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A brand new adventure from master storyteller Jane Jensen! Malachi Rector, an antiques dealer with a photographic memory, gets pulled into the center of a global conspiracy.





This thrilling new adventure game from master storyteller Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight, Gray Matter) and Phoenix Online Studios (Cognition, The Silver Lining) introduces Malachi Rector, an expert in antiquities whose photographic memory and eye for detail transform people and clues into interactive puzzles.

When a secretive government agency enlists him to determine whether a murdered woman in Venice resembles any particular historical figure, Malachi is left with only questions. Why would the U.S. government hire him - a dealer of high-end antiques - to look into a foreign murder? Why does David Walker, a former Special Forces operative he meets in his travels, feel like someone Malachi’s known all his life? And how come every time Malachi lets his guard down, someone tries to kill him?

Moebius: Empire Rising is a contemporary adventure that merges classic point-and-click puzzle solving with Jane Jensen’s sophisticated storytelling. Travel the world using Malachi’s unique deductive powers to analyze suspects, make historical connections, and uncover the truth behind a theory of space and time the government will defend at any cost.
  • New murder-mystery adventure from legendary designer Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight)
  • Use your photographic memory to analyze clues, crime scenes to fit historical patterns
  • Travel to Venice, Cairo, Zurich and more unraveling the mysteries of space and time
  • Blends 2D and 3D graphics to create sophisticated story, atmosphere and puzzles
  • Unravel a global conspiracy that threatens to disrupt the very fabric of life
  • Inspired by modern retellings of classic detective stories


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Mac OS X10.6.8Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed2 GHz
System RAM512 MB
Drive Space2.5 GB
Video RAM512 MB
Video CardAny
Important Notes:
  • Optional Steam Key provided with purchase. Not required.
  • Demo is stand-alone. Full game of 1.5gb downloaded after purchase.

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  1. If you like Sherlock Holmes games you would like this game!
    by Mandingo, Spain - Apr 25th 2016

    Another brilliant adventure from Jane Jensen, good story and puzzles.

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  2. Try demo first!
    by Juanita705, Canada - Jun 23rd 2015

    I'm grateful I was able to try the demo before buying. I didn't care for the game at all, there were too many movie scenes, and even during gameplay I felt I spent a lot of time watching the main character walk extremely slow, and when I used the 'teleport' to move faster it made the scene feel very disjointed. I felt like I was pixel hunting at times and at other times I felt I was left guessing without enough clues. Thank you for the demo, but I'll be looking for a different game.

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  3. Fun Game
    by JT&LB, USA - Nov 15th 2014

    This game has a great story line, first rate voice acting, lots of humor, logical flow, great graphics, and good music. It took just a bit of time to realize how the anaylize part worked, but once it was understood, it was really fun to do. Hope they do another like this.

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