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by Donald L.2, USA - Jul 11th 2018

Playing against the computer there are 3 levels I don't think I bothered playing the first level. In the second level at times the computer seems like an easy opponent It seems like I can win without putting in much of an effort. In the 3rd level seems like the only way you can win is to be an expert at these dictionary words.Does have nice stats. Would be nice if there were more and better skill playing options when playing against the computer.

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Hoyle Official Card Games
by Donald L.2, USA - Apr 12th 2018

A very nice collection of card games like Spite and Malice and Rummy 500. Also 50 solitaire games. Nice graphics. However, this program does not seem to have a feature of saving your games. So, if you you were to be in the middle of a game, and you want to stop playing. You quit the game, get back to it later you have to start all over again.

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BVS Solitaire
by Donald L.2, USA - Apr 11th 2018

Huge collection of card games, very addictive. They also supply rules for all the games. I am very happy to have this in my collection.

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