Northgard - Nidhogg, Clan of the DragonRequires Northgard to play.

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The most alien of all clans, the Dragons follow ancient customs and embrace freakish traditions. They use sacrifice and slavery to further their goals, often earning the other clan's distrust.

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  • Simulation  Strategy  
  • Shiro Games
  • 12/10/2018
  • Northgard
  • English, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese-Brazil, Polish, Spanish-Spain, Turkish
  • Single-player
    Online Co-op
Nidhogg, the Clan of the Dragon

The most alien of all clans, the Dragons follow ancient customs and embrace freakish traditions. They use sacrifice and slavery to further their goals, often earning the other clan's distrust.

Slavery, Sacrifices and Dragon Essence gauge
Slavery is an important part of the clan’s economy. Like the regular civilians, thralls can travel in neutral territory and fight.

Thralls do not count towards your population and do not require housing. Their maximum number is based on your current population number. They consume less food than a Villager, and gather 50% less resources than a civilian.

There are 2 different ways of getting new thralls:
-You can buy them from your longship dock. the price of each thrall will increase after each purchase.
-After getting the Capture Lore, you’ll be able to enslave other faction's people.

Thralls are a powerful economic and military asset but beware of their number! If by any chance your regular population falls under your Thrall population, they will rise against you!

The Sacrifices & the Dragon Essence Gauge
The Clan of the Dragon starts each game with an already built exclusive building: the Sacrificial Pyre. Through this building, you’ll be able to send every unit you have to be sacrificed to honor the gods and gain their favors.

Sacrificing a unit will earn you Dragon Essence that can be used to unlock various bonuses.

Dragonkin and their Altar
The Clan of the Dragon does not have access to the regular Military Building. The only military camp you’ll be able to build is the Dragonkin Altar. Each Altar increases your warband size by 1 (2 if upgraded).

Giving a Villager his Dragonkin form is a non-reversible process and will consume 50 Krowns (+10 per new Dragonkin) and 1 Dragon Essence. Dragonkins are ferocious military units, far more powerful than warriors.

The clan starts with several bonuses:

  • Your civilians can go into neutral territory.
  • No Happiness or Production penalty for being wounded.
  • You start with a Sacrificial Pyre. You can build a Dragonkin Altar instead of other military buildings.
  • You start with 2 Thralls. You can buy thralls from your Longship Dock.

The Dragon's Lore Tree

    The Clan of the Dragon has 5 new Lore:

    • Hard Labor
    • Blood, Sweat and Tears
    • Capture
    • Slave Trade
    • Draconic Frenzy
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    Important Notes:
    • Requires Northgard to play.
    • Requires Steam and a Steam Account to play.
    • MacBook, MacBook Pro or iMac 2012 or later

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    1. Great clan, unique playstyle
      by bills6693, United Kingdom - Apr 24th 2019

      This clan adds a very unique playstyle to the game, with the ability to rapidly expand by using civilians to clear out wolves and even drauger (in enough numbers) before building any military units. The reliance on Thralls (mainly for sacrifice) means you need to keep upping your gold production to keep buying more unless you can capture them in fighting. Overall a really unique clan and a great addition to the game at a good cost!

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