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Silent Service 1+2
  • GENREStrategy
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0400 hours, Tuesday, August 12, 1942… BATTLE STATIONS! BATTLE STATIONS! Enemy convoy identified on radar!

The world is deep at war, and you're submerged among the enemy. Prepare to dive into Silent Service, the submarine simulation that recreates authentic World War II sea patrols in the bloody waters of the South Pacific.

From the second you take command, you'll live by the motto FIND 'EM, CHASE 'EM, SINK 'EM, as you follow instruments, charts and your instincts in search of hostile convoys. Is a submerged daylight periscope attack best or do you charge in on the surface at night using only radar bearings to guide you? Do you fire a spread of your precious torpedoes or can you close the range and pick off the enemy with a single torpedo shot? These decisions and many more are yours to make as you take your place among the elite ranks of the Silent Service!
  • Includes Silent Service and its sequel Silent Service II.
  • Challenging combat versus single ships and heavily escorted convoys.
  • All the critical battle stations: engine room, conning tower and ship’s bridge.
  • An infinite variety of situations using complete maps and charts for the entire Southwest Pacific.
  • A wide selection of historical scenarios from individual attacks to patrol missions.
Silent Service 1+2 © 2014 All rights reserved. This product and logo are trademarks of Tommo.
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CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU SpeedAny
System RAM1 GB
Drive Space1 GB
Video RAM64 MB
Video CardAny
  1. You can't go back....
    by Warren Mannell, USA - Aug 29th 2014

    I used to love this game back in the 80's. This version basically doesn't run and has no instructions to help. It's supposed to have versions 1 and 2, but there's no sign of 2. Save your $$.

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  2. Brought Back Memmories
    by tltroyer, USA - Aug 25th 2014

    Well all I can say is I first played this game on my PC back in 1986(?) if I remember correctly. However, it doesn't seem to want to run on my iMac very well. It seems to hang up and I have to exit the program. Have a list of commands would be helpful as well. I did figure out that the different screens are function keys. I'm thinking after I have more time playing with it it might be okay. I bought for the memory, but not sure it's worth the money at this point.

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