Reviews by Juanita705

The Book of Unwritten Tales Collection

Beware Critter Chronicles!

The first 2 games are great, but Critter Chronicles crashes constantly. I can't play the 3rd game in the bundle.

by Juanita705, Canada - Mar 28th 2017

The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles

Crashes constantly

I bought the 3-game bundle but can't play the 3rd game, Critter Chronicles, because it crashes.

by Juanita705, Canada - Mar 28th 2017

Awakening: The Skyward Castle

Could be better

I felt this game wasn't as good as the others in the series. I didn't enjoy the mini games as much and this game had a few bugs in it. A few of the mini game puzzles I completed but it wouldn't let me move on until I clicked the hint button. Also, when I defeated the gargoyle, it stayed on the screen. Hoping the next game in the series picks up a bit!

by Juanita705, Canada - Jan 16th 2017

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

The series...

The Dreamless Castle and the other 1st few games in the series were very enjoyable, but I'm on the 3rd or 4th game now and am finding the minigames harder and more tedious and the storyline not as enjoyable. Hopefully it'll pick up again since I'm only halfway through the series.

by Juanita705, Canada - Jan 15th 2017

Roaming Fortress

Action strategy

This game is good if you're looking for action and strategy, but keep in mind it really isn't a tower defense game. Yes, you equip your "roaming fortress" with things to defend and attack, but there is quite a bit of effort required on the player's part to manually select what attacks to use and manually target the enemies. Also, from what I can tell, it looks like the further you progress in the game, the fewer auto-target equipments are unlocked (I'd better practice my aim, haha!). If you're looking for something with more calculating strategy, I'd suggest looking for something more like a tower defense, but if you're looking for a game with action strategy, this is pretty good.

by Juanita705, Canada - May 23rd 2016

Beyond Eyes

Just an experience

Pros: Experience what it might like to be blind. Realistic storyline. Steam achievements to unlock gives it a bit more replay value. Cons: Steam account needed (I didn't realize this until after purchasing and had to create an account, which was annoying). Game play is mostly just walking around and the story and scene unfolds as you walk. There isn't a whole lot of interaction. Lastly, the chapter where it's raining is frustrating because the rain erases the memory of places you've already revealed.

by Juanita705, Canada - Mar 29th 2016

Emerald City Confidential

Well done fun!

The film noir style was well done, the diversity of Oz characters from the original series was impressive and made me nostalgic (nice tribute to Frank Baum and his books!), and the game play was not too easy but not too hard, either. It had a good story line and I was sad when I finished the game. I'd love to see more games like this one!

by Juanita705, Canada - Jan 31st 2016

Broken Age

Not a great adventure

I found the character's objectives were not very clear for the different scenes, the conversation dialogue choices were often awkward, and the fight scene for the Mog Chathra is frustrating. I've only played as Vella so far and am not looking forward to the rest of it if it's as frustrating and annoying to play. Navigation is a little tedious as there is no quick and easy way to jump from location/scene 1 to 4, you have to go through location/scenes 1, 2, and 3 before getting to 4. And again, the dialogue choices are kind of 'off' sometimes, for example, a dialogue choice for Vella was to ask for a riddle to be repeated to remind her what it was, but she hadn't even heard the riddle yet. Lastly, the plot line is fairly predictable. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this game.

by Juanita705, Canada - Jul 6th 2015

Lilly Looking Through

Best adventure game I've played!

I loved this game! The graphics are beautiful, the storyline intriguing, the puzzles just the right difficulty (made me think but not frustrated). The last chapter's puzzle takes a little more perseverence than the others but the only way I would change my rating to a lower one is if Geeta Games didn't come out with the sequel (There is a cliffhanger ending and I'd love to see more of the story unfold and how it ends.)! Of all the puzzleventure games I've played, this one is my favourite. It'll be hard to top!

by Juanita705, Canada - Jul 5th 2015

Moebius: Empire Rising

Try demo first!

I'm grateful I was able to try the demo before buying. I didn't care for the game at all, there were too many movie scenes, and even during gameplay I felt I spent a lot of time watching the main character walk extremely slow, and when I used the 'teleport' to move faster it made the scene feel very disjointed. I felt like I was pixel hunting at times and at other times I felt I was left guessing without enough clues. Thank you for the demo, but I'll be looking for a different game.

by Juanita705, Canada - Jun 23rd 2015

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