Crusader Kings II: The Reaper's DueRequires Crusader Kings II to play.

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This expansion highlights the historic importance of epidemics and disease in the Middle Ages, especially the Black Death.

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Little remains of those settlements where the Black Death has passed through. Hasty burials make a mockery of the sacraments and set a feast for the crows. Once prosperous provinces have been laid waste, and the lord of the land hides away – secluded in his hilltop fortress, hoping the plague will pass him by. Wiser princes took precautions, and didn’t waste the revenues from more prosperous years.

But, in time, all must pay The Reaper’s Due.

The Reaper’s Due adds a host of new mechanics centered on the Black Death and other world shaping epidemics. Lock your gates to keep the plague from infecting your court, even if it means cutting yourself off from your suffering citizens. Peace and good management will see your provinces reward you with greater wealth and manpower, but constant war and disease may depopulate your countryside.

The Reaper’s Due introduces many new systems and features to what is already the richest medieval tapestry in gaming:

  • The Black Death: New additions to epidemic system include this super destructive disease and a new map mode that track the expansion of deadly illnesses.
  • Court Physicians: This new position for learned courtiers opens up a series of events tied to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases with medieval tech.
  • Hospitals: Slow down the spread of epidemics by investing in these outposts that care for the sick and infirm.
  • Prosperity and Depopulation: Watch your provinces thrive under your careful attention and degrade under the pressures of diseases run amok.
  • Seclusion: Take a page from the Masque of the Red Death and hide yourself away with your court as plagues ravage the countryside.
  • And even more: New physical traits, new events chain and a host of smaller changes.
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Shopper Reviews

  1. Get ready to throw out your family!
    by Shirazmatas, Sweden - Sep 6th 2018

    This dlc finally provide you with many opportunities to eat your family as you hide from the plagues to come, however in late game as everyone has Uber hospitels the dlc isnt applicable anymore

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  2. Good DLC, maybe a bit overpriced.
    by lewis35437, United Kingdom - Apr 12th 2018

    If you want to make CK2 more difficult this is a fun way to do it - lots of new events and flavour text which improves the flow of the game when you're not constantly warring.

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  3. Plague
    by calanthir, France - Mar 15th 2018

    This was just what was missing from the game the plague!

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  4. A good additon
    by nabbe99, Sweden - Jan 4th 2018

    The diseases are a nice addition and adds to the roleplay factor of the game. You will see minor diseases spreading from the start of the game and spread slowly from province to province. You can build hospitals to try to prevent the spread but in the games I have played the AI rarely build those.

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  5. Non essential DLC
    by Miltiadis Apostolidis, Greece - Nov 24th 2017

    Historically speaking epidemics and diseases were indeed a big thing in the Middle Ages so adding them in Crusader Kings is not unreasonable. However the elements this DLC adds are not that crucial and paying full price for it is not advisable. Wait for a sale.

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  6. The Reaper's Due
    by 李易錚, Taiwan - Nov 20th 2017

    How to optimize a computer game biologically.
    10/10 would spread plague again

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  7. Mediocre
    by Kaiser-e-rum, USA - Oct 20th 2017

    Should have revamped the trading system as well as adding in the plague mechanics, among a few other things. Worth it on a deep sale.

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  8. Life and Death go hand in hand
    by JRespaldiza, USA - Apr 26th 2017

    This DLC for Crusader Kings adds the Hospital buildings for holdings, as well as the Prosperity mechanic and a greater nuance to the epidemics that would periodically show up before. Now whether your domain is ravaged by disease is decided not just by chance, but by the prosperity of your domain and the number and quality of hospitals you have.

    You could use your prosperity to build Hospitals and encourage future growth while guarding against disease. Or you could use that money to fund an army and take the chance that the Black Death won't spring up in their wake. If your land is hit with an epidemic you can try to counter it or seclude yourself with your court. Just remember, no matter your choices, the Reaper comes for us all.

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  9. Got this during sale, still loving it
    by Tyler L.1, USA - Apr 10th 2017

    I purchased this alongside Conclave and Horse Lords during a sale, and I can say without a doubt that all three of these DLCs make the game so much more fun. Dealing with diseases could get annoying if it's happening to you over and over again, but I do enjoy having to deal with epidemics.

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  10. Great dlc
    by SexyGameShop, Poland - Mar 14th 2017

    Great DLC for a great game. still if you want to buy all dlcs for this game its gonna cost a lot of $$

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  11. Epidemics
    by dorugradinaru, Romania - Jan 22nd 2017

    I like this game because give you a new way to play. The epidemics give you the posibility to die and makes the game more exciting.

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  12. The Reaper
    by Bebeto, Romania - Dec 29th 2016

    One of the better DLC's for CK II.

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  13. Great expansion
    by todgal, Bulgaria - Sep 6th 2016

    Great expansion on reasanable price (not as last EU4 expansions). It adds new layer of strategy, but also makes game more random and force you always to have backup plan for bad events. Witch is compensate by random bad events to your oponents. Also the new free patch is increadbly good so it deserves support.

    1 shopper found this helpful.Was this helpful? Yes No

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