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Six classic games designed to stimulate the cerebellum, cajole the cortex, and gratify the grey-matter! Stunning graphics and witty characters make Big Bang Brain Games a truly "Best of Class".




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Six classic games designed to stimulate the cerebellum, cajole the cortex, and gratify the grey-matter! Stunning graphics and witty characters make Big Bang Brain Games a truly "Best of Class" experience. The latest research has shown that the use of memory and puzzle games can help create new pathways in the brain, keeping the mind sharp.

Whether you're looking to help out the 'ol hippocampus, or just have some fun, there's a game for every age and every taste in the Big Bang Brain Games!

Reaction: Pop all the molecules in the fewest number of clicks. Deceptively simple, but requires clever planning.

Sudoku: Wildly popular, Sudoku is endlessly compelling. With over 50,000 puzzles included, you'll never run out of challenges.

NovaSweeper: Test your Sherlock Holmesian powers of deduction with this long-time favorite. The gameplay may be familiar, but Minesweeper never looked this good!

Remembrance: Train your short-term memory with a classic game of Remembrance. Selecting the number of cards to memorize makes this game compelling for kids and adults alike.

Echo: Remembrance tests your spatial memory, now add an auditory twist. The Music of the Spheres will keep you dancing!

Fallacy: Philosophers have long emphasized logical reasoning as a means of discerning what is true. These Logical Fallacy quizzes may aid your own thinking - "Freeverse is the greatest game company on the planet. Big Bang Fallacy is made by Freeverse. Therefore Big Bang Fallacy is the greatest game on the planet!" - Right?


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  1. Really like it!
    by lois gruber, USA - Jul 24th 2011

    i agree...Echo is a great memory game based in Sounds instead of's on my wish list. i just now realized how many games are in this release, which puts it over the top for me. i like Echo with the arrow keys more than the mouse. Also, i saw the PBS special, and think this is an apparently comparable brain game setup for much less $$. It's great the way it remembers past performance and tends to calibrate games to performance level. i enjoy the animated graphics, with some humor, too. Definitely worth the money.

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  2. An excellent resource for maintaining brain fitness
    by Tom Kirsch, USA - Jan 31st 2008

    Of the six games in this software suite we really enjoy Sudoku, Remembrance and Echo. My wife and I have been challenged for hours. We are getting better at each game over time. This "game suite" will definitely maintain the brain fitness of the older generation (of course younger people will enjoy them as games). PBS has been running a series on Brain Fitness showing the results of studies made by Posit Science Corporation on senior subjects and have proven that these types of games can improve brain function in older people. This game suite seems to have all the features of Posit Science's "tests" for considerably less money. The games are installed on our laptop (MacBook Pro 17") and I think we could get better scores on Remembrance and Echo with a mouse connected than with using its trackpad. Enjoy the games, you will feel energized after challenging yourself.

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