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F1™ 2013: Classic Edition
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Make history with F1™ 2013!

Compete for motorsport's ultimate prize in the official computer game of the 2013 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™. Jump behind the wheel of this season’s cutting-edge cars or race with the great drivers of the 1980s and 1990s in magnificent machines brimming with power and charisma.

F1 Classics mode lets you loose on four famously challenging 80‘s and 90‘s circuits, racing against legendary competitors such as Michael Schumacher and Alain Prost. Combine classic and current cars on old and new tracks to create your own unique FORMULA ONE™ trials.
  • Career mode: From the first qualifying session in Melbourne to the dramatic final laps at São Paulo, pursue the coveted Drivers’ World Championship in an epic recreation of the full 2013 season.
  • GRAND PRIX™ mode: Shape your own FORMULA ONE experience by creating custom championships with any combination of circuits from the 2013 season.
  • Scenario mode: Take on 20 high-pressure challenges inspired by authentic FORMULA ONE racing situations.
  • F1 Classics mode: Master the mighty cars and demanding tracks of the 1980s, and battle the era’s legendary drivers.
  • Mid-session saves: Need to make a real-life pit stop? Save your progress and the next time you play, pick up exactly where you left off.
  • Improved handling: Perfect your racing lines with the most realistic handling model yet.
  • Multiplayer: Double up with a friend in co-operative championships and prove yourself in 16-player cross platform (Mac and PC) online races.
  • F1 2013: Classic Edition is a premium version that includes the 1990s Content and Classic Track packs, containing six cars and twelve drivers from the 1990s as well as the historic Imola and Estoril circuits.
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Mac OS X10.9.2Download the Mac Game Store App to compare your Mac requirements in real-time.

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CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed2.4 GHz
System RAM4 GB
Drive Space13 GB
Video RAM512 MB
Video (ati)ATI Radeon HD 4670 *
Unsupported Video Cards: ATI Radeon X1300, ATI Radeon X1600, ATI Radeon X1900 XT, ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT, ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro, ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT
Video (nvidia)NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M *
Unsupported Video Cards: NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500, NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300, NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, NVIDIA GeForce 9400, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT, NVIDIA GeForce GT 120, NVIDIA GeForce GT 130, NVIDIA GeForce 320M, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M
Video (intel)Intel HD Graphics 4000 *
Unsupported Video Cards: Intel GMA 900, Intel GMA 950, Intel GMA X3100, Intel HD Graphics, Intel HD Graphics 3000
Important Notes:
  • Requires Steam and a Steam Account to play.
  • The following cards require you to have 8GB of system RAM: Intel HD4000.
  1. Good game; if you're michael schumacher
    by Adam Burford, Australia - Oct 17th 2014

    I'm probably just an R-tard, but after a few hours i still couldn't compete on amateur difficulty in career mode. I'm not particularly un-coordinated and am quite versed in gaming but this was beyond me. My interest in F1 is kinda vague but i thought this might be a fun game. I was quite wrong. I was last, getting lapped by second last in career mode, without any monumental stuff ups … this just did my head in. good graphics / sound / interface though.

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  2. The F1 Game Mac Racing Fans Have Been Waiting For...
    by JaguarGod, USA - Mar 10th 2014

    Quick Note: My review is based on the Mac App Store version in which the game includes only split screen and LAN multiplayer racing and not online multiplayer. Thus I did not include an online multiplayer component to my review. I apologize for this. I just thought this review might help people to understand the game itself.

    When Feral Interactive released F1 Championship Season 2000 all those years ago, they let us F1 fans know they were here for us. It was a while before we received another F1 installment, but F1 2012 was a great surprise. A modern F1 game on OSX that looked great and played just as well. But there always felt like something was missing…. Well, F1 2013: Classic Edition gives us that little bit more.

    Well, what can I say about the graphics? Anyone who knows Codemasters games knows this game looks great. From the beautiful sunlight shining through trees and objects to the gritty and realistic damage model, the game is one of the best on the Mac. The car models, especially those of the classic cars, are painstakingly recreated for our pleasure. The lighting and shading in the game is some of the most realistic you can get in any game as Codemasters has been honing this tech for many years now. The game is quite simply, beautiful to look at. Subtle lighting effects and the not so subtle "marbles" built up outside the racing line add to the aura and realism of the game. Oh yeah, one extra addition I really enjoyed this year, the hand gesture when someone collides with you. Thank you Codemasters as this is what I would probably do in real life.

    The sound in any F1 game is normally measured by a couple of things. Number one, engine sounds. Well, make no mistake, F1 2013 has the most realistic F1 engine sounds I have ever heard over my 40 years. Granted, F1 game sounds were not very good in the early days, but these are fantastic. The classic cars boast the most beefy engine whines and the 2013 cars sound like the real thing. If you have a nice audio setup for your Mac, turn it up! You will not be disappointed. Secondly, crash sounds along with the gravel and grass sounds are done very well. Finally and probably the most important sound for the racing sim junkie is the tire squeal to let you know when you are on the edge of control and it this is done very well in F1 2013. If you are using a Logitech wheel that supports Force Feedback, the tire squeal will make you a better racer and shave precious tenths off of your lap times.

    Well, the gameplay is as you would expect. Just right. Codemasters have included a lot of assists for novice racers and for the more seasoned virtual racers, turning the assists off along with the higher difficulty settings can make for a very challenging experience. But this category all comes down to, "how does it feel to play the game". Using the keyboard or a gamepad works very well and will get you quickly into the game. But the game shines when you have a Logitech G25/27, Momo, DFGT, etc. plugged into your Mac. While Feral Interactive does not officially support Force Feedback for this game, it does work very well for OSX, even within Mavericks. The FFB kext needs to be installed into the OS though. It is simply a blast to play. I have been playing the game with my Mac racing sim setup since it's release and I have not been able to stop playing. The classic 80's and 90's cars have me really hooked. Don't get me wrong, the 2013 cars are the bread and butter of the game and are fantastic to drive, but the classics take this game to a whole new level. I remember watching these monsters run in the 80's and 90's. But to be able to play as Mario Andretti and Michael Schumacher in the same game is…. well…. let's just say I am a very happy Mac racer. There is even a scenario mode in the Classics section that lets you play out different scenarios with your favorite classic drivers.

    If you are a Mac racing game fan and like F1 games, this game is a must have for your system. Being able to play as some of the classic F1 drivers is not just a novelty, but a very exciting part of this game. Add this to the already stellar 2013 season put together by Codemasters and brought to us by Feral Interactive and you have a game that is near perfect in so many ways. Remember though, you will need at least 10.9.1 to run the game which does leave a bit on the table for some of the older Macs. But if your Mac can play the game, BUY IT!

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