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Roaming Fortress
Many years have passed since their mighty fortresses fell and the Manatalopian Knights were forced from their lands. Brutalized by the merciless Goblin Horde, the Knights searched for hope in the borderlands of their fallen kingdom. Domesticating a herd of wild Burdenbeasts, the Knights realized they may have found the secret to reclaiming the lost Kingdom of Manatalopia.
The time has come for you to command your own Roaming Fortressand bring the fight to the enemy!
  • Test your resolve while facing wave after wave of unique enemies.
  • Perfect your strategy with interchangeable fortresses that allow for numerous unique squad configurations.
  • Reclaim the Kingdom of Manatalopia as a Roaming FortressCommander of the Manatalopian Knights.
  • 70 Levels, 50 additional challenges, 88 Squads, 33 castles (3 extra with steam), and 8 creatures
  • Over 60 unique enemy units and structures
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CPU TypeIntel Mac Only  —  
CPU Cores2  —  
CPU Speed2 GHz  —  
System RAM1 GB  —  
Drive Space242 MB  —  
Video RAM128 MB  —  
Video CardAny  —  
    by daisyborat, USA - Feb 25th 2014

    Great concept, original idea,

    A bit monotonus, and hard to get perfect scores each level, and the further you go the harder it is, then you run out of money and you just play the levels over and over to grind out gold to help beat the new levels. I think they did a great job coming out with an original idea, original concepts, original characters and levlels etc. just sort of wore on me about 2/3 threw the game, doing the same old thing, wishing i bought the wright thing the first time. gets hard to enjoy after that.

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