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Desperados III - Digital Deluxe Edition

Great tactical game

If you like Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun and the Wild West, then you will love this game. :)

by Noodles214, Germany - Oct 25th 2021

Still There

Alone in space

Still There tells an emotional story about loss and grief and combines it with very challenging puzzles. I recommend it. :)

by Noodles214, Germany - Sep 30th 2021

Black Mirror

Disappointing horror adventure

I can't recommended this game, it has too much problems. The controls and the camera are a disaster. There are technical issues like stuttering, a lot of annoying loading times, which get longer, the longer you play, only solvable by restarting the game and sometimes the game suddenly changed to English, although I played it in German.

There are almost no puzzles. Mostly you are just searching for the next hot spot, which continues the story. At some points you have to complete stupid QTEs, they are no fun. So when the gameplay is not good, the story has to be. But it isn't. It starts interesting, but there's no real suspense and all of a sudden it's over. My recommendation: Better play the old Black Mirror trilogy.

by Noodles214, Germany - Apr 5th 2021


Nice stealth game

Aragami is a good little stealth game. Like in Dishonored your character can teleport. But in Aragami you can only teleport in the shadows. And you need the shadows to regain your shadow energy, which is required for some powerful shadow abilities. Some of them are a little bit too powerful, that's why the game felt for me more difficult at the beginning than at the end. And unfortunately there are not much different enemy types, so the game tries to keep up the challenge by increasing the number of enemies, not by giving you harder enemies. But anyway I had my fun with Aragami, it feels good, when you creep in the shadows, teleport from one to another and get past the enemies in a blink of an eye. Another plus factor: It's really a stealth game. When you get spotted, it's over, because in combat you have practically no chance. So I can recommend this game for stealth fans, which like the japanese setting.

by Noodles214, Germany - Jul 22nd 2018

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series (Telltale Key)

Good one

I'm not the greatest fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but I liked them. And so did I with the Telltale game. Although of course it's more an interactive movie than a game. The story is thrilling and also takes its time for calm moments and character development. And for me it felt like it has a more serious tone than the movies. But of course there are still funny moments. And like the movies the game has a great classic rock soundtrack. Most of the action scenes are really good choreographed with the music.But the game has one lowlight, which is episode 4. This one has only a few good scenes and a lot of scenes, which feel like fillers to get some more playtime. But all in all I had fun. Let's see, if there will be a season two.

by Noodles214, Germany - Jun 18th 2018

The Dwarves

Good audio book, bad combat

The Dwarves plays like an audio book with making decisions and combat. You travel on a world map, listen to the narrator and at some points you can explore the levels or you have to fight. While the story is well told, the combat doesn't make a lot of fun, that's why I played on Easy. The combat system is pausable real-time combat. But it's much too chaotic, confusing and the pathfinding of your heroes doesn't work well, which frustrates at some points. So I recommend you playing on Easy and enjoying the story.

by Noodles214, Germany - Feb 1st 2018

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story

Nice sequel to A Normal Lost Phone

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story is the sequel to A Normal Lost Phone. Gameplay-wise nothing did change. You find a lost smartphone, search through its data, read SMS and mails and solve little code-cracking-puzzles. The puzzles are a little bit more difficult than in the first game, but still not very hard. Again the most important part of the game is the story, which you unfold by reading all the texts on the smartphone. I liked it.

by Noodles214, Germany - Nov 28th 2017

A Normal Lost Phone

Nice little game

In A Normal Lost Phone you find a lost smartphone and it's your decision, whether you try to find out, whom it belonged to or you just erase the data and the game is immediately over. Of course I chose the first. It's fun to search through the data and learn the story of the owner by reading SMS or mails he was writing with his friends and family. There are also some small puzzles, when you have to find passwords. But not very difficult. The story is clearly the most important part of the game. And I liked it.

by Noodles214, Germany - Sep 13th 2017

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Very long and good adventure game

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is a long game. It took me over 25 hours. And these hours were a lot of fun. The puzzles are good and logical, but for me they could have been a little bit more difficult. So I can recommend that game also for adventure beginners. The story is very funny, but unfortunately it ends open, so we have to wait for The Book of Unwritten Tales 3.

by Noodles214, Germany - Sep 13th 2017


Atmospheric horror adventure game

In Stasis you wake up on a spaceship, where cruel experiments are made on humans. You don't know how you got there, but you know that you want to escape. The game is very atmospheric and brutal, not for the faint-hearted. The most of the story is told by very good written diarys, which you find on certain PDAs all over the spaceship. I liked reading them. The puzzles are mostly good designed and logical, but at some points a little more clues would have been helpful. For example you don't get descriptions for the items you find, so the use of them is not very clear and you have to find out by trial and error. If you liked Stasis, I can recommend Cayne, it's set in the same story universe and you can play it for free on GOG or Steam.

by Noodles214, Germany - Sep 13th 2017

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