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Kathy Rain!
by Walt Kerouac, Faroe Islands - May 8th 2018

Definitely one of the best adventure games I've played lately. It's set in the 90s and has a lot of heart and atmosphere with well-written characters. Not a lot of backtracking and no insanely illogical puzzles where you just have to keep trying till you happen upon some random solution. Good game, recommended.

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The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Icon
4-5 stars if you're a LOTR fan. 3-4 if not.
by Walt Kerouac, Faroe Islands - May 20th 2014

- Good combat gameplay where timing matters.
- Another side of Middle Earth lore.
- Beautiful graphics in many places.
- You don't spend too much time in one place.

- Sound is poorly mixed. Even when you change settings, dialogue sometimes drowns in background noise or music even in the cinematic sequences.
- Voice acting. Apart from a few notable characters, the voice acting is more reading than acting.

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