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Aquaria Icon
Original and addictive
by meauro, Italy - Dec 20th 2015

Many others have well described the game, anyway what it makes it a "must have", in my opinion, is the mix of these elements: captivating music and sound effects, rich gameplay (action, combination of sounds and items, exploring), good graphics and the chance to create your own environment. Also appreciated the narrator voice which unveils some info about Naija. A very good and original game

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Azada Icon
by meauro, Italy - Dec 7th 2015

This puzzle game surely sets a good standard since it offers lots of intriguing challenges and puzzles of any kind mixed with joyful, thrilling and varied music themes. Cinematic atmposphere and difficulty level increasing progressively. My wife and I enjoyed this game a lot and gifted it to a couple of relatives for their kids (they liked it too very much)

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Osmos Icon
Evergreen with an "oniric" atmosphere
by meauro, Italy - Dec 7th 2015

Another "classic" game which everyone should play... You have to drive a living cell through specific environments trying to survive in multiple ways but basically with a primary rule: in order to move around your cell must sprout some of its matter but the goal is to absorb minor cells in order to maintain an equilibrium. Believe me: it's not easy as it seems. There are plenty of tricky situations where you have to think it twice before doing something. Evergreen challenge with music themes truly captivating (yes, use your headphones to enjoy fully the game).

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Heroes of Might & Magic V Icon
Fine achievement for a classic RPG
by meauro, Italy - Dec 7th 2015

I played Heroes of Might & Magic on Mac for over a decade: the gameplay has been enriched in time with further scenarios and creatures, gorgeous graphics and effects, compelling story and cinematic representations. A good rpg indeed.

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Glowfish Icon
Smooth playing
by meauro, Italy - Dec 7th 2015

The gameplay is smooth as well as the controls. Good and gorgeous graphics for a nice and swift gaming for all ages.

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Secret of the Lost Cavern Icon
Good story, interaction and graphics
by meauro, Italy - Dec 7th 2015

Written by a French team, this adventure puts us back in the Stone age in Europe, in a real location. The story is original, the challenges require a moderate effort and the locations are very beautoful and detailed, making the interaction absolutely realistic. This adventure dstinguishes from many others making it a unique experience,

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Age of Enigma Icon
Fun and captivating atmosphere
by meauro, Italy - Dec 5th 2015

This adventure combines a story with multiple "chapters" combining puzzle and mini games of different kids. The beginning soundtrack as well as many other music thems are captiating and create a nice atmosphere. The graphics are not complex but pleasant. The sgameplay is not too complex and the guide provides useful hints if you get stuck. My need is to have some pleasant adventuring sometime and this game is a good answer.

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4 Elements Icon
Excellent match 3 for all ages
by meauro, Italy - Jan 6th 2015

The fabolous context and the mixture with click and find hidden objects (not so hard) make thies game an excellent choice for everyone who appreciat the match 3 gameplay. Probably the best choice for those who'dlike to begin this kind of games. Also a good idea as a gift for kids who approach first computer games (my 7-year old nephew appreciared very much). Also bought the sequel.

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Luxor HD Icon
Fun and challenge at a super price
by Marco Muratori, Italy - Sep 25th 2011

This is my first Luxor series title and I recommend it to anyone for more resaons:

- long lasting gameplay since the basic rule "match 3 (or more)" has to be managed in different ways in every scenario due to the different path of the marbles and the need of balancing opportunities (long chans i.e.) and risks (marbles near to the pyramid)
- nice graphics
- good music ("cinema" style)

Also to appreciate the different modes of gameplay and the multiple profiles of players (so all family memebers may play according to their styles)

Eventually the gameplay, music and scenography remind me the superb "Ancinet Quest of Saqqarah", an evergreeen to buy with one's eyes shut

There's already a big fish games' title, Atlantis Sjy Patrol, which has the same gameplay along with good graphics and music (i tried the demo one year ago) .. but I give Luxor HD an evaluation above average since it offers all of the above at a superb price (6,99 vs 19,95 of Atlantis Sky patrol)

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Ancient Quest of Saqqarah Icon
Excellent gameplay, music and effects
by Marco Muratori, Italy - Nov 13th 2010

I like "match 3 games" and there's a lot of them outside. But Ancient Quest of Saqqarah outstands all of them for three key elements:

- lasting and varied gameplay (each temple has its own rules anc consequently different techniques)
- cinema like and sometimes hypnotizing music
- detailed graphics and gorgeous animations

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