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Hard West Icon
Starts off fun, but buggy
by Tana Pigeon, USA - Jan 21st 2018

I found the game interesting, even if at times unintuitive in how to make it all work. The visuals and gameplay are good and it was initially engrossing for me, but I would hit the occasional bug in the game that whittled away my enjoyment of it. This seems like a game that could have used more playtesting. On that level, it feels a little amateurish to me. I eventually put it down before completing it since the flaws kept drawing me out of the drama of the game.

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Among the Sleep Icon
Atomspheric and intriguing
by Tana Pigeon, USA - Jul 29th 2014

A creepy horror/mystery game told from the intriguing point of view of a two year old protagonist. The visuals and audio add to the atmosphere of the game. Much enjoyed.

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