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Figment - Deluxe Edition contains the Figment official soundtrack and the game.




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  • Action  Adventure  Indie  
  • 2/12/2018
  • English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian
  • Single-player
    Full Controller Support
A musical action-adventure set in the recesses of the human mind... Welcome to the world of Figment. A strange and surreal world; a place filled with our deepest thoughts, urges and memories, populated by the many voices we hear in our heads.

This mind has been quiet and calm for many years. But something has changed. New thoughts have started to emerge - taking the shape of nightmarish creatures who spread fear wherever they go. The only hope is for the grumpy Dusty, the mind's former voice of courage, to get back to his old self and help the mind to face its fears.

Join Dusty and his ever-optimistic friend, Piper, on an adventure through the different sides of the mind, solving puzzles to set things straight, beating back the nightmares and seeking to restore the courage that's been lost.

The full original soundtrack for Figment
01 Figment Theme (2:37)
02 The Plague’s Song (02:21)
03 Spider Queen’s Song (04:35)
04 The Fear of Loss Part One (05:48)
05 Piper’s Intermission (0:44)
06 The Fear of Loss Part Two (00:54)
07 Song From Figment (03:41)
08 Cerebrum Cider Blues (04:19)
09 Creative Thoughts (04:48)
10 Ticking Clocks (04:44)
11 Pathways (04:33)
12 Victory Call (01:47)
13 The Sound of Disease (01:42)
14 Puke Rats (01:57)
15 Watch Out - Eight Legs (02:46)
16 Creepy Crawlies (02:00)
17 Tentacles (02:20)
18 Composition Square (04:51)
19 Train of Thoughts (01:47)
20 The Symphonic Lobe (02:30)
21 Dangerous Machinery (02:22)
22 Planning Plateau (02:26)
23 Its Raining Teeth (01:06)
24 The Entourage (02:26)
25 Riding the Snake (00:53)
26 Birdhouse Party (01:07)
27 Figment Theme Reprise (01:23)
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Mac OS X10.12.5Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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64bit SupportUnknown
CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed2.7 GHz
System RAM8 GB
Drive Space8 GB
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny
Important Notes:
  • Requires Steam and a Steam Account to play.
  • Screen with support for either 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.

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