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Basic but fun
by Pierre Esneau, France - Jan 4th 2014

A basic strategic game …. No funky graphics…. Basic rules close to risk but different scenarios make it fun as these get harde rand harder to master and on any given scenario you can choose a tougher side to play with…

So at the end of the day a very addictive game which has a lot of playing time in it….

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Good but not outstanding
by Pierre Esneau, France - Jan 4th 2014

This game has good graphics, a wide breadth of buildings to build, a difficulty rating not too high but challenging somewhat, a multiplayer aspect linked to the fct that cities are set in regions where other mayors can interact with you … so it had everything to be a winner and I was looking forward to it….

But building cities is plagued by the fact that the individual city playing ground is so limited that you can't exploit the different features available. You soon feel cramped and then to keep on playing need to move to another city which will at the end of the day frustrate you again as once again you'll run out of living room…and on top of it, that second city will oblige you to rego through most of the actions you already went through to create your first city…..

So after a while you just drop the game and don't bother with it again as you know that you'll be frustated again after repeating mostly what you did the first time….

Happy to have played it but not part of my hall of fame ….

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