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Fun, Fast paced and Challenging

I love this time management game; it is a colourful, intricate, fast paced, amusing and challenging. The graphics are lovely and the sound effects are great, they work so well with the rythm of the game as the pace picks up. Read the tutuorials carefully or you may (like me) be left wondering why the Golden Sheep don't appear. Two levels of difficulty and as it is so enjoyable, plenty of replay value. If you liked Roads of Rome you will enjoy this game, which is better. I have also played all of the Adelanta Trilogy but enjoyed this more. Loved the golden sheep and the altar power ups. The awards at the end of each game were great too! Loved it.

by josiejay, United Kingdom - Sep 10th 2015

Rescue Team 4

A great game just got better!

A challenging and rewarding time management game series just got a whole lot better. Your rescue team must battle through earthquakes, landslides, snow & ice, volcanic eruptions, floods & fire in order to rescue people and pets who have become trapped or injured. The inclusion of the 'zombie geddon' and 'pet apocalypse' levels (level 29, my favourite) clearly make this game the best in the series so far. The rescue team can call up boats and helicopters to help step up the rescue efforts. All the levels are well thought out and not repetitive, all requiring slightly different tactics in order to complete the challenge in time. The inclusion of the best time recorder is excellent as this enables you to see your progress. Great fun, plenty of replay value. The sounds and effects are just right. The extra awards for playing certain levels in different ways was another positive improvement. The only odd thing about this game is the 'Jesus Moment' in level 26, but that just made me laugh so not a problem!

by josiejay, United Kingdom - Dec 29th 2014

Rush for Gold: Alaska

Great time management game - fun & addictive!

The beauty of this game is that you get so much replay value from it as you hone your technique and strive for three stars on all 40 levels. The more stars you gather the more you can purchase to improve the settlers town. The music, sounds and varying pace of the game work together perfectly to help you direct the workers to achieve their tasks. The colour and variety of each level prevents it from being repetitive. Look out for the wolves, bears and gangsters which add a little extra challenge and fun to each level. The adorable little folk which run around in this game will make you laugh but they give a feel good factor to this game when they all dance, clap and cheer when you complete a goal. I also liked the speed up, slow down and extra resources buttons which you will have to use to get three stars on all levels.

by josiejay, United Kingdom - Nov 6th 2013

Rescue Team 2

Enjoyable and plenty of replay value.

Enjoyable game with lots of challenges to overcome. Once you have got used to the game you soon start to work out ways to improve your time. I found that I was cheering the rescue workers on to get back to base before the bell rang. All the levels, perhaps bar one, are acheivable to gold level - but challenging enough to keep you coming back for more.
Grumbles about the game - this is quite a fast paced game and sometimes it was not clear if the mouse click registers with the action - but I noticed that this has been improved in version 3 by adding a tick next to the action clicked.
The game could perhaps be improved if the map/scenery was a bit more 3-D in appearance. If you enjoyed this game you will love Roads of Rome.

by josiejay, United Kingdom - Oct 4th 2013

Rescue Team 3

Fun game.

I really enjoyed rescue team 1 & 2 so was glad to try the 3rd game. This version is Fast paced and fun. Some of the improvements to the game were positive such as
the better animation of characters, the inclusion of robbers, doctors & firemen. The use of a small tick to register a selected action was an excellent idea, particularly useful when the game reaches a more hectic pace. Having a best time record was also a positive change.
I loved the animal rescue scenarios - rounding up the rabbits and squeaking badgers made me laugh. I think that a purley animal resuce game would be amazing.
Changes to the game that were embarrassingly annoying were the characters and conversations between each level. Trying to appeal only to a male audience I think is also a mistake and may account for the reason why this version of the game is rated lower than the previous games. However my biggest grumble about this game is the fact that the gameplay to achieve gold level is virtually impossible to acheive on many levles and I doubt very much that any of the staff that developed this game actually trialled the game to this level. The time is ridculously short on many levels and even perfect game play will not acheive gold - frustrating and reduceds replay value. I have played Rescue one and two and felt that the levels were set just about right, they gave you a challenge that you could eventually achieve .....this aspect of the game 3 is very annoying.

by josiejay, United Kingdom - Oct 4th 2013

Roads of Rome 3

Fast paced, addictive and challenging

This fast paced time management game is very enjoyable and slightly addictive. The sounds and visuals are just right and once you get used to the game they help you flow with the rythm of the game. In order to unlock the extra game-play you have to acheive expert level on all levels. The difficulty is set just right, challenging enough to keep you coming back for more but not frustratingly difficult to the point of impossiblity like some other games. All the levels are acheivable but you need to keep a close eye on your resources, focus on your goals and have a strategy - plenty of replay value here.

The weird things about the game - the faces of your Roman soldiers strongly resemble the band members of The Beatles - you might find yourself yelling "No" or "Yes" at the computer a lot

by josiejay, United Kingdom - Sep 4th 2013

Mystery of the Ancients: Curse of the Black Water Collector's Edition

Great story line, animation and beautiful artwork and puzzles.

Really enjoyable game. Great story line with lots of animated scenes throughout. Artwork is beautifult & colourful and hidden object games have just the right level of difficulty. The mini game puzzles are also excellent and attractively designed. The game play length is also a lot longer than many similar games, and a bonous chapter is also included. One of my favourite games of this genre and one that I have replayed several times.

by josiejay, United Kingdom - Aug 31st 2013

Roads of Rome 2

Just the right amount of addictiveness and challenge

Clourful, fast-paced game that will get you thinking quickly. The 3-D landscapes are dotted with a wide variety of obstacles and essential items to gather, making you think carefully about how you use limited resources to enable you to reach more before they run out. Each game is different, throwing up new items and challenges so does not become repetitive. There is replay value as you strive to get an expert award at each level in order to open the bonus chapter. Not quite there yet, half-way through, so I hope that it is actually possible to acheive the expert award on all levels. So far it has been a challenge but possible. Very enjoyable game.

by josiejay, United Kingdom - Aug 30th 2013

The Fifth Gate

The Fith Gate

Beautiful game. Potion making aspect of the game is unique and enjoyable. Plenty of challenges and upgrades throughout the game. Also option to replay levels to gain expert status at each level which makes it replayable and good value.

by josiejay, United Kingdom - Jul 27th 2013

The Great Tree

Charming delight of a game.

Beautiful and charming game. Enjoyable, yet challenging in a relaxing sort of way.

by josiejay, United Kingdom - May 14th 2013

Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

Beautiful but.

A colorful, beautiful land populated by interesting creatures and gorgeous plants. I enjoyed the beauty of the game but was frustrated as some of the mini-games were a bit clunky and unplayable (pig game for instance). Hidden object games occoured infrequently and were rather sparse. Had a lot of potential but disappointed.

by josiejay, United Kingdom - May 12th 2013

Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits Collector's Edition

Mayan Prophecies

Great story line, beautiful, colorful scenes and interactive puzzles. I loved the hummingbirds and the otherworldly objects that you collect as you go through. Art work was lovely and the ideas for games/puzzles excellent. I really enjoyed the laboratory section as well. My favourite HOG to date ! The only very minor criticism is the awards section, they were not as beautiful as the rest of the game. Diary enteries and Mayan Calendar also brilliant.

by josiejay, United Kingdom - Apr 28th 2013

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