Reviews by Imagi77

ReDrawn: The Painted Tower

Among one of those Dreams~

This happened to be the one game that introduced me into this community. I was so enamored by the story and idea in this game that it felt like I was thrown into a storybook adventure.

A young lady with an enchanted talent of bringing paintings to life is need of rescuing, and going through her living paintings is the only way to come to her aid before a horrid ruler tries to prevent a prophecy from coming true. Are you tough enough to endure?

by Imagi77, United States - Nov 26th 2023

Immortal Love: Sparkle of Talent

Not too Shabby

I gave this series a try and only one became a favorite of mine. This one was a little choppy but the story isn't too bad. The premise is a little odd though. The puzzles aren't too tough in this series. Once again we have lovely scenery but that is the only upside I got from this one.

by Imagi77, United States - Nov 26th 2023

Living Legends: Voice of the Sea

Fairytale Wonderlands~

That is basically what I will label these games, in general. The Living Legends series are all connected in their plots and are all played off of classic Grimm's Fairytales. The Player becomes part of the story in these plots, as you face evil within these beautiful worlds.

These are nice to relax to and players point and click their way through, finding tricks to go on deeper into the stories. Some may find these boring but they help me focus on ideas I want to write about, which I find awesome.

Give these a try~ they are quite intriguing to play.

by Imagi77, United States - Nov 26th 2023

Bridge To Another World: Cursed Clouds Collector's Edition

The Land of Storybook Fancy~

This is one of the best of the Bridge to Another World, in my opinion. You travel through an enchanted book, you reunite with a magical friend as the world seems to be intact until you discover that there is a darkness threatening your childhood fairyland.

The world building is lovely, and the voice acting is good and engaging. The puzzles are a bit challenging but enjoyable.

by Imagi77, United States - Nov 26th 2023

Immortal Love: Bitter Awakening

A little stroll down Nostalgia Lane~

If you are looking for a spark of that and you grew up with some old 90's fantasy films, then this game might tickle you.

This is for a romance lover's fancy, as you will get Romeo and Juliet coinciding with the tragedy of 85's LadyHawke. The character interactions are pretty flexible, the plot is not rushed or thin and the puzzles are not annoyingly too challenging.

The scenery is glorious to look at at any time, as there is no time constraint. The music and sounds throw the player into the game's world nicely. It's an overall joy to play for point and click finders.

by Imagi77, United States - Nov 24th 2023

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