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Card flip
by Janice, USA - Jan 20th 2007

After upgrading to OS10.4.8 game action slowed remarkably. Card flipping sped up even after trying some mouse adjustments.

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Amazing, thrilling, creative
by Ann Deane, USA - Jan 20th 2007

Age of Empires 3 is a great game and has a basic story line taking you through 3 ages of fun and adventure. even when you beat the game you still can play in skirmish mode and play as the: turks, spanish, dutch, russian, england, french ect... the only bad part of this game is that it takes 64 VRAM to run and most people may have this but some people only have 32 (you should check under system profiler what your VRAM is). but if you had a chance between age of empires 3 and some other game you should chose this one!

this review was made by: carter logger

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A diner dash with something extra
by Shanna Flaschka, USA - Jan 14th 2007

This is just like Diner Dash, but for the Harry Potter fans among us. Instead of just taking the order, you must fill it for the correct potion. One thing I LOVE is that you can queue you moves, up to four places.

The only thing I would like is the ability to choose the upgrades to the Inn, a la Diner Dash 2.

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Beautifully Done
by Grant Schenk, USA - Jan 13th 2007

Yet another perfect port from Feral Interactive. The Movies will keep you entertained for many months to come as you quest for the perfect movie. If you are at all a lover of "Tycoon" type games, this one is for you. Download the demo and you will be hooked.

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Sluggish action
by Katmacgamestore, USA - Jan 8th 2007

Somebody tell me it's not just me! I love this first Diner Dash and was excited to see this next version, but I'm about to ask for my money back because the movements become unbearably sluggish by the third round. The whole reason I can't continue is because Flo won't GO!! She's missing steps like throwing away dishes, so every step thereafter is for naught because her hands are full. It's frustrating.

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Missing Level Editor
by BU2B, USA - Jan 8th 2007

It's true the game is only as violent as you play it... but it would be nice if the advertised LEVEL EDITOR "PostalED' was actually included! Once again... you own a Mac, you pay the same for the software as the PC version but get less! ARRGH!!!

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A Nice Strategic Game
by Mariah Turner, USA - Jan 8th 2007

Not the most challenging game on the market but, it's good game. The game itself is easy to understand and is pretty fast paced. It offers 3 levels of play (easy, average, and challenging) as well as a tutorial. For a novice gamer, it's an excellent choice. A more experienced player might not find it challenging enough.
The graphics aren't fantastic, but they are clear and easy to see.
Overall, I recommend this game for beginning gamers, but not so much for video game veterans.

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get it..NOW
by kalpesh Patel, United Arab Emirates - Dec 28th 2006

Superb game. I was playing it on my PC i have it on my Intelmac. Awesome pass time.

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Great Game, Needs Power
by MasterK, USA - Dec 28th 2006

Civilizations 4 is a wonderful, fun, immersive, addictive game that is a highly reccommended buy, if you have the system to run it. In this game, you run your civilization down to the nitty gritty. You can negotiate with leaders, explore on ships, discover science and settle the world, from the dawn of man to the space age. Every feature works perfectly, and the interface is great. Expanding borders is great fun, and although war is a key feature, this is also a simulation. However, this game has one big problem: system requirements. At first, I was knocked off my feet by its requirement of 3.5 GB of hard disk space, but I decided to order it anyway. To those with full disks, it actually only takes about 2.9 GB if you only drag the civ 4 folder to your hard drive. However, the game also requires a 64 MB graphics card. Although the graphics are decent, they are somewhat lacking in detail, and my 32 MB card was abe to handle almost every game I threw at it. However, if you really flip for this game, I found that my 32MB card could handle it, at the cost of scroll speed on the map and warrior animations in battle. I wouldn't approach it with a 16 MB. If you can run it, get it. If you can't, dont, but either way, this is a great, addicting, fun, easy to learn game that will appeal to everyone.

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The Gimmicky Money Puzzle
by MasterK, USA - Dec 23rd 2006

Although the "cute" and "money " aspects are mostly gimmicks, the game is a lot of fun as a puzzler. You must match up rows of the same color and shape gem to blow them up. There is a generous distribution of power ups, and the push of the gems gives it an action-packed, fast paced feel, and makes it challenging and fun.

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by cody shinaman, USA - Dec 23rd 2006

This game is great, it's a must buy.

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A Big Mistake
by Brandon Taylor, USA - Dec 23rd 2006

I purchased The Sims 2 and an expansion four days ago, remembering how fun The Sims was back on my PC. The package arrived promptly, and the installation was semi-quick, taking only 15 minutes total for both The Sims 2 and its expansion.

I was excited to jump in and get started, but I was very disappointed about what came next. Crashes. Sure, I could load neighborhoods without problem, but if I tried creating a family or playing one of the premade families, the game would lock up and I would have to force quit.

I spent the next hour troubleshooting and I still couldn't fix the crashes. I felt I was cheated out of my money. I run an iMac and I pass all of the recommended requirements.

So please, if you want to risk it and purchase this game, buy it for a Mac Pro. Perhaps it will have better luck than my iMac did.

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Fun if you like RTS...
by Randolph Shipon, USA - Dec 23rd 2006

... except I hate Real Time Strategy.

Warcraft, Starcraft, and this game make me bite my fingers. I just don't like having responsibility for managing units while everything else is going wrong. If that's what you enjoy (how can that possibly be fun?!) then this game is beautifully rendered and for you.

Anyone want to buy my copy?! :) Just kidding.

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Doesn't run well
by Randolph Shipon, USA - Dec 23rd 2006

Try as they might to get this game to run for me - and it eventually got me to the first area - the staff at VP could not get it to run on my 1.67 GHz PowerBook G4 running 10.3.9. It crashed after the first section and I guess the staff at VP lost interest in helping me fix it.

Otherwise it looked interesting. But I bought something that doesn't work for me, and frankly, I'm a bit disappointed.

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NOT the same old thing! I love this game ...
by Patricia A Cousineau, USA - Dec 23rd 2006

I am an old player (52) of all sorts of games (computer, sports, board, you name it) and am always looking for something new, something that challenges in a unque way. So many games are old games in new clothes ...

This product is SO unque, some days I would not even call it a game but rather an education program; some days I think it is the best game ever.

Essentially, it is a set of puzzles that builds on each other, with no set solution beyond reaching a goal. A solution is provided, if you get stumped, but there is nearly always more than one way to reach the prize.

I bought this game for nieces (6 and 9), and I learned it first to get them started. They are also completely addicted. Shrieks of laughter and groans of delighted despair!

This is a fun forever game, completely replayable. The physics of the graphics is awesome. Thank you to the programmers!

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Why is it Free?
by MasterK, USA - Dec 20th 2006

Fish Tycoon is a basic, beginners simulator. It works in every element, but it is very simple, and, as with all real time games, slow. The sound is boring. It is a good intro to simulators, but the free web version is enough to get a beginner started. Afterwards, you would be better off getting a Sid Meyer or Will Right title as a keeper.

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