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EV: Nova

Excellent game

I have been playing ev nova for many years and i had thought that it would never come to the new mac os much to my surprise i got the mac games store news letter saying ev nova was a new new release I have played every story line yet it is still a very fun game. hours of internment. it deserves a spot in action rather than in arcade. any one who is looking for a fast passed adventure (at least after you make a few credits) will love this game.

by joe, USA - Sep 1st 2009
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Prince of Persia The Two Thrones


Okay so i was debating wether or not to get this game... i thought maybe ill get jade empire instead. but i'm glad i ddnt this game kicks. whats better than running on walls? This is a geat game, i would hav paid more (though i do like the price) awesome graphics too. overall a great buy, get it you dont kno what your missing.


by joe, USA - Aug 4th 2009
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