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Fine shooter but
by Salvadore, Germany - Feb 18th 2011

This is an example of what can already be done in the shooter genre: consistent design and a load of weapons/tools to use. However, since I played Borderland, I miss the open space of a real landscape, the great sights. I suspect the story was tweaked to go underwater in order to not having to cope with the coding problems of landscape. The rooms are dark throughout. You will like it all nevertheless but, still, something is missing.

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Plays well even on a mini
by Salvadore, Germany - Dec 26th 2010

Yes, I have it here on a Mini from 2009 with 2 Gb memory. I only had to decrease the resolution, as with 1200x1024 there were sound glitches. Graphics are still enjoyable on 800x600, SF comics Moebius-like if you know what I mean. Most importantly, keyboard can be reconfigured and you should make use of that. This is a must for any shooter fan.

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Crash didn't stop me finishing
by Salvadore, Germany - Dec 22nd 2010

I agree it's a nice & complete game. The crash wasn't stopping me, as far as I remember, as I did finish the game.

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