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Descend deep below the sands to the magical underground oasis filled with puzzles, treasures and mysteries!




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Restore the ruined temples in an ancient tournament of divine puzzles!

Take part in the Ancient Quest of Saqqarah and descend deep below the sands to the magical underground oasis filled with puzzles, treasures and mysteries! It’s up to you to fulfill an ancient Egyptian prophecy and stop evil god Seth from breaking out of his arcane tomb prison. In order to succeed the chosen one will have to master 7 different types of puzzles as well as exciting mini-games spread over half a thousand hand crafted levels. The Ancient Quest of Saqqarah awaits you!
  • Movie quality production value and spectacular voiceovers
  • Try yourself at over 500 innovative and challenging levels
  • 7 different styles of gameplay. Pick whatever you are in mood for.
  • Download new levels to make the fun last even longer!
  • Meet Khufu – the Magical Monkey from the Underground Oasis and aid him in his quest to restore the power of Egypt.


Mac Requirements Minimum Supported Will It Run?
Mac OS X10.5.8 *Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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* Not compatible with: 10.9.x, 10.10.x, 10.11.x, 10.12.x, 10.13.x
64bit SupportNo
CPU TypeUniversal
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed700 MHz
System RAMAny
Drive SpaceUnknown
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny
Important Notes:
  • Not compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks and later OSX/macOS.

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  1. Weird
    by B D., USA - Jul 18th 2017

    A bit hard to get into. Not sure how it works just yet, but its fun and worth persevering

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  2. Ancient Quest of Saqqarah
    by Chris B, Australia - Sep 2nd 2014

    Magical oasis filled withpuzzles etc. Plenty to do to master 7 different types of puzzles.

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  3. Loved this game but...
    by AnneLS, USA - May 18th 2014

    I downloaded the demo and really enjoyed playing this. The graphics were great and the games interesting. However, the system load from the game was so great that my fairly new Macbook started heating up almost immediately. After 30 minutes of the demo, I had to shut it down and let my laptop cool off. Given the loading issue, I won't be buying this game, but would love to take a look again if they solve that problem.

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  4. Great experience
    by JoJam, Netherlands - Dec 30th 2012

    I experience this game as addictive, the beautiful style, music, crystal clear sounds and graphics as one of the best 3 match games i came across. And i played all kinds of this type of game.

    Only one reason why i don't give 5 stars : the awful Isis saying 'well done my child' and the monkey's very present repeated voice commands, can't be put off seperately from the crispy sound effects i so much like to these games. Another positive element i liked very much is you gain more extra's and the levels increase graduatly. I would strongly recommend this game and to my opinion it is way much better and great price compared to favorite games as bejeweled and rise & call of Atlantis.

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  5. Larry
    by Larry Marshall, USA - Jan 24th 2012

    This is a unique match 3 and look for stuff game! Starts out very relaxed, but becomes more difficult with different game styles in each level. Good graphics, music, and fun! Buy it! Best deal on the block...

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  6. Excellent gameplay, music and effects
    by Marco Muratori, Italy - Nov 13th 2010

    I like "match 3 games" and there's a lot of them outside. But Ancient Quest of Saqqarah outstands all of them for three key elements:

    - lasting and varied gameplay (each temple has its own rules anc consequently different techniques)
    - cinema like and sometimes hypnotizing music
    - detailed graphics and gorgeous animations

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  7. Interesting twist on the usual match 3
    by springacres, USA - Apr 19th 2010

    I found the game a challenge, and enjoyable overall. The one drawback, for me, was that Khufu's voiceover suggestions got old rather quickly and the only way to turn them off was to turn off the sound effects.

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  8. One of the best
    by Helen Dowd, USA - Mar 23rd 2010

    I just bought this game. Is very addictive. Lots and lots of levels. Not like a lot of games that has a few levels and then the game is over. This is well worth the price. loads of fun.

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  9. Maybe THE best Match 3
    by Shannon Weiss, USA - Dec 2nd 2008

    Definitely not easy to beat. Great graphics with interesting twists to the Match 3 genre, providing multiple games in one. A must for anyone addicted to this kind of game.

    376 out of 732 shoppers found this helpful.Was this helpful? Yes No
    by KATHY KEELER, Canada - Sep 20th 2008

    This is one game you definitely cannot say is too short. I have been playing it now for just over a week and I am not even a quarter of the way through. Starts out easy enough but boy it gets harder as you level up. There are so many different types of powerup games within this game. I find I try to conquer one at a time while you are in the mode of that game. I highly recommend it for both it's lengthy play value and variety of puzzles. I would almost say it is even too long to finish lol, just because I keep playing into the wee hours.

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  11. Very original match 3
    by KEVIN BRIAN, Canada - Sep 14th 2008

    Great game.......good graphics, original gameplay, hours upon hours of play. GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY. I would have to say it is now my favourite MATCH 3 out there.

    Timed or relaxed play. I am still playing it!

    366 out of 787 shoppers found this helpful.Was this helpful? Yes No
  12. Fantastic Game!
    by K.Baillie, Canada - Sep 12th 2008

    A well crafted game with 7 different play types. Excellent graphics and the type of game you will play for weeks. There has to be at least 500 different levels with lots of different ranks and bonuses to earn. The most difficult part is the curved pathways. The most original MATCH 3 game I have ever played, but you have khufu the magical blue monkey to guide you lol! It sets a new standard for the "match 3" genre!

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