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In Travelogue 360 Paris, you explore Paris, find souvenirs, contribute to a travel magazine and have a great time. All in beautiful 360 degree graphics.




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Among its renowned landmarks and hidden gems waiting to be discovered, Paris holds something new for each of its visitors. Scour some of the worldís most famous locations for souvenirs as you prepare to be interviewed for an upcoming article in Travelogue 360 magazine. Locate items hidden in 3-Dimensional views of the Eiffel Tower, down the Champs Elysees, under the Arc d'Triomphe, and others of Paris' most beloved landmarks. Find your own Paris in this incredible voyage.
  • 22 eye catching locales
  • Explorer and Tourist modes
  • Thousands of souvenirs to find
  • Learn Fun Facts along the way
  • Mini-games galore


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Mac OS X10.5.8 *Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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* Not compatible with: 10.7.x, 10.8.x, 10.9.x, 10.10.x, 10.11.x
64bit SupportNo
CPU TypeUniversal
CPU CoresAny
CPU SpeedAny
System RAMAny
Drive SpaceUnknown
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny
Important Notes:
  • Not compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion and later OSX/macOS.

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  1. Must be me... I got stuck... couldn't finish demo
    by lmtur, USA - May 26th 2011

    Sorry to say, but my Paris adventure ended before I could get my "suitcase" packed. I got into the "suitcase" packing and the instructions were written more for IBM. I don't have a mouse that has a right and left button, so the articles would not rotate for me. I tried the control button, which works on most of my other games, but didn't work here. Once I placed the first item (at the wrong angle) all the other items wouldn't fit in correctly, but then, it wouldn't let me go back and make a correction, so I was stuck with no way out but to quit the demo. There's no way to reset. So for me... this game was not appealing. Sorry.

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  2. There are more!
    by RRS Artist, USA - Oct 30th 2010

    If you like this game, there are two others from the same developer, and they keep getting better

    1. Rome - Curse of the Necklace
    2. Mystery in London


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  3. Favorite game ever
    by Tana Butler, USA - Oct 29th 2010

    I'm a hidden object fiend, and this game is the best one I've ever played. When you add all the other technical wonderment, including the game's music, it's just about a perfect game. I'd give it a ten if I could. Spectacularly designed, and a complete pleasure. I wish all hidden object games were made with this much thought and expertise.

    LOVE IT.

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  4. Travelogue 360 Paris
    by Nancy Allen, Canada - Apr 14th 2009

    This is the third 360 game I've played. The other two were in London and Rome. All three were superbly done, masterly crafted and extremely enjoyable to play. I recommend all three of them to everyone who enjoy hidden object games.

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  5. Like Being in Paris
    by Tom Lewis, Canada - Jun 1st 2008

    If you like the "find things" games, then this is a must. It gives the real flavor of Paris and the French countryside, and starts with authentic photography. The 360 degree movement is excellent, and zooming is helpful.

    There are many environments to play in, and by the time you have picked up your "souvenirs" you feel you know the area well. The jigsaws, while very simple, are clever with their puzzle shapes, and every level of completion gives you a tidbit of French history.

    The music, although a bit repetitive, is still non-intrusive, and adds another French seasoning to to this remarkable tour of France. Added sound effects over the music tends to make you feel as if you're really there, in 22 different places, and the sound looping is long enough not to drive you crazy.

    I really liked this game. If you like "find it" games and virtual reality, then Travelogue 360 Paris will not disappoint you.

    Tom Lewis, Canada - June 1, 2008

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  6. Bonjour
    by Alison Faiella, USA - Mar 30th 2007

    I loved this game. This is from the same creators of Mystery Case Files, so if you love the MCF games then you will love this one. There are quite a few differences between this and MCF though.

    First the places that you vist are not flat rooms. You can swivel 360 degrees around as well as up and down. It almost makes you feel like you are really in Paris, checking out the Eiffel Tower.

    Second you can zoom in. This was a great feature, because the rooms have more depth and so things that are hidden in the back of the room are easier to find once you zoom in. The zoom feature also allows you to see more details in the palces that you visit, like the texture of the stone floor, or the color of the flowers in a tapestry.

    Lastly the hints work differently in this game. You have to surf the room once you hit the hint button and it will let you know when you are getting closer to the object. Once you use a hint it has to recharge before you can use it again.

    The only complaint I had with this game, and I have the same complaint with MCF, is that sometimes it asks you for an object and there are multiples of that object in the room but it will only let you choose the one. For instance in one of the rooms it asked for a fish, and I clicked on a fish that was mounted on a plaque. It wouldn't accept that, and it doesn't give you grace clicks like MCF so time is instantly taken off the clock. There was another fish in the room, but I think they should better clarify that.

    Other than that I highly recommend this game. I really enjoyed it.

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    by Judith Junkroski, USA - Feb 20th 2007

    This game is clever, beautifully done..One of the most unique games I've had the honor of seeing or playing...Don't hesitate in buying this one,its' a keeper!...Of special interest is the choice of a timed game or a more leisurely paced game...The "side" puzzles are a lot of fun and certainly an added bonus..I hope that there are many more Travelogue Games for the Mac fans!...Thank-you so much

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