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Caught up in a giant waterspout that leads straight to the new Atlantis, Curtis Hewitt finds himself a stranger in a world of cutting-edge technology and ancient beliefs.




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In order to be able to return home at last, he will have to free the people of the new Atlantis, oppressed by bloodthirsty and merciless Gods.

Sail the seas, somewhere between Patagonia and New York, on an old ship dating from 1904, take off aboard a modern, technology-packed vessel; explore rural villages and meet Atlanteans; hide in the deep forests, travel 8,000 years back in time to discover the Lost City of Atlantis... and make your way to the sacred site inhabited by the Gods!

Soon, forgotten secrets will rise to the surface... Destiny is on the march...
  • A first-person adventure game with a captivating scenario and colorful characters.
  • Interact with more than thirty different characters including Atlantean Gods...
  • 5 main universes with more than 20 different environments to explore.
  • Intuitive and fluid navigation thanks to a 'point-click' interface.


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64bit SupportYes
CPU TypeUniversal
CPU CoresAny
CPU SpeedAny
System RAMAny
Drive SpaceUnknown
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny

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  1. Primitive Game
    by MetricHammer, USA - Aug 23rd 2016

    Interface is annoyingly cumbersome. You click an arrow some distance ahead of you to move forward scene by scene, then click on people to talk to them. I couldn't take more than 10 minutes of it, and that was at least 8 minutes of being stunned that it wasn't getting any better.

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  2. Fun with very beautiful graphics
    by ronaldo S. Ortiz, Philippines - Dec 27th 2015

    The game is filled with mysteries which makes it very compelling to play.Together with the beautiful graphics this makes me rate it as very excellent.

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  3. Short but fun.
    by JT&LB, USA - Nov 5th 2014

    It's OK- pretty simply-easy to play…no puzzles.This version does not have many of the challengers as written in the walkthrough I found. You can not save the game, it saves by itself. When you return to the game there is a "continue game" option, which is nice. So if you buy it, and get stuck, a walk through may confuse you more than help you. Finished in one day, but it was fun.

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  4. Really awful game
    by Krista Watkins, USA - Mar 17th 2014

    This was probably one of the worst adventure games I have ever pruchased and played, and I am an adventure game junky. My biggest complaint is that you don't really "play" this game per say. Mostly you just walk around, click on people and listen to them talk. There are very few items to find, pick up and use, and those you do have to use are very self explanatory and take no thought to figure it out. Game was extremly boring, story was ridiculous and the idea of the game was horrible. Totally regret this purchase.

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  5. Fun and challenging
    by Lisa in New Jersey, USA - Nov 27th 2013

    This offbeat game allows the player to explore a mythical world. The visuals are very good — although you do run into a few dead ends. Overall, it's well worth the money.

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  6. Atlantis Evolution
    by mitchy, USA - Oct 7th 2013

    Annoying, too simple, no option but 'full screen', not enough help at the onset, and the music is annoying (yes, you can shut it off). The main character looks like a bad Pixar version of Ben Affleck. There is little to do in the game except chase your tail around endlessly on paths and villages with nothing interesting in-between. I rate it 'one star' because of the above. The developers must have been bored when creating this and wanted the player to share the same...

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