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Restore the ancient kingdom to life in this unique matching game.




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The ancient kingdom is in trouble! The magic of the four elements that kept it running for centuries has been corrupted by evil powers and the altars no longer yield the energy of life. It is up to you to unlock the 4 ancient books of magic and collect 16 mysterious cards that will help you restore the kingdom to life. An adorable little fairy will be your aide in this perilous journey as you encounter elementals, dragons, knights, and various magic creatures. Using a mix of classic addictive game play ideas but taking them to a new level with innovative twists, explosive bonuses, spectacular visual effects, and fascinating storyline in amazing animation, this game is a load of fun.
  • 4 books of magic to unlock and study
  • 16 mysterious cards to collect
  • Gripping storyline presented in beautiful animation
  • 64 captivating levels with 20 challenging bonus tasks
  • Rich variety of bewitching magic creatures
  • Stunning visual effects and fantastic bonuses
  • Fully animated adorable little fairy as your aide
  • Unlimited replayability


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64bit SupportNo
CPU TypeUniversal
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed2 GHz
System RAM512 MB
Drive SpaceUnknown
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny

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  1. Hmmm
    by adkb, Switzerland - Dec 29th 2015

    Engaging for 64 levels, then they change the rules. Game way too short for price paid. Sadly, I don't have the patience to persevere and finish it. Will not be purchasing from this developer again.

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  2. Excellent match 3 for all ages
    by meauro, Italy - Jan 6th 2015

    The fabolous context and the mixture with click and find hidden objects (not so hard) make thies game an excellent choice for everyone who appreciat the match 3 gameplay. Probably the best choice for those who'dlike to begin this kind of games. Also a good idea as a gift for kids who approach first computer games (my 7-year old nephew appreciared very much). Also bought the sequel.

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  3. More levels please
    by richard filbert, USA - Jun 1st 2012

    Is was a fun game but way to short!!

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    by Susan Ethier, Canada - Apr 2nd 2012

    Love the game, but the end is almost impossible to get through??must have tried 50 times?? the 'arrow guide' moves too fast, and even if I'm keeping up with the explosions, it's unfortunate that the screen moves with the computer's progress (instead of mine).

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  5. love this game!
    by Kare Hunol, USA - Oct 18th 2011

    It's beautiful, and it's challenging. Lots of fun. Cool graphics. Occasionally you need to repeat a level. As others have said, a couple of the final levels amp up the time pressure. Definitely easier with a mouse. Played it all the way through twice when I first got it, and return to it periodically. Nicely done.

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  6. A favorite
    by Karen Pierce, USA - Sep 27th 2011

    One of my favorites games! Beautiful graphics, music, sound effects. I have replayed this game many times just because I love the Air element. The last bit is kind of hard, but if it wasn't the game might not feel like it had a real ending.

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  7. Great Game, worth the money!
    by Larry Marshall, USA - Jun 3rd 2011

    delightfully challenging, the second to last level was frustrating, seemed like I retried it about 40 times but finally got past it. The last level was not quite as difficult. I loved the game, would like to see more like it. Larry

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  8. 4 Elements
    by Nory Saltman, Canada - Mar 26th 2011

    This game has beautiful graphics and is a joy to play, until the last two levels. It seems unfair that up until that point the gameplay is adequately challenging but doable. Then all of a sudden the last two levels are ridiculously difficult. I was able to finally pass the second-to-last level only to be confronted by the last level which I found impossible, at least with a laptop computer using a touchpad. It seemed as though the designers out-sourced the last two levels to an evil imp with lightning fast fingers. I had to start a new game without finishing the first one, so sad! If you don't mind missing out on the end of the game, then buy it, you won't regret it.

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  9. 4 Elements
    by Goud lokke, USA - Aug 31st 2010

    I really enjoyed this game in every area. Only the second last game was a bit of an obstacle don't play when you are tired. everything else was perfect. Can't we have more similar ones from the same developer?

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  10. Great game
    by julian groom, Belgium - Aug 1st 2010

    I love this game but I beat the last level

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  11. Great game!!!
    by Stacey Nogueras, USA - Jul 15th 2010

    I enjoyed this game sooooo much! It's visually beautiful and I love the water flow aspect of it. Very entertaining, although I must agree with some of the other reviews that it lost its "fun" factor at the timed boards. But, that was at the very end, so it was tolerable. I wish there were more games like this!!!

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  12. The 4 Elements
    by meghan macdonald, USA - Nov 29th 2009

    This is the best game I have ever experinced. I wish they would give me a whole year to enjoy it insted or a puny little hour. Right now I am saving up my allowence to try and make an attemp to by it. Of corse my parens might not O.K that idea because I'll have to use their credit card.

    Oh well, still the, BEST GAME EVER!!!!!

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  13. Great - and yet not recommendable!
    by Steffen D., Sweden - Jul 30th 2009

    A very nice and different match 3 game. You love it - until you reach the last but one level!! The time until you're stock in a dead end street is so short, that you have mere no chance to solve it. Have tried so many times without succes. This is not my way of relaxing! So after all: waste of money! Come up with an update of the game that is a little more realistic!

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  14. Enjoyed it until the end
    by Christi Clogston, USA - Apr 7th 2009

    This is a pretty Match-3 game. However, at the very end, there is a screen that I've found impossible to get through - the timing is such that you have to memorize a set of moves learned through dozens of trials. Not my cup of tea. I thought that sort of strategy went out with Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. Oh well. Never finished it.

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  15. Fun until...
    by Robert Roth, USA - Feb 14th 2009

    A fun game for fans of this genre and the water-flow element seems new to me BUT... after playing almost all of the levels we are suddenly presented with a speed challenge.

    This is not my style, and 97% of the way through the game is NOT the time to start changing the rules.

    Bad move in designing what was otherwise a very enjoyable game. Guess I won't find out how it ends.

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