Reviews by Lili1947

Geisha: The Secret Garden Icon
Fun Gardens!
by Lili1947, USA - Nov 4th 2016

Wonderful game for people who like to design gardens. Lovely and quiet game, beautiful scenery, great variety of items to purchase and upgrade, change of Seasons too. Great Match3!

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Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention Icon
Castle Renovation!
by Lili1947, USA - Nov 4th 2016

Fantastic Hidden Objects Game! Love all the mini games, the different sites, the fairy-tale story and the many characters in this game. Hours of wonderful fun!

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All My Gods Icon
by Lili1947, USA - Oct 9th 2016

Just the type of game I love. Good story, beautiful graphics and hours of fun rebuilding!

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Farmington Tales 2: Winter Crop Icon
Great Sequel to Farmington Tales! Winter Crop is GREAT!
by Lili1947, USA - Sep 16th 2014

I own the first game and I love it but this one is much better. It's more challenging, the graphics and choices are better all around. Voices and music were improved, not as tinny as the first game. The puzzles are better, more varied and fewer in frequency which is a plus. Even the colors and designs, of different buildings on the farm, are more appealing, great improvement there. A variety of vegetables or even fruits would be great for a change. I hope there will be another game soon, in a different setting. There are a few cons. Many of the objects were not shaped correctly or too well hidden and it made it difficult to identify them. Forget about the snow fall, which was very lovely to look at, but made it even more confusing to find the hidden objects.

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