Reviews by Casey C.

Tremendously good turn-based strategy!
by Casey C., Ireland - May 10th 2019

It can be overwhelming at first, but once you get into all the inbetween mission management, there's an astonishingly good strategy game here. I'm absolutely delighted with it!

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Battle Chasers: Nightwar Icon
Harkens back to the PS1 era of JRPGs
by Casey C., Ireland - Mar 23rd 2019

Battle Chasers gets the turn-based combat formula right, when a lot of contemporary JRPGs have lost me with convoluted battle systems, this hits me right in the nostalgia center, recalling old PS1 titles I adored like Breath of Fire III.

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Beholder Icon
Great dystopian game.
by Casey C., Ireland - Mar 9th 2017

It's wedged somewhere between Papers Please, and This War of Mine, with a 1984-style fictional dystopian past. It's a remarkably polished title that is deeply immersive, as you play a landlord tasked with spying on your own tenants. The soundtrack helps greatly with the mood and atmosphere of the game. Recommended.

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