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Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition Icon
Great but..
by aronidisd, Greece - Feb 23rd 2014

This is a pretty nice game. The story is well located around Gotham and Arkham City, the enviroment is really well designed and the atmosphere is as sick as Protocol Ten. On the other hand, the way Batman is beating up the bad guys is kinda funny, cartoon like. I mean you start fighting a guy and on your next punch you jump 20 feet away to punch another one. Maybe a more human-fighting perspective would be better. Also, I think Batman is very very huge, his mustles are oversized! These are my thoughts, a bit tough, but I surely recommend this game! Hands on..

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Tomb Raider Icon
Very cinematic!
by aronidisd, - Feb 21st 2014

This game is really great. Wonderful places, excellent human moves and great camera following. Love the way you can challenge the bad guys, silent, headshot, bows etc. I know it's not a shoot em up game but I really enjoyed it. Completed the game once, but started all over again! I totally recommend it!

P.S. Great Mac Game Store price, don't know why so expensive at the App Store!

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