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The creators of the ground breaking My Kingdom for the Princess series, bring you Druid Kingdom, a new popular resource management game with a fantastic new plot. Continue honing your skills in this unique genre that combines time management, simulator, and strategy, in four astonishing and colorful fairytale settings!

This game will send you on a magical trip accompanied by new characters: Jack, the young king of the Seven Hills, and his beautiful companion Etain. Your quest for the Staff of the High Druid leads you on an incredible journey through the mysterious lands of the Druids, the sands of Babylon, the alchemists' country, and the rocks of Alamut. You will fight against evil desert genies, rebuild the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, save the alchemists' country from destructive dragons, and learn Etain's secret.
  • A game mechanic that combining the specifics of time management, simulator, and strategy;
  • A whimsical and engaging plot line;
  • Four fairy-tale settings;
  • Superb graphics and sound
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CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed1.2 GHz
System RAMAny
Drive SpaceUnknown
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny
  1. Little game with replayability but a few annoying factors
    by Moo, France - Aug 25th 2014

    Agree with the previous reviewer, the character's speech bubbles are right in the way when you're trying to get stuff done quickly and there's no way to click to get rid of them. So they linger on the screen long after you've read them and are trying to see what you're doing. Very annoying. Also worth noting is the fact that there is a further level which is locked and you presume as you play the game it will unlock like all the others. It doesn't. At the the end of the game it just says, locked, coming soon. Assuming this may or may not be released. Not bad for the money though, keeps you interested.

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  2. Meh!
    by JRPV, Canada - Jun 23rd 2013

    If you liked the 'My Kingdom for the Princess' games, you'll find the graphics in this one even better. I would have liked to give this game a better rating, but there are some real problems with it that I believe the developer should fix.

    For example, they have characters pop up in the middle of a level, and while you're trying to run around as quickly as you can to get everything done, the developer sees no problem with having these annoying speech bubbles pop right up over the areas you want to go to, so that you can't get there until their pointless yammering is over with, killing precious time.

    Also, you're not told to be sparing with spending your points you gain, which you will need to use to open further levels along the way. Don't do what I did the first time out and spend all your points before you get to a higher level. Otherwise you've got to play and play and play and play….the first levels you've already done, just to get enough points to open the next levels. A real waste of time. If you do happen to do that, just do what I did and erase your profile and start over which is a LOT faster.

    Overall, I think the developer made a couple of huge blunders with this game. Too bad, as their My Kingdom for the Princess were so good.

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