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Excellent Stealth/Action/RPG
by Daniel Steven Oles, USA - Jun 16th 2014

If you loved the underrated Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines but wish it was a more stable experience, this is the game for you! This is not just an exciting shooter but a fairly deep interactive story with lot of perks to exploration and using alternate routes to reach objectives, of which there are many. A lot of work went into going to extra mile for immersion too from social enhancements showing what personality type the NPC you're talking to is, to one upgrade allowing you to jump from any height to land on a cushion of energy. I loved the detail to the settings. On highest graphical capacity, which my non-gaming rig can run smoothly, it's a very intriguing perspective of an alternate future.

As for troubleshooting I've only had two instances of trouble which is surprisingly great for a game with this much detail and intricacy.
ONCE the game froze during a fire-fight but all it took was Option/Command/ESC to force quit the program and I never had the issue again.
Once also I managed to get myself stuck by closing a bathroom door when I was halfway through it, wedging me into a wall, but the menu still worked so I just reloaded an autosave.

Aside from that the only complaint I could possibly harbor is some hit-detection problems sometimes and repetitive dialogue, but that plauges the best of games on occasion.

If you like William Gibson's books, The Matrix, Blade Runner, conspiracy theories, the question of transhumanism, having lengthy conversations with suspect characters, either engaging in heated gun battles or sneaking and silently subduing your enemies to sucess, take the ticket and ride the ride!

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Bastion Icon
Atmospheric, Strategic Action Game
by Daniel Steven Oles, USA - Feb 19th 2014

The pallet is diverse, the narrator is one of the best in any game I've played, the controls are tight and the music is fantastic. If I could ask for anything it would be a little more skill on my part because this game does not mess around difficulty wise, but its constantly reinventing the challenge and introducing more and more of the unique and surprisingly somber storyline. Highly recommended!

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