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Zombie Night Terror

Best Lemmings game you can get

Last time I played good Lemmings game was the Lemmings itself on Amiga Commodore more than 20 years ago. This game reminded me these old days and I am fully satisfied with this piece of art.

ZNT is challenging puzzle game where you can play the bad guys. If you like zombies you'll find a lot of easter eggs and references to classic zombie movies and some of the new ones. This game has good sense of humour, really good pixel graphic and great music. Finishing whole game took me about 30h (which is a lot as for indie game) and there are more levels made by community. Don't hesitate if you like zombies/puzzle games.

by Polot, Poland - Mar 9th 2018
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Evoland 2


Evoland 2 has everything that Evoland offered you and a lot more. You can find all kind of games here (Final Fantasy's turn combat, Tekken's fights, Zelda's exploring, jRPG, SHMUP and many more). Boss fights are great, soundtrack is amazing. If you liked Evoland you'll love this game.

by Polot, Poland - Jan 27th 2017
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