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Zuma Deluxe

For those who get stuck on a level

I loved Zuma Deluxe but like one of the other reviewers got frustrated at having to repeat the sub levels repeatedly, until.... I noticed that mysteriously, sometimes when I loaded the game I was half way through the sub-levels, not at the beginning and realized that this was because I had saved the current game and left before I had lost all my lives at the end of the level. Voila! At the end of every sub-game I saved it and exited, then re-loaded the game, to find myself at the sub game where I had left. A bit of a nuisance? Yes, but a whole lot less frustration than repeating the same sub levels over and over and over again.

by witchypoo, England - Aug 17th 2012
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Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights

Reviewing part of the game

My first comment echoes the previous reviewer's. The game is ridiculously slow to load and play. I usually have time to go away and do something else whilst it loads.

Now I am stuck at a particular point in the game with no effective hint. Specifically I have to thread some pearls on a necklace, and despite wasting endless hints and searching the entire scene pixel by pixel I have been unable to locate two of them. As there is no way to skip this, the rest of the game is wasted.

On the plus side the concept is good and the graphics clear, and the game developers have found some interesting ways to enliven what is, after all, just another hidden object game.
If you like hidden object games I think it's worth a go, but I wish someone would show me where those pearls are!

by witchypoo, Barbados - Aug 13th 2009
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Luxor 3

much better than luxor 2

I had loved the original Luxor, found Amun Rising too easy and hated Luxor 2, which I bought without reviewing it first and found it to be a real bore.

Luxor 3 has eliminated almost all of the things I found irritating about Luxor 2 and it's great fun!

by witchypoo, Barbados - Jul 6th 2009
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Destination: Treasure Island

I so enjoyed this game

I can only agree with previous reviewers that this is such a fun game! The puzzles were logical and do-able, without being too simplistic. I had a real sense of accomplishment by the end of the game.

The graphics were good, the scenes believable, and the characters agreeable.

My only slight criticism was that some of the expressions/quotes used might have been a little strong for younger players, even though one quotation came straight from the Bible!

by witchypoo, Barbados - Jun 30th 2009
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