, the tire squeal will make you a better racer and shave precious tenths off of your lap times.

Well, the gameplay is as you would expect. Just right. Codemasters have included a lot of assists for novice racers and for the more seasoned virtual racers, turning the assists off along with the higher difficulty settings can make for a very challenging experience. But this category all comes down to, "how does it feel to play the game". Using the keyboard or a gamepad works very well and will get you quickly into the game. But the game shines when you have a Logitech G25/27, Momo, DFGT, etc. plugged into your Mac. While Feral Interactive does not officially support Force Feedback for this game, it does work very well for OSX, even within Mavericks. The FFB kext needs to be installed into the OS though. It is simply a blast to play. I have been playing the game with my Mac racing sim setup since it's release and I have not been able to stop playing. The classic 80's and 90's cars have me really hooked. Don't get me wrong, the 2013 cars are the bread and butter of the game and are fantastic to drive, but the classics take this game to a whole new level. I remember watching these monsters run in the 80's and 90's. But to be able to play as Mario Andretti and Michael Schumacher in the same game is…. well…. let's just say I am a very happy Mac racer. There is even a scenario mode in the Classics section that lets you play out different scenarios with your favorite classic drivers.

If you are a Mac racing game fan and like F1 games, this game is a must have for your system. Being able to play as some of the classic F1 drivers is not just a novelty, but a very exciting part of this game. Add this to the already stellar 2013 season put together by Codemasters and brought to us by Feral Interactive and you have a game that is near perfect in so many ways. Remember though, you will need at least 10.9.1 to run the game which does leave a bit on the table for some of the older Macs. But if your Mac can play the game, BUY IT!

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Ravensword: Shadowlands Icon
It May Be Buggy and Glitchy, But Worth The Price of Admission
by JaguarGod, USA - May 31st 2013

OK, let me preface this review with a quick statement…. no, this game is not as in depth or as polished as Oblivion/Skyrim though it is obviously inspired by it. But you know what… Having played through the entire game, sidequests and all, it is still quite fun to play and even to look at in some respects. I think I had lowered my expectations when I saw this game had been reworked for Mac. The game was great on iOS, but a lot of that has to do with the expectations of the hardware. It could be said that Ravensword: Shadowlands is a great technical achievement on iOS, but a bit of a technical mishap on OSX. No matter what though, the game is a good deal for $12.99 USD in my opinion. Let's get into the review categories.

OK, there are points of the game at which the vistas look great and easily impress. You have to remember that this game is an iOS game reworked for the Mac. With that in mind, you may have a fresh approach to Ravensword: Shadowloands. You can change the draw distance which will help the game on some slower Macs. With this draw distance all the way up, you can see quite far, but you still see some draw-in in the distance. But it does not really affect the gameplay. A bunch of strange things do appear throughout the game though. A lot of glitches, walking through walls, missing polygonal edges, floating trees and other objects, strange objects high in the sky in South Aven, and some others. But if you can look past these, there is a lot to enjoy in the graphics department. Normal mapping is used to its fullest in the environments, creatures and people of the Ravensword universe which does make the game look more next-gen, or in this case, present-gen. But all in all the graphics do their job.

The soundtrack is very well done for a smaller game. The music fits the atmosphere at most times, but does feel strange sometimes in certain circumstances. The creatures all have the sounds you would probably expect. There is some voice-over work for the NPC's, but most of the dialogue throughout the game is text. It would have been great to have this enhanced for the Mac version, but understandably, this would have been almost impossible and cost more. The weapon sounds are well done, but a bit shallow. The ambient sounds are also well done in some areas and others seem a bit too bland. This is where the music can help out.

This is where some people will be having a problem. I will try my best to project the gameplay issues realistically. The gameplay in Ravensword is in broad scope, fine. But the little details are definitely missed here. It is very easy to get around, fight and traverse the landscapes. But you will find that some strange things can happen. I have walked through walls and fallen through others, jumped my way up a mountain just to fall through a false floor and I have even been stuck inside a Dino Cow after killing it. Yes, these are the things you will encounter when playing Ravensword for OSX. One issue that has followed from the iOS version is the loot waiting time. After killing a creature, you have to wait a few seconds, sometimes 3-5 seconds for the green loot effect to become visible letting you know that you can now loot your fallen enemy. This may seem like only an annoyance, but when you are slaying creatures quickly, it really causes an issue. You will find yourself killing a group of enemies first, then returning to loot them almost in the order you killed them to get the best timing. And this does work well if you can get it right. Also, the inventory menu, in which you can equip and enhance your character and his items, is poorly done. Clicking and dragging to find items is not very efficient in this case. Also, there are times where items will overlap each other in the menu causing some initial frustration. One other point here is the "buying a home" portion of the game. If you want to do everything in the game, you can buy a home and even furnish it. I did this and found it to be very disappointing. Dropping the items and moving them is not practical and should have been addressed in my opinion. But it is a side project in the game, so it is something that can be forgiven.

The story of Ravensword, though fairly basic, is well done. The side quests, though smaller in scope, are a nice diversion from the main quest and there are quite a few of them to keep you busy. I found myself wanting to finish the current quest to get to the next one. The storytelling is not very in-depth, but it gets the job done. I was interested to know what happened and what was going to happen next.

For the $12.99 USD price tag, you get a game that tries to emulate what some other RPG's have successfully portrayed. It does that, but in a very limited role. I could not give this game five stars as I do not believe it warrants it, but it definitely earns the four in my opinion. There is a lot to like in Ravensword: Shadowlands, but there is a lot that could have been much better. With a bit more time and polish, this OSX port could be a very good game. In its current released state, the game is a nice Oblivion/Skyrim wannabe that I think you will enjoy. Just be careful where you explore or you may end up falling through the ground ;)

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GRID™ Icon
Feral Has Done It Again! Grid Is As Good Now As It Was Back Then...
by JaguarGod, USA - Mar 31st 2013

When Grid was released over 5 years ago, I never thought I would see it on my Mac. But as the relationship between Feral and Codemasters grew I was very hopeful. TOCA 3 was a great game, but Grid was such an upgrade in every way to the series. The upgraded engine (EGO) was much more realistic and the shaders were absolutely fantastic. No matter what some may say about the game being late to the Mac Party, it is definitely a case of 'better-late-than-never".

You may hear in certain circles that this game is an arcade racer and not a proper racing sim. This is true to an extent. The car speed is ramped up beyond almost all other racers out there. The speed of the cars is a bit unrealistic, but it does not take away from the overall fun gameplay. It can make it a bit tougher for those newer to the racing game genre, but should not deter anyone from trying the game. Hardcore racers and casual racers alike will be able to find something to like about this game as it does have driver assists that can be turned on and off. But it does take a little getting used to as the cars have a little bit of "wobble" at times. But not bad enough to ruin the experience. There is good steering wheel and gamepad support. BE AWARE: There is an issue with the control mapping where it does not always save your mappings and you may have to remap your wheel or gamepad upon every restart.

Again, just as with any EGO engine game, the graphics are well done and hold up extremely well to this day. Plenty of options make the game available on many Macs and the fact that the game is a bit older ensures that higher end Macs can utilize all the ultra settings available in the game. The game looks great whether or not the player uses any of the multisampling options and the car models and tracks look great. But one of the best (and most fun) parts of the game has to be the damage model. You may find yourself, at times, simply running into your competitors just to see the parts fly!

Sounds are very well implemented in the game. The engines sound great and the damage and crashes really add to the immersion. The whine of the engine can really make you feel you are in the cockpit. The pit radio chatter is well implemented and can be of use during the race.

Just let me say this, Grid is worth every penny you will pay for it. Yes, the game is over 5 years old..... Yes, the game is late to the Mac..... Yes, the game may be more than the Windows version..... YES, YOU SHOULD BUY THIS GAME NOW!

- Great EGO engine game
- Pretty graphics
- Nice Sounds
- A lot of content
- DLC included in this version
- Steering wheel and FFB available

- Game is a bit older
- Controls are not always saved so you may have to remap on restart
- Not much else

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King's Bounty: Warriors of the North Icon
Sometimes I Forget...
by JaguarGod, USA - Nov 10th 2012

Sometimes I forget that there are many games for Mac that are not racing games :) I was working on my Mac Pro and had an itching to play something differen. Something a little slower, but mind expanding all at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I love racing games and I love being a small developer for the Mac platform. But sometimes I need something a bit different. While browsing around the MacGameStore site, I stumbled across this game. Now, I have not played any of the games in this series, but for some reason, after watching the video and checking out the screenshots, I was intrigued. I was looking into Witcher 2, which is a great game, but I was looking for something a bit different than the mega-action game.

Well, after a short time and studying the videos available on the net, I decided to give it a shot. Well Here are my observations.

The gameplay is a bit more old-school and turn based. This is not a bad thing, just different than the action role playing games many people are used to today. You're not going to run into battle without thinking in this game. But the turn-based combat is done very well, and there is an option for auto-combat for novices at these types of games like me! Yeah, and I am almost 40! The camera can take a little getting used to, but you can scroll in and out along with rotating the camera. This makes movement fairly easy while exploring. The ability to speed up the combat animations is also a big plus if you like your fights to move swiftly. Many weapons and spells add to the variety of ways to fight the enemy hordes and add a dimension to the game that is a lot of fun. Also, there are a lot of quests to go on and quite a bit of loot to find along the way. Searching everywhere for hidden treasure is fun too.

OK, first let me say that the graphics are pretty to look at and well done when there are no problems. Nice autumn trees give way to snow covered tree lines or shores. But there are a few problems and bugs with the game and they really affect the graphics. There are times, if running other software, or when using certain graphics options, that the game has "situations". It is not uncommon for you to load your game and find that all of the characters and enemies bodies are invisible and only some of the accessories are visible on them. Also, if using normal or high shadows, you will have major glitches that make the game practically unplayable due to their annoyance factor. Using the neutral setting does fix this though. If these can somehow be fixed in a future patch, it would really help. I would love the run full shadows in the game. The character and enemy animations are also fine if a bit mechanical, though I think this is probably standard for this type of game? I am not sure as I do not play enough of them to know ;)

The music is well done and matches the mood of the game. But there seems to be a lot of crackling in some of the songs that are quite annoying while playing. I have tried this on three separate Mac systems and they all have the same crackling. Even when the music is set to about 25%. It makes no difference and I still have the crackling. It is not there in all the songs, only a certain one or two. The general ambient sounds and character sounds are done well. Again, nothing great, but fits the game well. I get the very familiar "exploring" feeling when the music plays during my quests though and that is definitely a good thing.

Well, I have payed a lot of money over my lifetime on gaming and now my three Children along with my Wife do the same. A lot of times we pay $60 or more for games that get about a week or less of play, then either traded in or sold. But this game is well worth the $30 I payed for it in my opinion. It is a welcomed distraction from my racing game development and playing and is more of a throwback to some of the old turn-based rpg's of my past. I am surprised I am enjoying this one so much as it is not my usual style, but the cheeky humor and motivation to find what lies in the next island is enough to keep me playing.

- Good story with some nice humor mixed in
- Pretty graphics when they work correctly
- A lot of exploring to be had
- Novice friendly (very nice)
- Load times are fairly good
- A good amount of content

- Glitchy and a bit buggy
- Crackling during some music (tried it on 3 systems and had the same outcome)
- Camera takes a little getting used to

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Rage: Campaign Edition Icon
Rage.... Gorgeous, Playable, a Bit Too Short
by JaguarGod, USA - Apr 26th 2012

When I heard Rage was finally released, I was off my rocker. I had decided not to play the game on any other platform and I waited for the Mac version. Finally, it's here and I am all-in-all very pleased with the game.

I am sure everyone has noticed the stellar graphics churned out by the id Tech 5 engine. There are moments in the game when I was in awe of the surroundings and the level of detail is astounding. There are compromises in some of the texturing as the normal mapping makes some of the lower resolution textures look better. But overall the look of the world is inspired.

The weapons are a big part of the game and they don't disappoint. Even the vehicles have weapons and are a blast to drive. The wingsticks add a nice touch and the weapon sound effects are digital gold.

The characters and their accompanying animations are smooth and give a uniqueness to the Rage universe. You feel compelled to help those you find in the game along with furthering the story. id found a nice balance between story and gunplay that works and sprinkled in a bit of Racing and vehicle combat to be safe.

I am a Mac Sim Racer, so I was a little excited about the racing aspect of Rage. Though it is an arcade style racing, it does break up the FPS aspect of the game enough to be interesting. Vehicles can be upgraded and when playing on the higher difficulties, can be very challenging. It gives me the feeling of tournament style racing in a Mad Max setting.

Now, on to my least favorite aspect of the game... its length. Even with doing most of the side quests, the game does not last very long. Also, without spoiling anything, it ends fairly abruptly. I am not sure what the idea was here, but this has been a complaint from many reviewers. I don't mind short games when, at the end, I feel satisfied. But the end (and length) of this game left me feeling a bit disappointed.

- Gorgeous world right down to the sandy dustclowds
- Sound is about as professional as it gets
- Very fun gunplay and they are upgradeable
- Vehicle combat is fun and easy to pull off
- Racing stages add to the game if you are a racing fan and are deeper than I thought they would be
- Characters are novel in many cases and feel true to the world around them
- Works with the XBOX 360 wired controller right out of the box. No third party drivers required. (See concerns below)

- Way too short in my opinion
- No multiplayer (though I do not play multiplayer as I really stink at FPS games)
- (This pertains to those Mac gamers who play games with a Logitech Steering Wheel or gamepad with Force Feedback) If you are using an XBOX 360 controller and have third party drivers installed for it, The controller will not work. Aspyr listed a fix which involves deleting certain files to get it to work. BE CAREFUL! Deleting the FFB framework file will cause your steering wheel or gamepad to lose its FFB. I listed this concern on the official Aspyr site. I don't think it is a good idea to have players delete this FFB file when it can affect other games and functionality. Also, the controller seems to work fine with this file left in. The other files appear fine to delete.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Icon
This Game Changed My Mind About Batman
by JaguarGod, USA - Apr 26th 2012

Super Hero games can be a mixed bag just like the personas and stories they are based on. And a lot of times, those games are really, really bad. But this is one game that gets it very, very RIGHT! From the music to the feeling of dread brought on by the games atmosphere, Batman: Arkham Asylum is a treasure trove of who-dun-its in the Batman universe making our hero work as hard as he can to restore order to the Asylum.

The graphics in B:AA are beautifully disturbing in all of their sometimes very organic glory. The dark undertones add a mystique to the game that I have not felt in a super hero game before. The voice acting and sound effects are meant to be played very loudly. This game was praised on the other platforms and should be so on the Mac also. It is wonderful.

There are sections of the game that can be challenging, but not overly frustrating. Sometimes you have to re-trace your steps to figure out what you should do next or what you might have missed. If I have a complaint about the game (and this is nitpicking), it would be that the island is a bit small and you end up going to a lot of places you have already been to before.

I felt compelled to find all of the trophies and other achievement-like secrets hidden around the island. And let me just say..... "The story and ending WILL NOT disappoint."

- Great graphics
- Great story
- Great voice acting
- A lot of hidden secrets around the Island to find add a lot to the game
- Does have gamepad support

- Cons... Who said anything about cons?! Seriously though, it is just really a good game.

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Moto Racer 15th Anniversary Icon
Moto Racer on the Mac..... Arcade Biking is Back.
by JaguarGod, USA - Apr 26th 2012

For those maybe younger Mac gamers, Moto Racer is a series of MotoGP/SuperCross games that were available on the Playstation consoles and the PC. I have to admit that I did not ever think any version of Moto Racer would show up on the Mac. But to my surprise, here is the anniversary edition. And I will say that I am pleased to play the game.

There are a fair amount of track layouts for each locale and the MotoGP and SuperCross cycles are abundant. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses. It does not take long to get through the game and unlock all the bikes, but it is quite fun. I will say that the game feels MUCH better with a gamepad. Heck, I even used a steering wheel and it worked a lot better than you may think.

Now, the game is quite fun to play and I am happy to have it on the Mac, but there just seems to be something missing. A certain edge from the originals that doesn't seem to be here. This anniversary edition just seems to be a little bland. The course designs are realistic and fun enough, but the racing just does not seem as dynamic as I remember the series to be. But with the small pricetag, don't let this disuade you. There is a lot of fun to be had.

- Some good track layouts
- MotoGP and SuperCross racing
- A good assortment of Bikes each with their own advantages and disadvantages
- Graphics are crisp and clear
- Driver View is available!!!!!!!
- Gamepad support makes a huge difference

- A little bland in the sound department
- Seems to be missing the racing and handling dynamic that the original series had
- Presentation is a bit too much like its iOS counterpart and that includes having to use your mouse to change views by clicking the camera icon

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Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood Icon
Buckets of Blood..... And Fun! A Bit Short on Content Though
by JaguarGod, USA - Apr 25th 2012

Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood is a game simple in concept, but a bit more complex on its execution. Don't be fooled by its more stylish and cartoon-like characters, FL:BoB takes a bit of strategic thinking and fast reactions to conquer. Oh yeah, there is a bit of blood in the game also ;) Exploding suicide bombers and headshots make for a game that I would not let my Children play. Parents, keep track of what your kids are playing. OK, with that PSA out of the way.....

There is really only one territory in the game and all of the waves happen within it which is a bit disappointing in my opinion. With more locales this game could really shine for those shooter fans looking for something different than the regular FPS. But what is included is challenging and the graphics and sounds are very pleasing.

This is a game that you can sit and play for 10-15 minutes at a time to let out some aggression or if you are competitive enough, maybe you will spend a good amount of time in each sitting. Either way, I think you will have fun. But please remember, there is not a lot to this game.

- Nice art style
- Buckets of Blood
- Shoot the chickens!
- Nice soundtrack that evolves with your actions on the battlefield
- Easy to learn, but hard to master

- One territory is not enough
- A bit repetitive after a while

- Is the price too high? Hmmm... I do not mind paying indie developers for their games, especially when they bring them to the Mac platform.

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Aquaria Icon
Wow! Sit Back and Be Amazed
by JaguarGod, USA - Apr 25th 2012

First, let me say, I love games that include real art from real artists. Well, this game has plenty of it. It is a wonder to behold in the graphics department. The animation is super smooth and the soundtrack is as engaging as it can be. The way the developers pieced this game together is a triumph of 2D gaming. I may have an affinity for these types of games because they are beautiful, but I think even the hardcore gamer who sits around playing polygonal shooters all day could find the grace in this game. There is simply something mesmerizing about it. Whether it is the soft lighting that helps you explore the underwater world or the frantic feeling you get when you encounter a large enemy for the first time, you want to further the story.

The 2D aspect of the game and maybe the fact that the game takes place under water may make some players look elsewhere for their gaming fix. But those who try this game know why many people are still spending their hard earned cash on the game to this day.

- Absolutely gorgeous
- Great sound work and sountrack
- Levels are created with care and are just as nice to explore
- The cooking aspect and spell generation are quite unique
- Works on older PPC Macs as well as Intel
- Level editor and modding tools are great for those looking to add their own spice to the game

- Hmmmm.. I really have to think about this one. What does that tell you about how good this game is?

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Rally Shift Icon
A Bit Older, But Can Still Be Fun
by JaguarGod, USA - Apr 25th 2012

I bought this game when it was first released in 2006. It was released before Colin McRae Rally Mac was released from Feral in 2007 so I was excited to get my hands on a Mac-Only Rally racer. I really enjoyed the game and I even updated the car liveries to match their real-world counterparts (not sure I still have them but I will look if anyone is interested). I ran this game on my PPC G4 Mac and it ran great. It does work with a steering wheel, though there is no FFB which was very disappointing. It still runs well under Rosetta, but without a Universal Binary, it will not run on 10.7 Lion. Hey, you never know, maybe CodeBlender will update the game?! Oh well.

Please do not expect to get a game like the recently released Dirt 2. This game is a bit older, but can still be fun to play. Now if only the price would drop a little ;)

- Runs fast on older PPC Macs
- Runs well under Rosetta
- Nice graphics especially for when it was originally released in 2006
- Includes a Garage Tool for tuning and updating the cars
- Steering wheel support, but no FFB

- A bit pricey at $24.95
- A little short on content for the price
- The free updates promised were never created (this is a big one for me)
- No Universal Binary means no Lion support

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Project Black Sun Icon
Great Old-School Style! 2D Is Still Alive.
by JaguarGod, USA - Apr 25th 2012

I am a bit older, in my late 30's, so the look and feel of this game represents what some of my favorite games ever were like. 2D platforming and shooting is having a comeback and I couldn't be happier. PBS is a nice addition to any Mac gamers playlist and holds a surprising amount of polish. With fluid animation, a wonderful art style and a great soundtrack, you are easily immersed in the universe. BUT BE WARNED.... it is difficult. If you are easily frustrated, this game may not be for you. The lack of save points and the difficulty level may turn some players off.

- Superb Old-School graphics
- Nice soundtrack and game audio
- Controls well when you get used to it
- Only $6.99!
- 2D Baby!

- Can be very difficult for some
- Controls can be a bit hard to get used to
- Can take a while to find upgrades and checkpoints
- Some of the level designs can be overwhelming and a little disorienting for some players

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DiRT 2 Icon
Great to have more AAA Racing titles on the Mac!
by JaguarGod, USA - Apr 25th 2012

Being a Mac Sim Racer, there are not a lot of racing games on the Mac that utilize steering wheels AND the FFB they are blessed with. So any time one comes out, I try it. But Dirt 2 was a welcomed edition to my racing game collection. It is very good on the Mac if you have a higher spec machine (though it does run on my other, slower Macs with options tuned down a bit). The control is well implemented and works great. There is a ton of content and the graphics are exceptional. Using a steering wheel like the G27, Driving Force Pro or the Momo makes the game that much more enjoyable as the FFB works very well.

- Great Graphics
- Tons of cars and tracks
- Audio really adds to the immersion
- Steering wheel and FFB support
- AAA Presentation
- Everything can quickly be unlocked right out of the gate!
- Oh yeah, It's Colin McRae Dirt 2!

- Steering wheel centering sometimes changes when restarted (keep the wheel centered when starting the game)

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Hard Rock Racing Icon
Nice Arcade Feel! Better with Steering Wheel or gamepad.
by JaguarGod, USA - Apr 25th 2012

First of all, the game is better with a wheel or a gamepad! I am a sim racer and a Mac sim racing game developer, so it is very nice to play an arcade style racer. This game really fits that category. It can really be A LOT of fun and the booming bass sounds great on my racing setups. Works well with my G27 (No FFB, but still feels pretty good). I feel the game is well worth the $4.99 I paid. Thank you.

- A lot of tracks
- Good sound and explosions
- Cheap price, but not cheaply made
- A lot of tweaks can be made to controls
- Works with controllers and steering wheels (This is a big one for me)

- The control can still be a bit awkward and the physics can feel a little crazy at times
- No hood cam (I am a sim racer so it may just be me who likes this option. A cockpit view would be exceptional!)

All in all a good game that I have to admit is MUCH better than I was expecting.

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Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Icon
Gunplay and Art.... All Rolled Into One!
by JaguarGod, USA - Feb 27th 2012

Couple the art-style with the immaculate gunplay and you get a game that is screaming to be played. The story in Borderlands, though not as fleshed out as it could have been, still adds to the action contained within the game. The quest for the 'perfect gun' keeps you ripping through enemies and bosses who may hold a weapon that is truly spectacular. It is this weapon-centric mechanic and the toonish-beautiful art style that separates this game from other shooters. I am very grateful this game came to Mac OSX. Let's hope Borderlands 2 does the same!

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